Choose Turnkey PCB Assembly Service to Save Time and Focus on Design

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Overview of Turnkey PCB Assembly

  • PCBONLINE's turnkey PCB assembly service enables you to complete PCB manufacturing & assembly, components sourcing, and final product assembly in one stop. The turnkey PCB assembly solution is your perfect choice if you don't want to waste time in the strenuous PCB project work and money in the PCB production and assembly line, so that you can focus on developing and circuit design.
  • In PCBONLINE, you can online order one-stop PCB service and we will provide PCB manufacturing, reliable components, full assembly, considerate packaging as well as fast delivery.

Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly

Why Choose Turnkey PCB Assembly from PCBONLINE

  • • Quality always ranks the first for PCBONLINE - PCBs, assembly, components, and packaging are all at first-class level.
  • • We can deal with any circuits and designs, especially the complex types of PCBs.
  • • All the PCB manufacturing, assembly, and components we offer are compliant with the RoHS, ISO9001-2015, and IPC610 standards.
  • • PCB manufacturing and assembly go through a series of tests and you don't have to worry about any defects.
  • • We have three large PCB factories, hundreds of experienced engineers & technicians, and advanced machines, ready to offer EMS service to you.
  • • Free DFM/DFT/DFX. Let us handle all aspects of your PCB project in one stop and you will save time and money to the highest degree.
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Turnkey PCB Assembly - Process and Tech Specs


Tech Specifications

In PCBONLINE, you can get turnkey PCB service including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, components, packaging and delivery. If you request we can also assemble the final products for you. You can find out our tech specifications as below.

  • PCB manufacturing

  • Types: MPCB (aluminum and copper based boards), flexible, rigid-flex, HDI, multilayer, high frequency, high-TG, ceramic, carbon, carbon nanotube, lead-free, halogen-free, LED, etc.

    Layers: 1 to 100 layers

    Quantity: 5 to 10,000+ pieces (any quantity as you requested).

    Lead time: as short as one working day (depends on the complexity of the boards but we are the fastest in the market).

  • PCB assembly

    Techniques: SMT, THT, and mixed type (all compliant with RoHS and ISO9001-2015) Tests: test of manufacturing, 3DSPI, in-circuit test, X-ray, functional circuit test, automatic optical inspection, flying probe test, etc. (full tests are applied to ensure quality).

    Volume: low volume assembly (5-2,000 pieces), medium volume assembly (2,001-10,000 pieces), and high volume assembly (10,000+ pieces)

    Lead time: as short as 8 hours (depends on the complexity of the boards but we are the fastest in the market).

  • Component sourcing

    Components: we source all kinds of RoHS certified components, including battery, resistors, LED, transistor, capacitors, inductors, diode, switch, etc.

    Sources: direct sourcing from component factories > cooperate with component factories and get authorization > sourcing from direct factory agents > buy from normal channels such as Digi-Key and Mouser (the priorities decrease as we want to source electronic parts at the lowest price and make sure quality).

  • PCB design (if you request)

    PCBONLINE has hundreds of experienced engineers and we can easily help design PCB layout for you if you require. You can get to know how we can meet your request from the table as below.

  • Parameter
    Max PIN Amount
    Max Connections
    Min Line Track
    Min Line Space
    Min Via
    Min BGA
    Max Speed Signal

EMS Service Process

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