Advantages of the Turnkey Electronic Manufacturer PCBONLINE


All the PCB manufacturing, assembly, and components we provide are compliant with ISO9001-2015, IATF, REACH, RoHS, and UL requirements and at a first-class level.

equipment EQUIPMENT

Complete equipment for PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, going through a series of tests, PCBA value-added services such as conformal coating, and you don't have to worry about any defects.

team TEAM

If you require, we can also design PCBA for your project. Turnkey PCB assembly is the PCB market's electronic manufacturing service (EMS).


Working with PCBONLINE, you can enjoy perfect one-stop PCB services and get high-quality PCB boards. The PCB assemblies and electronic components are traceable.


We can deal with any circuits and designs, especially the complex types of PCBs. Have your boards manufactured by us, and get results to reach or exceed your expectations.

shipping TRANSPORT

PCBONLINE provides various turnkey PCB assembly shipping methods, including air, sea, and rail shipping by DHL, FedEx, and UPS. You can choose your freight forwarder.

Turnkey PCB Assembly Tech Specifications

turnkey PCB assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly includes PCB manufacturing, components, PCB assembly, PCBA value-added, packaging, and delivery. It can also include final product assembly if you want. You can focus on circuit design and development, and we will do the rest work for you. You can find out our tech specifications below.

PCB manufacturing

Types: MPCB (aluminum and copper-based boards), flexible, rigid-flex, HDI, multilayer, high-frequency, FR4, ceramic, glass, transparent PET, hybrid-substrate, etc.Layers: 1 to 100 layersQuantity: 5 to 10,000+ pieces (any quantity as you requested)Lead time: as short as one working day (depends on the complexity of the boards but we are the fastest in the market)

PCB assembly

Techniques: SMT, THT, and mixed type (all compliant with RoHS and ISO9001-2015)Tests: test of manufacturing, 3D SPI, in-circuit test, X-ray, functional circuit test, automatic optical inspection, flying probe test, thermal aging, tension test, peel-off test, salt spray test, etc. (full tests are applied to ensure the quality).Volume: low volume assembly (5-2,000 pieces), medium volume assembly (2,001-10,000 pieces), and high volume assembly (10,000+ pieces)Lead time: as short as 8 hours (depends on the complexity of the boards but we are the fastest in the market)

Component sourcing

Components: we source all kinds of RoHS-certified components, including batteries, resistors, LEDs, transistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, switches, etc.Sources: direct sourcing from component factories > cooperate with component factories and get authorization > sourcing from direct factory agents > buy from normal channels such as Digi-Key and Mouser (The priorities decrease as we want to source electronic parts at the lowest price and make sure quality.)

PCBA value-added

IC programming: before or after PCB assembly, transferring a program into the microcontroller, BGA, QFP, QFG, etc.Conformal coating: spraying a urethane/polyurethane layer on the PCBA surfaces and baking to form a protective coating that lengthens the lifespan of the PCBAEnclosure manufacturing: the enclosure and mechanical parts that match the PCBA can also be provided by the turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer.Module assembly: The turnkey PCB assembly manufacturer PCBONLINE can also further assemble or laminate the PCBA to be a module or system. For example, it has capabilities of cell contact system assembly for lithium-battery packs.Box-build assembly: installing the enclosure onto the PCBA or module to create a ready-to-use final product.

R&D (if you request)

PCB design: PCBONLINE has hundreds of experienced engineers and we can easily help design PCB layout for you if you require.BOM (bill of materials) and other PCBA files: PCBONLINE lists all the information of electronic components used for PCB assembly in a sheet and provides other PCB assembly files such as a pick-and-place file, 3D drawing, PCBA testing files, etc.Enclosure, module, and manual design: PCBONLINE can design the module and enclosure that match the PCBA and provide the instruction manual of the final product.

EMS Turnkey Assembly Services Process

turnkey electronic assembly services

Turnkey PCB assembly is a kind of EMS (electronic manufacturing services) service provided by PCBONLINE, which manufactures end electronic products or parts of a product of our clients'. The process of our turnkey PCB assembly service is as below when you order from us.

Step 1. PCB manufacturing

When getting the Gerber files, drill files, and BOM from you, we check them immediately and then give a quotation to you in a quick manner. When you confirm, we start to manufacture the PCBs. If you don't have a Gerber file but only your requirements, we can also produce the PCBs that meet your requirements. PCBONLINE can fabricate all circuit boards for any circuit, but we are featured with the advanced boards. You can order from us without a minimum circuit board quantity limit, and no matter what your requirements are, we can manufacture your PCBs.

Step 2. Component sourcing

We provide all the components in your bill of materials (BOM), including passive components, active components, and custom-made special components. Component sourcing happens simultaneously when we manufacture the PCBs to save time. We have 21 years of PCB manufacturing and component sourcing experience, and we ensure that all components are of the best quality. All the components are high-quality and traceable. Our component warehouse is next to the PCB assembly factory, so we can mount the circuit board parts immediately once we test the component functionality.

Step 3. PCB assembly

When the PCBs and components are ready, PCBONLINE will mount the components on the circuit boards. Our assembly includes the SMT assembly and THT assembly, and we manufacture the SMT stencils for the assembly. Our assembly machines are advanced, such as the 3D SPI, reflow soldering ovens that can deal with both lead-free and lead-containing soldering, 3D AOI, first-piece tester, and more. The whole operations and solder paste we provide are also RoHS-certified, and you don't need to worry about the assembly quality. After the assembly, the PCBA functional test and burn-in test are processed to ensure circuit board quality. You can also require any other tests or measurements like spraying conformal coating.

Step 4. Final assembly

Our EMS service includes the end product assembly, and all you need to provide is only the drawings of the product shell and package. We will manufacture the product shells, assemble the end products, print the electronic product codes, and package them. The packaging includes the instruction, inner packaging, and outer covering. The final assembly is also RoHS-certified. After the final assembly, you will get ready-to-use products.

Step 5. Shipping

Usually, we will apply the DHL shipping when we finish the turnkey PCB assembly. When you get the products, the perfect EMS service does not come to an end - you can always contact us if you have any concerns, and we will also repair your PCBs and solve any other issues as well. And you are always welcome to keep a long term cooperation with us.

Turnkey Electronic Supplier PCBONLINE

full turnkey electronic assembly

The turnkey PCB assembly supplier PCBONLINE was founded in 1999. It has one electronic PCB assembly factory and two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases.

In R&D of turnkey electronics, PCBONLINE has a professional team that can provide the PCB and product design to meet your demands. It has successful R&D experience for turnkey electronic solutions, such as projectors, false eyelash UV disinfection boxes, battery cell contact systems, 100W aluminum-based PCB LED lights with custom-made LED beads, etc. Besides, PCBONLINE has on-the-shelf ODM solutions that can be used for gas sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, water meters, etc.

In prototyping, PCBONLINE provides quick turnkey assembly services to make electronic product samples, including PCB prototype, prototype assembly, components, PCBA first article inspection, value-added, and box-build assembly.

In PCB fabrication, PCBONLINE provides high-quality PCBs that pass the flying probe test, in-circuit test, and AOI. For PCBs used for automotive, medical, aerospace, and military applications, the Kelvin four-terminal sensing is necessary.

In electronic PCB assembly, PCBONLINE provides SMT and PTH assembly. Nitrogen reflow soldering and selective soldering are available. The PCBA passes 3D SPI, 3D X-ray inspection, and 3D AOI.

Turnkey PCB Assembly and R&D Capabilities

PCB and PCBA Certifications

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