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We have strong electronic manufacturing service capabilities. Original equipment manufacturers, business makers, and research institutes will find it hassle-free to work with an EMS PCBA box-build supplier.

box-build assembly manufacturing MANUFACTURING

PCBONLINE has complete production lines for PCBA box builds, including printed circuit boards, PCB assembly, and box build assembly under one roof, with flexible production custom for client demands.


PCBONLINE has an R&D team to provide overall development for electronic box builds, including software, PCB, PCBA, enclosure, and even manual. We can take part in R&D with your team as well.

box build quality QUALITY

PCBA box-build assembly manufactured by PCBONLINE is of high quality. The components, materials, and box build assembly process are traceable. The entire manufacturing is ISO, IATF, RoHS, REACH, and UL certified.


PCBONLINE provides custom PCBA manufacturing and box-build assembly. Your design can be as creative as you like, and we will meet every PCBA box build assembly manufacturing requirement.

shipping TRANSPORT

PCBONLINE provides fast and safe logistics services to save your logistics costs and PCBA box build assembly delivery time.

PCBA Box Build Assembly Service Range

electronic component sourcing

In electronics production, an important step is installing the PCBA, module, or system with an enclosure to build the final product, AKA electronic box build. Box build assembly is not only installing the enclosure on the PCBA. It is a one-stop electronics R&D and manufacturing until the final product delivery.

R&D and PCBA manufacturing are the two primary works in PCBA box build assembly. The service range of PCBA box build assembly, revolves mainly around these two aspects of work.

Product R&D: We can provide all-around development for the PCBA box build assembly project, including prototype drawing, software design, schematic design, PCB layout, component and PCB material selection, enclosure design, and manual design. R&D for electronic box builds is systematic work, as requirements such as waterproofing, should be met from both the enclosure and PCB aspects. Not only the R&D staff should thoughtfully design, but also both the R&D team and manufacturing department should communicate in the early development stage. They will also do the DFM (design for manufacturing). This is to avoid possible issues in the manufacturing stage. If you have finished the product design, we will still offer one-on-one engineering support and help solve technical issues throughout the project.PCB fabrication and component sourcing: We manufacture any type of circuit board meeting the PCBA box build assembly requirements, including HDI PCB, flex PCB, ceramic PCB, high-frequency PCB, etc. With an EMS PCB assembly factory running for more than a decade, we source components from original component factories or first-class suppliers that have been audited and cooperate with us for the long term. We have active and passive components in stock. For those not in stock, we can source them quickly.PCB assembly: PCB SMT and PTH assembly are both available at PCBONLINE, plus advanced soldering options, such as nitrogen reflow soldering, vacuum soldering, selective soldering, and 3D X-ray inspection. On the SMT assembly lines, solder paste inspection and automated optical inspection are 3D to provide PCBA box-build quality precision.PCBA value-added and module assembly: In the post-assembly stage, PCBONLINE provides IC programming to complete the PCBA functions and conformal coating to improve the PCBA reliability. Besides, we can further work to make the PCBA a module or system by soldering, integrating, and laminating other parts to the PCBA, such as films, busbars, metal structural parts, battery cells, interfaces of other PCBAs, etc.Enclosure and product box-builds: PCBONLINE has cooperation with the top 3 enclosure factories in China, which provide high-quality enclosure fabrication according to the enclosure design. With the enclosure and the PCBA or modules/system, PCBONLINE assembles them to be a product box build and then has an application simulation test before delivery.

Note: To encourage batch productions of PCBA box-build assembly, we have the bonus of refunding the PCBA sample fee when your PCBA quantity reaches 5,000pcs, and R&D as well as product box build sample fees when reaches 10,000pcs.

R&D and Electronics Manufacturing Advantages for Box Build Assembly

PCB box build assembly

PCBONLINE, founded in 1999, has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases, one EMS PCB assembly, and an R&D team. We have the powerful strength to provide product R&D and PCBA box build assembly.

In R&D for PCBA box-builds, we have rich development experience and have created many successful projects for IoT, ESP, Bluetooth, 5G modules, single-chip computers, industrial boards developed based on RockChip, and battery cell contact systems (CCS). If you need R&D solutions for the below applications, you can ask PCBONLINE to do the development for you:

Bluetooth, ESP, Wi-Fi, short-distance data transfer, long-distance data transfer, IoT robot, and 5G modulesCreative devices and rotating small appliances using single-chip or single-board computers, and sound/temperature/light and so on control smart devices using microcontroller unitsHEV and EV battery packs using the flexible PCBA cell contact system to connect the battery cells and battery management system and monitor cell temperaturesAll types of industrial boards that are used for controllers, switches, and so on

Besides, we can also review your design for other fields and applications. We can optimize it from the aspect of PCB design to reduce fabrication costs without function and quality sacrifice.

In electronics manufacturing for PCBA box build assembly, we can fulfill flexible and one-stop production needs for all electronic products.

PCB prototypes and fabrication: FR4 PCB 1 to 64 layers, aluminum PCB 1 to 4 layers, flexible PCB 1 to 10 layers, rigid-flex PCB 2 to 24 layers, high-frequency PCB 4 to 24 layers, ceramic PCB 1 to 4 laywers, and copper-based PCB 1 to 8 layers.PCB assembly and value-added: Finest pitch of 0.05mm, comprehensive and rigorous quality control to ensure the highest quality up to medical, military, and aerospace levelLower IC price: Through our powerful supply chains, we can provide original ICs of traceable quality at affordable prices for PCBA box build assemblyHassle-free PCBA box build assembly manufacturer: From development to manufacturing, you can turn your idea into final products under your brand with the contract manufacturer PCBONLINE with non-disclosure!

PCBA Box Build Assembly Service Process

PCBA box build assembly services

PCBA box-build assembly is a flexible production process, which means it depends on your project requirements. When you send your PCBA box build assembly inquiry to us by email at, we will give consultation and assess our R&D feasibility of your product box build project. If you need PCBONLINE to join co-development with your team or have completed the R&D, then no problem we can manufacture the box builds for you.

R&D: We will fully study your requirements, and you may need to provide the necessary specifications that we ask for. Our engineer will make the prototype design, including function structural layout, logic design, interactive design, and system adaption, and generate the high-fidelity prototype. According to the prototype drawing and requirement document, our software engineers will write the codes for the API interface, server and database, and the program or APP. Later, our hardware engineers assess all aspects including functions, performance, technology, and costs to select the main chip for the PCBA box build. After the main chip is determined, we can realize the detailed design of the software and start the schematic and PCB design. The development of the PCBA includes schematics drawing, PCB layout, BOM (bill of materials), and PCBA documents such as the pick-and-place file. Then we verify and adjust the software with the PCBA to improve the R&D. Then our engineers proceed with the outlook and enclosure design according to the PCBA.

One-stop electronics manufacturing: PCBONLINE will first make the product samples, including the PCB prototype, prototype assembly, PCBA value-added, and sample box build assembly. After your review and approval, we will have the batch product box build assembly. To save time, product certification is conducted when the R&D is finished and during sample production.

PCBA Box Build Assembly Capabilities

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