PCB Fabrication from A to Z All PCB Types from FR4 to the Most Complex

"One-stop PCB fabrication includes design for manufacturing (DFM), PCB prototypes, testing, and massive production. As a source factory manufacturer, we offer high-quality and affordable PCBs."
complex PCB fabrication

One-Stop PCB Fabrication for Middle and High-End Applications

complex PCB fabrication
  • PCB is a printed circuit board, also called PWB, printed wiring board, or circuit card. PCBs provide the base for the placement of electronic components. A PCB consists of alternating layers of substrate materials, prepreg, and copper traces interconnected by conductor-filled holes. On the component mounting side, PCB pads connect the copper traces and are designed to mount electronic components. On the surface of the PCB, solder masks are silkscreen printed or electrostatic sprayed on the non-conductive areas to protect the whole board.
  • According to different PCB substrate materials, there are FR4 PCBs, aluminum PCBs, polyimide (PI) PCBs, polyester (PET) PCBs, ceramic PCBs, PTFE PCBs, and copper-base PCBs. 1 or 2-layer FR4 PCBs and aluminum PCBs are easy PCBs, which are used for basic consumer applications and hobbies. 4-and-above-layer FR4 and aluminum PCBs and PCBs made of ceramic, PI, PTFE, PET, or copper substrate are complex PCBs, which are used for middle and high-end applications, such as automotive, aerospace, defense, communication, computing, industrial, and consumer electronics.
  • PCBONLINE has fabrication advantages in complex PCBs and aluminum PCBs. We provide PCB fabrication from A to Z for middle and high-end applications, including the most complex PCBs: IC load board for testing IC and baseband unit for telecom.
  • Founded in 1999, PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases in Jiangsu and Jiangxi provinces, and one EMS PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen. We independently finish the whole PCB fabrication, including hard gold plating and gold fingers.
  • PCBONLINE provides PCB fabrication of all types from prototypes to massive production. You can order FR4 PCBs of 1 to 64 layers, PI flexible PCBs of 1 to 10 layers, transparent PET flexible PCBs of 1 to 6 layers, rigid-flex PCBs of 2 to 24 layers, aluminum and ceramic PCBs of 1 to 4 layers, copper-base PCBs of 1 to 8 layers, PTFE high-frequency PCBs of 4 to 24 layers, and 1-layer glass PCBs.
  • If you are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), research institute, or business maker, PCB fabrication from PCBONLINE can meet your needs.

PCB Fabrication Process and Prices

PCB fabrication
The general PCB fabrication process involves cutting laminate > inner layer circuit generation > lamination > drilling > copper plating > outer layer circuit generation > automatic optical inspection (AOI) > solder mask and silkscreen > surface finish > profile > electrical test > final quality control > packaging.
The PCB fabrication process and equipment are different according to different PCB substrates, layers, copper thickness, surface finish, and PCB holes. If you want to see real-time PCB fabrication, you can have an online meeting with us, and we'll show you the monitoring of our PCB or PCBA factory as you want.
In regard to the PCB fabrication price, it depends on the PCB fabrication complexity, materials, and PCB quantity. Generally, more PCB layers and higher copper thickness lead to a higher PCB fabrication cost. FR4 and aluminum PCBs are cheaper than copper-based, PI, PET, PTFE, and ceramic substrate PCBs. And the unit price of large PCB production is lower than that of small and prototype orders.
You can go to our online PCB quotation system to upload your Gerber to check the price of your FR4 or aluminum PCB. To know the price of complex PCBs, please send your Gerber to info@pcbonline.com for a quote.
PCBONLINE handles both small and large PCB fabrication, providing flexibility to meet the needs of different companies, institutes, and business makers. As a source factory manufacturer, our PCB fabrication is the most affordable and the quality of the PCBs is traceable.

PCB Fabrication Services

  • PCBONLINE provides not only PCB fabrication but all services related to your PCB project, including R&D, the layout of components, PCB design for manufacturing (DFM), design for testing (DFT), prototyping, and solutions to technical issues. If you need PCB assembly, we offer PCB design for assembly (DFA), PCBA, and post-assembly services such as box builds.
  • When receiving your inquiry or question, our engineer will give you an answer and further R&D assistance. We'll review your Gerber and give a timely quotation. Throughout your project from the early R&D stage to massive production delivery, we'll offer you one-on-one engineering support and considerate services.
  • We have a group of professional technology-originated teams, including 100+ software and hardware engineers and 500+ technicians, providing you with complete PCB services such as improvement advice, choosing materials, testing methods, Gerber and BOM checkout, quality verification, component sourcing, and assembly.

One-Stop PCB Manufacturing Capabilities


Applications of PCB Fabrication from PCBONLINE:

  • ● Original equipment manufacturing, scientific research, maker business, and original design manufacturing for companies, institutes, and makers.
  • ● Middle and high-end consumer electronics manufacturing. Our successful examples include false eyelash UV disinfection boxes, Bluetooth earphones, etc.
  • ● Computing and communication electronics manufacturing. Our manufacturing examples include web server fabrication for a world-class company.
  • ● Military and aerospace electronics manufacturing. Manufacturing examples include military hybrid material Rogers PCBs and aircraft rocket PCBs.
  • ● Medical-grade electronics manufacturing. PCB manufacturing examples include double-sided two-layer flexible PCBs for gastroscopy with a 1mm width.
  • ● Automotive electronics manufacturing. Manufacturing examples include flexible clear PCBs for car side lights, aluminum PCBs for motorcycles, and lithium-ion battery modules.
PCBONLINE's PCB Fabrication Capabilities

PCB substrate types

FR4, aluminum, ceramics, copper, polyimide, PET, Rogers (PTFE), and glass

Build time

12 hours to 4 weeks

PCB layers

FR4 PCB: 1 to 64
aluminum and ceramic PCB: 1 to 4
flexible PCB: 1 to 10
high-frequency PCB: 4 to 24 layers
rigid-flex PCB: 2 to 24 layers
copper-base PCB: 1 to 8

Copper thickness

Flexible PCB: 1/3oz to 3oz
FR4 PCB: 1/3oz to 14oz
flexible aluminum PCB: 25µm and 35µm

Maximum PCB size

Rigid PCB: 500mm * 610mm
flexible PCB: 220mm * 500mm

Final PCB thickness

Rigid PCB: 0.3mm to 8mm
flexible PCB: 0.05mm to 1.5mm

Minimum trace width/space

Flexible PCB: 0.035mm/0.035mm
rigid-flex PCB: 0.065mm/0.065mm
rigid PCB: 0.0635mm

HDI stackup

1+N+1, 2+N+2, and 3+N+3

Surface finish

OSP, HASL, lead-free HASL, immersion gold
immersion silver, silver plating, carbon ink
hard gold plating, peelable solder mask

Advantages of the PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

manufacturing icon
Source factory manufacturer with two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases and one PCB assembly factory
process icon
Founded in 1999, PCBONLINE has had rich PCB design and fabrication experience in middle and high-end electronics
quality icon
Fabricate all types of PCBs, such as FR4 PCBs, MCPCBs, ceramic PCBs, PTFE PCBs, and polyimide and polyester PCBs
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Free PCB DFM and one-on-one engineering support throughout your project, and we can take part in the R&D if you want
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Our experienced CAM engineer can reduce your project fabrication costs with an optimum PCB design
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Strong PCB fabrication capabilities. We finish the whole PCB manufacturing process independently, including gold fingers

One-Stop PCB Manufacturer Certifications

ISO certified
IPC certified
IATF certified
RoHS certified
REACH certified
UL certified

We are solution experts to Advanced PCB Fabrication
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gold finger PCB

PCB fabrication Example 1

left go right
"Gold fingers are a line of hard gold plating pads at the edges of PCBs and are used for inserting into a connector or interface to connect the PCB with a module or system. PCBONLINE can handle gold finger PCBs independently because it has licenses to buy and use gold salt and equipment to deal with the sewage after the hard gold plating process."

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