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At PCBONLINE, you can have advanced PCBs made of any substrate material, such as FR4, PTFE, aluminum, ceramics, copper, polyimide, polyester, and glass.

equipment EQUIPMENT

PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases and one PCB assembly factory, with complete PCB fabrication lines, and can independently finish all types of PCB fabrication.

team TEAM

The professionals from PCBONLINE offer free PCB DFM and one-on-one engineering support throughout your project, and they can take part in the R&D if you want.


The advanced PCBs at PCBONLINE are military, automotive, and medical-grade. The PCB fabrication is certified with ISO, IATF, REACH, RoHS, UL, and IPC standards.


PCBONLINE provides all types of PCB fabrication, including FR4 PCB, MCPCB, ceramic PCB, RF PCB, HDI PCB, flex PCB, and rigid-flex PCB, with no quantity limit.

shipping TRANSPORT

PCBONLINE provides PCB shipping methods, including air, sea, and rail shipping by DHL, FedEx, and UPS. You can choose your freight forwarder.

Types of PCB Fabrication and Capabilities

types of PCB fabrication

PCB is a printed circuit board, also called a PWB, printed wiring board, or circuit card. The fabrication of PCBs varies for different types of PCBs. At the one-stop PCB fabricator PCBONLINE, PCB fabrication includes rigid PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, ATE (Automatic test equipment) boards, and hybrid-structure boards. Please check the capabilities of different types of PCB fabrication.

Rigid PCB fabrication includes FR4 PCB, metal-core PCB, ceramic PCB, HDI PCB, high-frequency PCB, and special material rigid PCB.

PCB fabrication layer count: 1-80L (aluminum and ceramic PCB 1 to 4, copper-core PCB 1 to 8)Maximum PCB fabrication thickness: 10mmMinimum PCB fabrication thickness: 0.12mm (2L), 0.18mm (4L)PCB fabrication thickness tolerance: thickness≤1mm: ±0.1mm, thickness>1mm: ±10%Maximum PCB fabrication size: 1100mm * 570mm (metal-core PCB 1200mm * 500mm)Minimum PCB fabrication size: 10mm * 10mmSpecial product/material: use adhesive or PP to laminate stiffener on the rigid PCB, rigid PCB need overlay to replace soldermask, step embedded conductor/slot, embedded resistance, embedded capacitance, embedded component, PET material, black FR4 (e.g. VT42B...), Polymide material for rigid PCB (e.g. 85N/VT-901), hole wall thickness >=50um, and JQ aluminum PCBHybrid-structure PCB with UL: RO4350B+S1170, RO4350B+IT180A, TU-752/TU-768F/TU768/TU788+M6

Flexible PCB fabrication capabilities:

Layer count: 1-8L (1-4L normal)Board thickness: 0.1mm-0.5mm (1-4L), 0.6mm-0.8mm (5-8L)Maximum finished board size: 7.8inch * 21.8inch (PI≥1mil), 7.8inch * 14inch (normal)Minimum finished board size: 2mm*4mm (no connection tab), 8mm*8mm (with connection tab)Flex PCB fabrication materials: adhesive flex core, adhesiveless core, coverlay, thermosetting adhesive, PI/FR4/steel stiffener, and 3M tapeOutline tolerance of laser cutting: ±0.05mm

Rigid-flex PCB fabrication capabilities:

PCB layer count: 2-24LFlex layer count: 11-20L (18L)Flex layer on outer layer or middle layer: MiddlePCB Board thickness: 0.2mm-4.0mmTolerance of PCB board thickness: >1.0mm, ±10%; ≤1.0mm, ±0.1mmMinimum flex width: 2.5mmMinimum flex width between rigid: 3mm, 2mm(limit)Maximum PCB panel size: 406mm * 736mmMinimum PCB panel size: 10mm * 15mm

ATE board fabrication includes load Board, probe card, interposer, interface board, and BIB (burn-in board).

PCB thickness tolerance: ≤7% (level 1), 5% ≤ level 2 < 7%Maximum board size: 50mm*50mm≤level≤1570mm*660mm, 610mm*710mm (level 2)PCB layer count: ≤50 (level 1), >50 (level 2)PCB thickness: 0.4mm≤level 1≤8mm, 8Maximum PCB size (inch*inch): 21*24 / 16*18 / 18*24 / 21*26 / 24*28 (level 1), 24*26 / 26*30 (level 2)Minimum thickness of core plate (excluding copper): 0.076mm≤level 1, 0.05mm≤level 2<0.076mm, 0.025mm≤level 3<0.05mmDUT (device under test) flatness: 3mil/inch≤level 1, 1mil/inch≤level 2<3mil/inch, level 3≤50µm

Please get in touch with our sales staff for a detailed process capability table, and we will send it to you via email for your reference. You can send emails to or chat with us online.

Technologies and PCB Fabrication Prices

advanced PCB fabrication

PCBONLINE is a one-stop PCB manufacturer that provides on-demand PCB fabrication to meet the needs of different companies, institutes, and business makers. We offer advanced PCB fabrication technologies, including local mixed pressure, embedded copper coin, and cavity technologies.

Partially hybrid structure lamination: Different laminate materials are laminated in the same layers at different areas or in different layers for certain purposes, such as better thermal dissipation, smaller electromagnetic interference, etc.Embedded copper coin: Also known as thermoelectric separation technology for copper base PCB. By embedding the copper coin to connect the copper base and the PCB contact directly, the thermal generated by the working component, such as an IC, is dissipated at once without overheating concern.Cavity: The cavity is formed by the lamination process. The depth of the NPTH and PTH is controlled.

The price of PCB fabrication depends on the PCB board's complexity, fabrication processes, materials, and quantity.

Generally, more PCB layers and higher copper thickness lead to a higher PCB fabrication cost. Simple PCBs are cheaper than advanced PCBs. The unit price of bulk production is lower than PCB prototypes. The ceramic PCB prototype price is calculated by PCB piece. Prices of flexible and rigid-flex PCBs are calculated according to their weight.

Here are some PCB fabrication prices for your reference: At PCBONLINE, $200 is enough to have the dual-sided flexible PCB prototypes manufactured with PCBA value-added services included. If you order 4-layer PCB with a total area of 0.1 square meters, for example, it costs about $100 for FR4 PCBs, $400 for flexible PCBs, and $1000 for rigid-flex PCBs.

As a source factory PCB fabricator, advanced PCB fabrication at PCBONLINE is probably one of the most affordable. If you order PCB assembly services or PCBA ODM manufacturing, you will find more surprises from PCBONLINE in meeting your custom demamds.


PCB fabrication

Founded in 1999, the PCB fabricator PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases, one PCB assembly factory, and an R&D team to offer ODM solutions. We are a group of professional technology-originated teams, including 100+ software and hardware engineers and 500+ technicians, providing you with complete PCB fabrication services, such as project optimization, choosing materials, testing methods, Gerber and BOM checkout, quality verification, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and box-build assembly.

PCBONLINE provides not only PCB fabrication but all services related to your PCB project, including R&D, DFM, design for testing (DFT), prototyping, and solutions to technical issues.

If you need PCB assembly, PCBONLINE also provides PCB design for assembly (DFA), PCBA, and post-assembly services such as box builds.

For PCB fabrication, please send your Gerber to The professionals at PCBONLINE will review your Gerber and give a quick reply.

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