Advantages of the Original Design Manufacturer PCBONLINE


We provide software and hardware development for the entire electronic product project, including the high-fidelity prototype, function structural layout, interface design, schematics drawing, PCB design, BOM, software adjustment, and enclosure design.


PCBONLINE has complete production lines for PCBA original design manufacturing, including printed circuit boards, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and box build assembly under one roof.


PCBONLINE has an R&D team consisting of 60 software engineers and 45 hardware engineers, with an average of more than 10 years of development experience. In our PCB manufacturing bases and EMS PCBA factory, there are more than 560 experienced managers and technicians.

box build quality QUALITY

ODM original design manufacturing by PCBONLINE is of high quality. The components, materials, and box build assembly process are traceable. The entire ODM manufacturing is ISO, IATF, RoHS, REACH, and UL certified.


PCBONLINE has rich experience and many successful cases in original design manufacturing for all kinds of IoT applications, applications using single-chip computer/MCU modules, EV battery cell contact systems, and all kinds of industrial control boards.

shipping TRANSPORT

PCBONLINE provides fast and safe logistics services to save your logistics costs and PCBA original manufacturing delivery time.

ODM meaning VS OEM meaning

ODM and OEM meaning

In electronics manufacturing, OEM is the original equipment manufacturer, and ODM is the original design manufacturer. They are different. An ODM is an electronic contract manufacturer that designs and manufactures products for their client, and the products they manufacture are labeled with their client's brand. An OEM can do the product R&D or give out the design task to other people, and they ask the electronic contract manufacturer for manufacturing, but the products are under their brand and marketing belongs to them.

OEMs do not manufacture PCBs and enclosures because electronic manufacturing has the heaviest work possibly with polution. Besides, it may be a huge financial burden for middle and small-scale OEMs to equip the production lines and train proficient workers. After all, the R&D and marketing have the most profits. For large-scale OEMs, it is not efficient to manufacture on their own due to new product development and product iteration.

Many OEMs are grown from electronic manufacturing suppliers for the OEMs. After many years of manufacturing, they gradually have the R&D capabilities and develop into ODMs. OEMs such as PCBONLINE serve OEMs, business makers, and research institutes.

OEMs either with R&D or not can collaborate with PCBA ODM manufacturers such as PCBONLINE to turn their ideas into final products. By working with a PCBA ODM, you can have product R&D and electronics manufacturing under one roof. Besides, the software can be adjusted easily with the PCBA at the OEM manufacturer.

Advantages of PCBONLINE in PCBA ODM Manufacturing

PCBA ODM manufacturing

Founded in 1999, PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases, one EMS PCB assembly factory, powerful supply chains for components and materials, and an R&D team to provide software and hardware R&D. You will find it worthy to cooperate with the PCBA ODM manufacturer PCBONLINE.

PCBONLINE has many advantages in providing original design manufacturing for OEMs, business makers, and research institutes.

We can design and manufacture applications using IoT modules, ESP, and Bluetooth, such as Wi-Fi, Quectel and Neoway 5G modules, short and long-distance data transfer, communication through the Cloud, and IoT robots.We can design cell contact systems for lithium battery packs and manufacture them from flexible copper clad laminates to FPC PCBA and then the CCS system.We can design and manufacture all kinds of industrial control boards, especially the ones developed based on the main control chip RockChip, which is very affordable and of high quality. We can develop and manufacture the appliances using single-board computers such as mixers and those with fans to rotate.Besides, we provide ODM manufacturing for appliances using microcontroller units (MCU), such as sound/light LED lamps.Regarding main control chips, we offer them at lower prices due to our powerful supply chain.What's more, we have ample experience in alternative components for a more affordable design and fabrication project.

Last but not least, if you order high-volume ODM manufacturing from PCBONLINE, we can refund you the R&D and sample fees.

On-the-Shelf ODM Solutions for You to Choose

ODM solutions

As a PCBA ODM manufacturer, PCBONLINE also has on-the-shelf solutions for you to choose from. When you select any of them, we custom adjust the solution and provide one-stop electronics manufacturing, including PCB, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and PCBA box build assembly. The solutions include:

Self-developed component McM485. It is a half-duplex RS-485 transceiver. It is a functional alternative component to MAX3485, SN75176, and ADM3064E.Self-developed component CSC1040. It is the interface between the controller area network (CAN) protocol controller and the physical bus. CSC1040 provides a differential sending function for the bus and a differential receiving function for the CAN controller.Self-developed wireless module MCM78SPI, a radio-frequency module based on the LORA technology. Its special LORA debugging mode can greatly increase the communication distance. It can be used in the short-range wireless communication of the Internet of Things on various occasions.Self-developed CKS32F103xC enhanced MCU series, a perfect alternative to STM32 series of ST without changing the built-in program.We have solutions for civil air force defense systems whose sensor data and control commands are sent through 4G and the Cloud, forest fire prevention systems whose temperature sensor data is sent through 4G in short range and through Beidou Satellite System in long range, and smart water meter modules that read and send network to read and send data through the network.

If you feel interested in any of the above ready-to-adjust solutions or need custom PCBA ODM manufacturing, please contact PCBONLINE at We will provide one-on-one engineering support and customer service throughout the project.

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