Advantages of the PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE


PCBONLINE has an aluminum PCB sheet material factory Yugu Chemical Material so the aluminum PCB cost is lower at PCBONLINE.

equipment EQUIPMENT

LDI exposure machines, punching machines, automated guided vehicles, inks, and the entire PCB production lines at PCBONLINE are specialized for aluminum PCB manufacturing.

team TEAM

The engineers at PCBONLINE make a good balance between thermal resistance and dielectric strength in aluminum PCBs.


Fully automatic aluminum PCB manufacturing and assembly without human intervention. Aluminum PCBs have low thermal resistance and good thermal conductivity.


PCBONLINE customizes the thermal conductivity of aluminum PCB from 1W/mK to 9W/mK and provides various options, including 1-4 layer and flexible aluminum PCBs.

shipping TRANSPORT

PCBONLINE provides various aluminum shipping methods, including air, sea, and rail shipping by DHL, FedEx, and UPS. You can choose your freight forwarder.

Aluminum PCB Structure and Materials

aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCBs are MCPCBs that use an aluminum substrate, and their price is very reasonable. There are single-layer, double-layer, and 4-layer aluminum PCBs.

The aluminum PCB manufacturer PCBONLINE provides cheap aluminum PCBs at $30/㎡ for bulk production. Single-sided and double-sided aluminum PCBs are both available. You can see the aluminum PCB structures from the image.

Aluminum PCB substrate materials are below:

6061: An Al-Mg-Si alloy. It has medium strength and good cutting performance and is suitable for CNC and V-cut.5052: An Al-Mg alloy. It has medium strength and good bending performance and is suitable for punch forming.3003 and 1100: Both are pure aluminum. They have good thermal conductivity and fair machining performance.

Dielectric material of aluminum-core PCBs:

Because both the aluminum substrate and copper layers are conductive, a dielectric layer must be in between to insulate them.

The dielectric material that PCBONLINE uses is made of a special polymer filled with ceramics.

All double-sided aluminum PCBs require ceramic-filled polymer as the dielectric layer.

Automatic Aluminum PCB Manufacturing at PCBONLINE

aluminum base PCB

From laminates to testing the finished aluminum PCBs, the whole aluminum PCB manufacturing process at PCBONLINE is fully automatic without human intervention, which ensures accuracy and best quality of the aluminum PCBs.

For quality considerations, the aluminum substrate PCB should not be touched during PCB fabrication and carring the boards.

At PCBONLINE, our production machines include LDI exposure machines, automatic test machines, automatic punching machines, etc.

And when we carry the boards, we use an automated guided vehicle (AGV), which increases efficiency and avoids scraches and missing boards, and it matters to quality control.

Rigid and Flexible Aluminum PCBs

flexible aluminum PCB

From PCBONLINE, you can order both flexible and rigid aluminum PCBs from prototypes to massive production.

● Rigid aluminum PCB - Most aluminum PCBs are rigid and have good mechanical strength.

Rigid aluminum PCBs can be 1-layer, 2-layer with one component-mounting side, 2-layer with two component-mounting sides, and 4-layer with two component-mounting sides.

Flexible aluminum PCB - If the laminate has higher aluminum content, the aluminum PCB can bend, and it can be used for LED lights that can illuminate in all directions.

Flex aluminum PCBs have only one layer, the power of 1W, and their surfacer finish can only be OSP. And we suggest 0.5oz copper thickness for them.

PCBONLINE is a source factory manufacturer for aluminum PCB fabrication and assembly, and we offer the most affordable prices and considerate one-on-one engineering support throughout your project. Please contact to get a quote.

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