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"PCBONLINE is a one-stop PCBA manufacturer. Our electronics manufacturing services include complete PCB assembly inspections, such as AOI, visual inspection, functional jig test, burn-in test, etc."
PCB assembly inspection provider

PCB Assembly Inspection Before Bulky PCBA Fabrication

  • Before PCBA fabrication, PCBONLINE will review your Gerber, BOM, and pick-and-place file to ensure the correct design, but we still need the sample inspection before bulky production to avoid possible economic losses.
  • First article inspection (FAI): before bulky production, we fabricate 5 pieces of PCBA first and randomly choose one piece for the FAI inspection. A probe touches the electronic components on the PCB one by one, and the FAI machine collects all components' values. Then we generate an FAI report for you to review and approve for bulky PCBA fabrication.
  • IC counterfeit inspection: before PCBA fabrication, we will check the ICs because they are so valuable. The IC counterfeit inspection is free.

PCB Assembly Inspections on PCB Assembly Lines

visual inspection of PCB assembly
On-line PCB assembly inspections refer to the inspections in the assembly process.
Solder paste inspection (SPI): when solder paste is printed on PCB pads, an infrared camera of an SPI machine scans the solder paste. The SPI ensures the solder paste shape, size, and thickness are within the qualified range before electronic component mounting.
X-ray inspection: after electronic components mounting, if the PCB assemblies have BGAs, they require the x-ray inspection to ensure no defects of the solder balls before reflow soldering.
Automated optical inspection (AOI): an AOI inspection can be before or after the reflow soldering. At PCBONLINE, we implement it after the reflow. An AOI ensures no significant defects happen, such as missing components, component skew, tombstoning, etc.
Visual inspections: visual inspections refer to checking the PCB assemblies with bare eyes to ensure the boards have no scratches, contamination, missing components, etc. PCBONLINE implements visual inspections after wave soldering.

PCB Assembly Inspections in the Pro-Assembly Stage

  • In the pro-assembly stage, we implement value-added services and the below PCB assembly inspections.
  • Functional jig test: functional testing refers to the power-on self-test on a jig. We place the PCB assemblies one by one on a jig and power on to ensure the PCB assemblies work well.
  • Burn-in test: a burn-in test or thermal aging test refers to powering on the PCB assemblies and letting them continuously run for 48 hours to 168 hours according to the product requirements.
  • Application simulation test: When we complete the PCBA end product, we can let it work in an environment that simulates its working condition and records all the specifications to ensure its functions are as expected.
  • If you have any PCB assembly and inspection needs, please feel free to contact PCBONLINE by email at info@pcbonline.com.

PCB Assembly Inspections Capabilities

PCB assembly functional testing

Applications of PCB Assembly Inspections

  • ● PCB assembly inspections are necessary during and after PCBA manufacturing
  • ● The AOI happens in PCB fabrication and PCB assembly process to prevent significant defects
  • ● The X-ray inspection detects the solder balls at the bottom of BGAs before reflow soldering
  • ● The functional test ensures the PCB assemblies play the required functions
  • ● The burn-in test simulates the work environment to ensure the product reliability in continuous use
  • ● The first article inspection allows you to review the sample test report before bulky production
PCBONLINE's PCB Assembly Inspection Capabilities

PCB assembly standard

IPC-A-610 Class 2/3

Inspection before bulky production

First article inspection, IC counterfeit inspection

Inspections on PCB assembly lines

3D solder paste inspection, X-ray, visual inspection, 3D AOI

Inspections in the pro-assembly stage

Functional jig test, burn-in test

Maximum board size

1200mm * 370mm

Minimum board size

50mm * 50mm

Maximum rectangular part size

50mm * 150mm

Maximum square part size

74mm * 74mm

Maximum component height


PCB thickness

0.3mm to 4mm

Finest pitch


Minimum SMD package

01005 (0.4mm * 0.2mm)

PCB Assembly Manufacturer and Inspector PCBONLINE

manufacturing icon
On-line 3D AOI inspection to check dimensional surfaces of the PCB assemblies
process icon
Free functional testing and a complete PCBA sample for bulky fabrication
quality icon
Functional testing before the PCBA delivery to ensure functionalities of the products
factory icon
First article inspection and an inspection report for the customer to review before bulky production
support icon
One-stop PCB fabrication, assembly, inspection, component-sourcing, and value-added services
delivery icon
Free professional one-on-one engineering support throughout your project

PCB Assembly Manufacturer and Inspector Certifications

ISO certified
IPC certified
IATF certified
RoHS certified
REACH certified
UL certified

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PCB assembly end product test

PCB assembly inspection Example 1

left go right
"PCBONLINE manufactured a small volume of PCB assemblies for CCD camera modules for a client. Besides PCBA fabrication, we assembled them with mechanical boxes and implemented the aging test. The image shows the end-product test. We put them in the application situation and let them work. The test lasted a week and we collected all the test parameters. Then we took part in the optimization of hardware and software design."

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