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Overview of PCB Prototype

  • PCBONLINE provides you any type of PCB prototype, which is also known as printed circuit board (PCB), prototype circuit board, or printed wire board (PWB). It supports and connects electronic components, and when it gets assembled, it becomes the semi-finished product that achieves the core functions.
  • It includes various types and can be classified into two general categories: one being the simple single and double sided PCB, and the other being the complex types, such as the multilayer, the HDI, the thick-copper, the rigid-flex, etc..

Advantages of PCB Prototype

Why Choose PCB Prototype from PCBONLINE

  • • We produce both the advanced complex PCB and simple single and double sided PCB.
  • • You can get one-stop PCB services, including PCB design/manufacturing/assembly, component sourcing, final product assembly, all with quick delivery.
  • • We customize any type of PCBs with THT and SMT techniques, compliant with ISO 9001:2015 and RoHS requirements.
  • • We can manufacture/assemble PCB of small/medium/large volume to you.
  • • We have 15 years of professional experience in PCB and related electronic areas.
  • • Up till now we have had three large factories and are a bellwether in advanced PCB manufacturing.
pcbonline pcb prototype

PCB Prototype - Manufacturing and Tech Specs


Quick Turn PCB

  • Clients are guaranteed by PCBONLINE to get the PCB prototypes in stipulated days. The quick turn PCB means that the circuit board is manufactured and assembled as quickly as possible - only 24 hours for the turn time. Besides the excellent product quality is also guaranteed.
  • In PCBONLINE, the quick turn PCB process can be applied to all types of circuit board prototypes, including but not limited to: single and double PCB rapid prototype, multilayer board, aluminum PCB, halogen-free board, HDI board, high-frequency PCB, flexible board, rigid-flex board, thick-copper board, LED board, lead-free board, etc.. So you can order all kinds of quick turn PCB manufacturing/assembly/design and componenents from us.

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