COB and SMD LED PCB Manufacturing and Assembly from A to Z

"PCBONLINE manufactures and assembles aluminum LED PCBs, ceramic LED PCB, flex LED PCBs, etc. If you don't have LED PCB design, we offer EMS and open-source solutions."
LED PCB manufacturer

What is LED PCB

  • An LED PCB is a printed circuit board designed to mount light-emitting diodes (LEDs). When LEDs are illuminating, they generate a lot of thermal, and you should know LEDs are temperature-sensitive components. How to protect LED chips from over-heat? We use PCBs. LED PCBs not only support LED chips. More importantly, they dissipate thermal quickly so that the LEDs work efficiently.
  • Metal can dissipate thermal quickly, so LED PCBs are usually designed to be aluminum or copper-substrate. But why does the thermal conductivity range of aluminum LED PCBs fall within 1W/mK to 9W/mK from PCBONLINE? Because between the aluminum substrate and the copper circuit layers must be an adhesive layer to insulate them, which reduces the LED MCPCB's thermal dissipation.
  • Besides LED MCPCBs, PCBONLINE provides relatively new LED PCBs - ceramic substrate LED PCBs, glass substrate LED PCBs, flexible LED PCBs, and even clear flexible LED PCBs and flexible aluminum LED PCBs.
  • If you make aluminum or copper LED PCBs, your design focuses on thermal dissipation and cost-effectiveness; if you make flexible LED PCBs, your design focuses on flexibility; if you make ceramic LED PCBs, your design focuses on thermal dissipation, flatness, and anti-oxidation.
  • PCBONLINE fabricates and assembles LED PCBs. Besides, We can design the LED PCB and end products according to your specification requirements, such as lumen, wavelength, color temperatures, power, etc.

How are LED Chips Assembled on PCB

LED PCB assembly: wire bonding
LED chips are diodes that have a PN junction and allow electrical current to flow only from the positive electrode to the negative electrode. LED chips are assembled on PCBs in these two ways from PCBONLINE:
Chip-on-board (COB) LED: LED chips are bonded on PCBs. PCBONLINE grapes two COB LED technologies.
One is LED wire bonding - we use gold wires to connect LED chips to the PCB then use glue to seal the LED chips.
The other is flip-chip bonding - without gold or aluminum wires, we flip the LED chip and let the PN junction directly bond the positive and negative electrodes on the PCB. Then we use glue to seal the LED chips. Our LED flip-chip assembly machine is specifically used.
LED surface mount (SMT) assembly: SMD LEDs are picked and placed on PCB pads and then reflow soldered.
PCBONLINE has mature LED assembly lines in our PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen. You can have COB and SMD LED PCBs manufactured and assembled at one stop by PCBONLINE.
Note: Driver-on-board (DOB) LED is not an LED assembly technology but an LED PCB design option. Without AC/DC, EMC circuit, DOB LED products adopt the linear IC drive solution on the PCB. If your design is DOB LED, we can also manufacture and assemble PCBs for you.

Types and Advantages of LED PCBs

  • According to different LED PCB materials, there are aluminum LED PCBs, FR4 LED PCBs, copper LED PCBs, ceramic LED PCBs, glass LED PCBs, and polyimide and polyester LED PCBs.
  • According to the rigidness of the LED PCBs, there are rigid LED PCBs, flexible LED PCBs, and rigid-flex LED PCBs. PCBONLINE provides all types of LED PCBs, and we provide EMS LED light manufacturing to meet your demands.
  • LED PCBs have many advantages, like:
  • ● Good thermal dissipation. LED PCBs rely on either the PCB substrate or special circuit design to quickly transfer heat from LED chips.
  • ● PCB design flexibility. You can design the PCB to be metal-substrate, flexible, ceramic-substrate, FR4-substrate, etc.
  • ● High reliability. LED PCBs well protect LED chips from over-heat, and usually, LED products have a long lifespan.

LED PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

LED PCB structure

Applications of LED PCBs

  • ● LED PCBs can be used in LED lights for automotive, medical, and consumer electronics.
  • ● FR4, copper, and aluminum LED PCBs can be used for LED grow lights, automotive headlights, flood lights, and so on.
  • ● Ceramic and glass LED PCBs are mainly used for high-power LED products such as ship lamps.
  • ● Flexible PI LED PCBs can be used for wearable and portable products such as miner's lamp
  • ● Clear flexible LED PCBs can be used for transparent products such as LED display screens.
  • ● Flexible aluminum LED PCBs can be used for LED lights that can illuminate in all directions.
PCBONLINE's LED PCB Capabilities

PCB layers

FR4 LED PCB: 1 to 24
Aluminum LED PCB: 1 to 4
Copper LED PCB: 1 to 8
Flexible PI LED PCB: 1 to 8
Ceramic LED PCB: 1 to 4
Glass LED PCB: 1
Clear flex LED PCB: 1 to 6

Build time

1 day to 4 weeks

LED PCB Substrates

Aluminum, FR4, copper, ceramic, polyimide, polyester, and glass

LED power sources we support

DOB (driver-on-board), AD/DC

LED Chip Assembly

COB (wire bonding and flip-chip assembly), SMT

Customizable light parameters

Lumen, wavelength, color (set according to X, Y coordinates)...

Other PCB parts we can assemble

Induction chip, capacitor, resistor, control module...

Aluminum LED PCB thermal conductivity


Aluminum LED PCB testing

TO220 - TCB8

Glass LED PCB transmittance

77% to 85.63%

Glass LED PCB thermal transparency

60% to 76.86%

Clear LED FPC maximum size

600mm * 600mm

Clear LED FPC minimum track width/space

0.05mm/0.05mm (0.035mm/0.035mm for sample)

Clear LED FPC surface finish

Immersion silver, immersion tin

Offer free LED PCB design

Induction color change, color change, frequency switch...

Advantages of the One-Stop LED PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

manufacturing icon
LED PCBs of various substrate materials are available to make
process icon
Mature COB LED wire bonding and flip-chip assembly technologies
quality icon
We can adjust RGB LEDs' color by adjusting the lighting wavelength
factory icon
COB LED technology is not restricted by PCB substrate types
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We can tailor all LED light parameters, such as lumen, power, wavelength, etc.
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Good thermal conductivity and welding performance

LED PCB Certifications

ISO certified
IPC certified
IATF certified
RoHS certified
REACH certified
UL certified

We are solution experts to LED PCB projects
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custom LED PCB boards

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"These are COB (chip-on-board) LED PCBs we fabricated. Our CAM engineer designed some of these PCBs for free for clients. COB is getting popular for LED lighting nowadays. PCBONLINE has all the design and manufacturing capabilities to meet your product requirements."

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