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LED PCBs of various substrate materials are available, such as aluminum, copper, PI, PET, ceramic, and FR4.

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Complete equipmenmt and mature LED PCB assembly technologies of COB LED wire and flip-chip bonding.

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The professionals from PCBONLINE can adjust the wavelength to adjust RGB LEDs' color and tailor LED light parameters, such as lumen, power, etc.


The LED PCB manufacturer PCBONLINE provides LED SMD PCB with good thermal conductivity and welding performance.


At PCBONLINE, COB LED technology is not restricted by PCB substrate types. LED COB PCB and LED SMD PCB with any power are accessible.

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PCBONLINE provides various LED PCB shipping methods, including air, sea, and rail shipping by DHL, FedEx, and UPS. You can choose your freight forwarder.

What is LED PCB


An LED PCB is a printed circuit board designed to mount light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and used in LED light for automotive, home, industrial, medical, business, plant growth, marine, and outdoor lighting.

LED PCB connects and supports LED chips and other components. Besides, it dissipate thermal to protect the temperature-sensitive LEDs from overheating.

Thermal dissipation is the most critical consideration for LED PCB boards. For this reason, the typical LED PCBs are LED MCPCB (aluminum and copper core LED PCB) and ceramic LED PCB.

Besides, there are flex LED PCB used for flexible LED strip, FR4 LED PCB, and hybrid-subsstrate LED PCB.

According to the different LED PCB assembly methods, there are LED SMD PCB and COB LED PCB.

The LED PCB manufacturer PCBONLINE provides ceramic, flex, FR4, hybrid-substrate, and LED MCPCB manufactuirng and asembly. You can have LED PCB lights of any lumen and power designed and manufactured by PCBONLINE.

LED PCB Assembly

LED PCB assembly

LEDs are semiconductor chips that emit light when electricity flow through them. Mounting LEDs on the LED PCB includes COB (chip-on-board) and SMT (surface-mount).

● COB LED PCB assembly: COB means directly bonding the positive and negative electrodes of LED on the PCB. COB LED PCB assembly feacture uniform illumination and efficient thermal management. Here are two COB LED PCB assembly technologies:

LED wire bonding - by using gold wires to connect the LED chip to the PCB to mount the chip on the LED PCB.

flip-chip bonding - by flipping the LED chip to bond the positive and negative electrodes of the LED's PN junction on the PCB.

After wire or flip-chip bonding, the LEDs are sealed in glue of a custom color.

● LED SMD PCB assembly: SMD LEDs are surface-mount devices for SMT assembly. LED SMD PCB assembly is automatic, efficient, and low-cost. The LEDs and other components are picked and placed on PCB pads and then reflow sodlered.

Note: DOB (driver-on-board) LED PCB is not an LED PCB assembly technology but an LED PCB design option. Without AC/DC, EMC circuit, DOB LED products adopt the linear IC drive solution on the PCB. If your design is DOB LED, we can also manufacture and assemble the LED PCB for you.

The LED PCB manufacturer PCBONLINE has specialized LED PCB assembly lines in its PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen. You can have COB and SMD LED PCBs manufactured and assembled at one stop.

Types and Advantages of LED PCB

LED PCB board manufacturers

According to different LED PCB materials, there are aluminum LED PCBs, FR4 LED PCBs, copper LED PCBs, ceramic LED PCBs, glass LED PCBs, and polyimide and polyester LED PCBs.

According to the rigidness of the LED PCBs, there are rigid LED PCBs, flexible LED PCBs, and rigid-flex LED PCBs. PCBONLINE provides all types of LED PCBs, and we provide EMS LED light manufacturing to meet your demands.

LED PCBs have many advantages, such as:

Good thermal dissipation. LED PCBs rely on either the PCB substrate or special circuit design to quickly transfer heat from LED chips.PCB design flexibility. You can design the PCB to be metal-substrate, flexible, ceramic-substrate, FR4-substrate, etc.High reliability. LED PCBs well protect LED chips from over-heat, and usually, LED products have a long lifespan.

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