Laser-Cut and Electroformed SMT Stencils for PCB Assembly

"SMT stencils are used to print solder paste on PCB pads during SMT assembly. While manufacturing PCBs, PCBONLINE makes SMT stencils, which can be framed or frameless."
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SMT Stencils Manufacturing Capabilities

PCB stencil

Applications of SMT Stencils

  • ● Automatic SMT assembly for your PCBs at PCBONLINE's one-stop assembly factory
  • ● Automatic or half-automatic SMT assembly by yourself
  • ● Laser-cut stainless PCB stencils can be used in most PCB assembly projects including ultra-fine pitch assembly (≤0.4mm)
  • ● Nickel-based electroformed PCB stencils are mainly used for wafer bumping, flip-chip, and µBGA assembly
PCBONLINE's SMT Stencil Capabilities


Framed, frameless

Stencil thickness

0.10mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.20mm

Opening side

Single-opening-sided, dual-opening-sided, separate-opening-sided

Stencil size

370mm × 470mm
420mm × 520mm
400mm × 600mm
400mm × 800mm
450mm × 550mm
550mm × 650mm
584mm × 584mm
736mm × 736mm

Opening area size

(corresponding to the above size order)
190mm × 290mm
240mm × 340mm
220mm × 400mm
220mm × 600mm
270mm × 370mm
350mm × 380mm
380mm × 380mm
500mm × 500mm

Reference point on stencil

None, half-drilling, drilling-through

Advantages of the One-Stop SMT Stencils Manufacturer PCBONLINE

0.35mm ultra-fine SMT stencil manufacturing and assembly capabilities
Able to manufacture SMT stencils for flip-chip and µBGA assembly
High-precision SMT stencil opening design and manufacturing
One-on-one design/engineering support throughout your project
Custom one-stop SMT stencil, PCB, and PCBA production
Cost-effective and time-saving SMT stencil manufacturing

SMT Stencils Certifications

SMT Stencils Certifications

What is an SMT Stencil

  • An SMT stencil, also known as a PCB stencil or solder paste stencil, is a steel stencil made according to the top paste layer and bottom paste layer in your Gerber/IPC-2581. It is manufactured when PCB fabrication happens. The quantity of SMT stencils depends on how many SMT lines you want the PCBA manufacturer PCBONLINE to turn on for your project.
  • How is an SMT stencil used in PCB assembly? The stencil is put in an automatic SMT machine, and a scraper with solder paste is pressed on it. Meanwhile, a PCB panel passes under the stencil. In this way, the solder paste leaks through the openings on the SMT stencil and is printed on the required PCB pads. The solder paste thickness falls in the range of ±0.03mm of the stencil thickness.

How Does PCBONLINE Create Openings on SMT Stencils

Pcb stencil design
At PCBONLINE, openings on SMT stencils are designed in a way that the aperture on the top side is 1mil to 5mil larger than the aperture on the bottom side. The opening's vertical section is trapezoid-shaped. We design SMT stencil openings in this way for a better release of the solder paste.
We follow the IPC-7525 standards to design SMT stencils for our clients. Most of the openings are in the 1:1 ratio as the pads, but for special SMT component pads, we need to avoid stress concentration. One principle of our design is that we make sure the opening width can support at least the 4 largest tin balls to pass at the same time. For narrow-width IC/QFP, we design the openings with two rounded ends; for BGA, 0402, 0201, and 01005 packages, we design the openings to be square-shaped; for USB/mini USB, CF/SD cards, we design the opening width in the 1:1.2 ratio as the pads; for ICs with right-angle pads, we design the openings with a larger width than the pads. We design openings on SMT stencils in this way to make sure full and firm solder paste is on every PCB pad.
WIth our SMT stencil, high-quality solder paste printing can happen smoothly.

Advantages of SMT Stencils

  • SMT stencils are a necessary tool to surface mount components on PCBs. The advantages of SMT stencils include:
  • ● SMT stencils allow solder paste to be accurately printed on PCB pads in an automatic or half-automatic way.
  • ● For the same PCB design, SMT stencils are reusable and can be used again and again for prototype assembly and bulky PCBA production.
  • ● SMT stencils make fine-pitch assembly, flip-chip, and BGA assembly available and highly efficient.

We are solution experts to SMT stencils manufacturing
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SMT Stencils Examples

"We have a PCB fab but always look for competitive pricing. PCBONLINE provided us with bulky PCB production and we were amazed at the good quality as well as the pricing. They quoted only $19 for the 370mm × 470mm PCB framework stencil with the 190mm ×290mm aperture area. The stencil helps the assembly a lot. "

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