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Overview of Electronic Components

  • Electronic components are mounted on PCBs to connect the circuit and work as they are designed. PCBONLINE provides electronic components to be used for PCBA (PCB assembly) as a part of our EMS services.
  • Circuit board components can be classified as active components and passive components. You can deliver your BOM (Bill of Materials) to order components from us. No matter what components you want, in whatever quantity, you can buy from PCBONLINE at reasonable prices with traceable quality.

Advantages of Electronic Component Sourcing

Why Choose Electronic Components from PCBONLINE

  • • We have ready-to-use brand-new components of 30,000 to 50,000 models stored in our warehouse to deliver fast.
  • • We built our own Class 100,000 warehouse that is dust-free and anti-static with space of constant temperature and humidity to store components. Inspection of temperature and humidity happens three times each day.
  • • We get authorization to source electronic components from hundreds of well-known electronic component manufacturers, and we provide high-quality OEM parts.
  • • We adopt smart electronic shelf digital management and take the first in, first out warehousing method.
  • • If you have PCBs assembled at PCBONLINE, inspections of temperature, humidity, and static to electronic components are carried out before assembly.
  • • We support small-batch component sourcing inquiries to meet your prototype requirements of multiple components and their models.
  • • We provide a one-stop EMS service since 1999 to help customers from schematics to box-built products, including PCB manufacturing, PCB soldering, and components sourcing.
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Methods to Buy Components, Sourcing Channels, Our Business Partners, and Turnaround


Standard Operating Procedure

  • All electronic components pass strict quality inspection, and only the qualified can be stored in our warehouse.
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