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"List your electronic components for PCB assembly in a BOM. PCBONLINE sources all of them at once. PCB components are traceable. We offer a quality-related money-back guarantee."
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Electronic Components Sourcing

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Applications of Electronic Components

  • ● Permanently soldering on circuit boards for PCB assembly
  • ● Temporarily assembling on breadboards for circuit design and testing
  • ● Resistors are mainly used for current limits; capacitors can be used for DC blocking, coupling, bypassing, filtering, etc.
  • ● ICs are used in analog and digital circuits to calculate, control, process, etc.
  • ● Diodes are mainly used for rectifying; triodes are mainly used for current amplification
  • ● Connectors are used for circuit connection/disconnection; transformers are used to change the AC voltage
PCBONLINE's Electronic Component Procurement

Component sourcing channels

Basic components from our warehouse;
Military-level components from our Hong Kong supply chain;
Special-shaped and custom-made components from our local factories.

PCB parts quantity

Start from 1 tray/package/bag, no maximum limit

PCBA parts procurement period

15 days to 30 days

Passive components

Resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, replays, keys, speakers, switches, connectors, antennas, sensors, detectors, sockets

Active components

Diodes, triodes, thyristors, ICs, transistors, programmable devices, optoelectronic devices, discharge devices, power sources, vacuum tubes

Procurement inquiry methods

Sending a BOM or PCBA sample, or telling us your plan

Components quality checks

Package inspection, document verification, digital photography, label verification, visual inspection, measurement, IC counterfeit, approval

Sourcing services

24 hours/7 days

Quality certifications


Advantages of the Electronic Components Distributor PCBONLINE

Available to group a large number of different BOMs to source together at a lower unit cost
Provide 24/7 services to quickly and flexibly respond to your demands and save your time
Fast and safe logistics services to save your logistics costs and procurement time
Strict quality control to let you relax assure the electronic component quality
Professional sourcing team to provide you with procurement suggestions and a comprehensive BOM
Full-around financial support to free you from the cash payment process when making small-batch purchases

PCB Electronic Components Certifications

Electronic Components Certifications

How Does PCBONLINE Reduce Electronic Component Unit Cost

  • PCBONLINE is able to reduce electronic component unit costs in three aspects.
  • First, relying on a global sourcing network formed by several hundred assessed suppliers and rich experience in mainstream components, PCBONLINE can help customers find out regional price differences and potential resources. In this way, we can reduce the overall sourcing cost of rare components and high-value large-quantity components.
  • Second, relying on our EMS production factory, we can take part in co-procurement with other large EMS and enjoy direct limited supplies from original factories. Even in the case of tight material resources, we still remain stable supply channels.
  • Third, relying on a large number of customers, we can effectively integrate BOMs to buy the same electronic components together to reduce the unit cost.

How Does PCBONLINE Operate Before Sending Electronic Components to You

electronic component QC procedure
PCBONLINE has long-term strategic cooperation with authoritative suppliers and enjoys discounts from them, such as Mouser, Digi-Key, Element14, Farnell, Future Electronics, Sparkfun, RS, Allied Electronics & Automation, as well as local factories. When receiving electronic components, we implement different QC inspection flows according to different supplier levels. All the inspection items shall be qualified before the shipment.

Advantages of PCB Components Sourcing

  • It may be difficult for you to buy all electronic components for PCB assembly by yourself, but the one-stop EMS manufacturer PCBONLINE can help you do that easily. The advantages of sourcing PCB components are below.
  • ● Buying all electronic components and having PCB assembly hassle-free at one-stop.
  • ● The experienced supply team of the EMS factory makes sure the components are quality.
  • Lower overall electronic components costs than if you buy electronic components by yourself.

We are solution experts to Electronic Components Sourcing
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IC chips

Electronic Components Examples

"I am so glad that PCBONLINE sources bulky genuine ICs for us so quickly. I have assumed that their Hong Kong supply team might spend a month fulfilling the sourcing task, but they just spent two weeks, and after confirmation, PCBONLINE delivered the ICs to me at once. Their quick-to-actions boost my project so much. "

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