Advantages of the Electronic Component Supplier PCBONLINE

components in-stock IN-STOCK

PCBONLINE's EMS PCBA factory has in-stock passive components and sources all the components on your BOM for PCB assembly quickly.

equipment EQUIPMENT

PCBONLINE's PCB assembly factory is ISO 8 cleanroom, and its electronic component warehouse is anti-static with temperatures 25℃-30℃ and humidity 60%-75% best for component storage.

team TEAM

Relying on the global network of hundreds of electronic component suppliers and component expertise, the professionals at PCBONLINE source low-cost components with regional price differences and group purchases.

component quality QUALITY

At PCBONLINE, all electronic components and materials must pass rigorous quality control procedures before going into the component warehouse.

custom component CUSTOM

PCBONLINE sources any electronic components on demand, including passive components, active components, weird components, and military-grade components.

shipping TRANSPORT

PCBONLINE provides fast and safe logistics services to save your logistics costs and electronic component sourcing time.

How Does PCBONLINE Reduce Electronic Component Unit Cost

electronic component sourcing

The EMS PCBA manufacturer PCBONLINE provides electronic component sourcing and is able to reduce electronic component unit costs in three aspects.

Relying on a global sourcing network formed by hundreds of assessed suppliers and rich experience in mainstream components, PCBONLINE can help customers find out regional price differences and potential resources.Relying on its EMS production factory, PCBONLINE can take part in co-procurement with other large EMS and enjoy direct limited supplies from original factories.Relying on a large number of customers, we can effectively integrate BOMs (bills of materials) to buy the same electronic components together to reduce the unit cost.

In the above ways, PCBONLINE can reduce the overall sourcing cost of rare components and high-value large-quantity components. And even in the case of tight material resources, PCBONLINE remains a stable supply channel for electronic component sourcing.

How Does PCBONLINE Operate Electronic Component Sourcing

electronic component procurement quality control

PCBONLINE has long-term strategic cooperation with authoritative suppliers and enjoys discounts from them, such as Mouser, Digi-Key, Element14, Farnell, Future Electronics, Sparkfun, RS, Allied Electronics & Automation, as well as local factories.

When receiving electronic components, we implement different QC inspection flows according to different supplier levels. All the inspection items shall be qualified before the shipment.

A QC workflow of electronic components is:

package inspectiondocument verificationdigital photographylabel verificationvisual inspectionmeasurementtestingapproval

PCBONLINE's Advantages in PCB Components Sourcing

PCB component sourcing

It may be difficult for you to buy all electronic components for PCB assembly by yourself, but the one-stop EMS manufacturer PCBONLINE can help you do that easily.

PCBONLINE integrates the BOMs of different customers and purchases together to obtain a lower purchase price.For special components, PCBONLINE carries out treatments before assembly, such as constant temperature oven baking, dehumidification treatment, etc., to prevent oxidation problems and caused virtual soldering problems.The professional sales and purchasing team provides you with purchasing consultation and a comprehensive integrated bill of materials.PCBONLINE provides global "7 days - 24 hours" service, handling your needs flexibly and quickly and saving procurement time.

If you need high-quality and low-cost electronic components for PCB assembly, contact PCBONLINE at

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