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What is Gerber File and How to Create a Gerber - Steps with Images

gerber file
PCBONLINE Team Wed, Jan 06, 2021

Gerber files are necessary documentation for printed circuit board (PCB) fabrication. When you draw the schematics, you need to make them Gerber files so that PCB manufacturers can follow your requirements.

You may ask, what is a Gerber file?

More importantly, how to generate Gerber files?

No worries, this post will let you know what is Gerber, how to create a Gerber file, and how to print PCBs from the Gerber file.

Part 1: What is a Gerber File

Gerber file

The Gerber format is an open 2D binary vector image file format. A Gerber file is the standard file used by printed circuit board industry software to describe the PCB images such as copper layers, solder masks, legends, etc.

Each layer of the PCB needs a Gerber file.

When you generate Gerber files for either a single-layer or a multilayer PCB, multiple Gerber files are saved at once in an RAR or ZIP file.

Gerber Files by Type and Format

The trick with Gerbers is that every file you generate will be associated with a particular layer on your board layout, each with its unique file extension.

File Extension of PCB Layer on Autodesk EAGLE

File Extension
PCB Layer
Top Copper
Bottom Copper
Top Soldermask
Bottom Soldermask
Top Silkscreen
Bottom Silkscreen

File Extension of PCB Layer on Altium Designer

File Extension
PCB Layer
Top Overlay
Top Paste
Top Paste
Top Solder
Top Solder
Top Layer
Top Layer
Mid-Layer 1
Mid-Layer 2
Bottom Layer
Bottom Solder
Bottom Paste
Bottom Overlay
Mechanical 1
Mechanical 7
Mechanical 13
Mechanical 15
Mechanical 16
Keep-Out Layer
Top Pad Master
Bottom Pad Master

Another thing to remember about Gerber's is their available formats – Gerber RS-274D and Gerber RS-274X. The D format is the older standard and uses two files per layer on your PCB. The newer X standard has done away with the two file formats and contains all of the information about a layer in a single file.

Regarding having to manage your design data, the X format makes it a whole lot easier when you only have to keep track of one file per layer instead of two. We'd always recommend using the Gerber RS-274X format.

Now you've got to know that once you generate Gerber files, you can get the PCB printed from them. Let's dive to see how to generate Gerber files using OrCAD and Altium!

Part 2: Creating a Gerber File Using OrCAD

Step 1. First of all, design a PCB on any OrCAD software (like in the figure below ). To learn more about PCB layout, read here. Verify all points to check those are not shorted. After verification, move to the next step.

design pcb

Step 2. Navigate to the "Output" option on the top tab of the software.

output gerber orcad

Step 3. After clicking on "Output", choose "Generate Gerber".

gerber file orcad

Step 4. Click on "Output to a single ZIP file", and then go to "Reflection" > "Mirror". Confirm to generate a Gerber file by clicking on "OK".

confirm gerber orcad

Step 5. Finally, the Gerber file in ZIP format is generated. It can be found in your saved location.

save gerber orcad

Part 3: Generating Gerber Files Using Altium

Step 1. Open your schematic using Altium Designer. Navigate to the "File" option on the top tab of the software and go to "Fabrication Outputs" > "Gerber Files".

generate gerber altium

Step 2. You will jump to the Gerber Setup window. Here, you need to choose the "Layers" option on the top tab.

Step 3. Then click "Plot Layers" > "All on". Confirm to create the Gerber file by clicking the "OK" button.

confirm gerber altium

If you want to generate the drill file, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the schematic using Altium. Navigate to the "File" option on top of the tap.

Step 2. Choose "Fabrication Outputs" and click "NC Drill Files" from the drop-down list.

generate drill file altium

Step 3. The NC Drill Setup window is open. Click "OK" and you create the drill file.


The drill file and Gerber file are generated separately. But you need to place them into the same RAR or ZIP file before uploading the file on a PCB printing website.

Part 4: Applications of Gerber Files

As mentioned above, a Gerber file is a 2D binary vector image file format to describe the circuit board image. It was widely used to drive vector plotters. Details Expand in this Standard Gerber - Standard Gerber was a numerical control (NC) format designed by Gerber Systems Corp to drive their vector photo plotters for the PCB industry in the 1960s and 1970s. It was a subset of the Electronic Industries Association RS-274-D specification, a format to drive mechanical NC machines in a wide range of industries.

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