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Modular PCBA for Bluetooth, LED, Control, Processing Modules

modular PCBA
pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Wed, May 03, 2023

The modular PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) provides electronic products and systems with greater flexibility and customization. The modules can be added, removed, and replaced as needed, so they are an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.

modular PCBA

LED, control motherboard, image processing, audio decoding, Bluetooth, WiFi, and communication modules are common modular PCBAs. As a one-stop PCBA supplier, we have had rich experience in manufacturing these modular PCBs and PCBAs. Below are some examples of modular PCB and PCBA and knowledge we want to share with you.

Bluetooth, WiFi, and Communication Modular PCBs

Bluetooth, WiFi, and communication modules are very common. They are used in communication, computing, automotive, and consumer applications. However, it is a little tricky in their PCB assembly. On the edges of Bluetooth, WiFi, and communication modular PCBs, are half-holes that need soldering. During PCB assembly, it is difficult for the solder paste to fully wet the pads, and this can cause cold solder or pseudo-soldering.

It is easy to solve this Bluetooth, WiFi, and communication module PCB assembly issue. At PCBONLINE, when we make PCB design for manufacturing (DFM) for Bluetooth, WiFi, and communication modular PCBs, we design the step-up stencil or Nano stencil for PCB assembly instead of normal SMT stencils. By using a step-up or Nano stencil for SMT assembly, the solder paste can wet the pads for half holes and ensure solderability.

LED Modular PCBA

LED modules are the most critical part of an LED light and indicator. Their applications include street lights, home lighting, automotive lighting, industrial lighting, maritime lighting, etc.

In LED PCB fabrication, the substrate materials are typically high thermal conductivity materials, such as aluminum, ceramic, and copper.

The whole manufacturing process of COB LED modular PCBAs includes chip sourcing, PCB fabrication, LED chip wiring bonding or flip-chip assembly on boards, testing, sealing glue to COB LEDs, and adjusting RGB (red, green, blue) colors.

SMD Aluminum LED modular PCBA

aluminum LED PCBA

This is an aluminum LED modular PCBA designed and manufactured by us. It is a 100W LED module used for boat lighting on the sea. It has 12 LED beads that are 8W. The beads include 6V and 12V. The 6V-bead flows 1.2mA current, while the 12V-bead flows 0.7mA. Each LED bead has 4 chips that are 6V and 9V. The 6V chip is 2-paralleled and 2-stringed, while the 9V chip is 1-paralleled and 4-stringed. This aluminum LED modular PCBA has 7878 lumens and a color temperature of 7515K.

COB ceramic-inlay copper-base LED Modular PCBA


This is a COB LED PCBA used for stage lights. It has a composite structure. Its PCB base is copper. In the center of the LED module, an aluminum nitride LED module inlays. In the middle of the ceramic LED module, the light source COB LEDs are flip-chip bonded on the board.

Audio and Video Decoding Modular PCBA

decoding modular PCBA

This is an audio and video decoding motherboard with the CAN communication function. CAN is a controller area network bus for networking intelligent devices for automotive and industrial uses.

On the modular PCBA, there's an FPGA, which generates plenty of heat when the board works. To protect the PCBA from overheating, we place a heat sink, the large black part next to the FPGA. The heat sink dissipates thermal quickly and ensures that the core components of the board work more stably and efficiently.

Image Processing Modular PCBA

processing modular PCBA

This is an image-processing modular PCBA used for face recognition and IoT intelligent cameras. As you can see, a module PCB has two half holes on its edges, and its assembly is fine-pitch. The minimum component footprint is 01005.

PCBONLINE manufactured 1,000 modular PCBAs, and the order had 0 return work. The client felt pleasant and said in his email, "PCBONLINE provides high-quality PCB assembly with the proficient placement of 01005 components. Your business and production departments cooperated vigorously to ensure these motherboards' quality and delivery time. We are very satisfied with this cooperation. We look forward to seeing more surprises from PCBONLINE in the future."

Control Modular PCBA

control modualr PCBA for automotive

This is a wireless communication function control board used in a car. This modular PCBA involves driving safety so its reliability and quality requirement standards are the highest in automotive electronics.

PCBONLINE has strong capabilities in automotive electronic assembly, especially quick delivery for prototype small-batch manufacturing and component BOM sourcing.

PCBONLINE, One-Stop Modular PCBA Manufacturer from Prototype to Massive Order

All the above modular PCBAs are manufactured by PCBONLINE. PCBONLINE is a source factory manufacturer for module PCBs and modular PCBAs. Founded in 1999, it has two advanced PCB manufacturing bases and one PCB assembly factory. It provides modular PCBA manufacturing from A to Z for all industries, including automotive, aerospace, defense, communication, computing, medical, agricultural, and consumer electronics.

modular PCBA manufacturer

The advantages of PCBONLINE in modular PCBA include:

    • IPC-A-610 Class 2/3 PCB assembly, which is the industrial controller and medical-grade.
    • Professional CAM engineer with more than 20 years of experience checks and improves your design to ensure the success of your project.
    • Lead-free PCB assembly for rigid, flexible, and semi-flex PCBs meeting RoHS, REACH, ISO, IATF, and UL standards.
    • Relying on the EMS PCBA factory, PCBONLINE can source high-quality components from original factories and class-one suppliers at lower prices.
    • Besides PCB fabrication, components, and PCB assembly, PCBONLINE provides post-assembly services, such as conformal coating, IC programming, functional testing, thermal aging, application simulation testing, and box-build assembly.

So far, PCBONLINE has accumulated rich experience in modular PCBA for Bluetooth, WiFi, communication modules, industrial and automotive controllers, audio and video decoding modules, image processing modules, all kinds of LED modules, etc. We can further assemble them to be end products and test them, namely EMS PCBA. For massive manufacturing orders, we offer free PCBA samples (including components) and functional PCBA testing. If you want modular PCBA, send your Gerber, BOM, and pick-and-place file to info@pcbonline.com.


Electronics manufacturing can be easy with a reliable modular PCBA manufacturer. No matter how complex the circuit of the module is, it is made from assembling components on bare printed circuit boards. However, the assembly details vary according to different components, PCB holes, and PCB substrates. If you need modular PCBA, work with a source factory manufacturer, who offers the most cost-effective PCBA.


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