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The Most Professional PCBA Supplier Empowering Your Project

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pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Wed, Dec 21, 2022

A PCBA supplier is a third-party manufacturer that assembles printed circuit boards (PCBs) with electronic components to be semi-products or end-products labeled your brand. Being cheap is not the only criterion for choosing a PCBA supplier for your EMS manufacturing. To save your fabrication budget, the vital is an optimal PCB design. A professional PCBA supplier can optimize your design and save your time, energy, and costs to the best degree, and you can yield successful results without worries about quality.

The most professional PCBA supplier you can work with is PCBONLINE, a one-stop source factory EMS manufacturer.

PCBONLINE provides professional engineering support throughout your project until you receive the products and yield satisfying results. You can hand over PCB design optimization, BOM integration/component sourcing, design for manufacturing (DFM), PCB fabrication and assembly, box build enclosure design, box build assembly, and even the manual design to PCBONLINE.


PCBONLINE is a one-stop PCBA supplier for middle and high-end fields for automotive, medical, aerospace, aviation, defense, industrial, computer, communications, and consumer electronics.

PCB and PCBA manufacturer

PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing in Jiangsu and Jiangxi and one PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen of Guangdong. Its first PCB factory was founded in 1999. And PCBONLIEN has over 10 years of experience in one-stop EMS manufacturing for clients around the globe.

Today, PCBONLINE has 60+ software engineers, 45+ hardware engineers, 560+ senior PCB/PCBA technicians, and complete materials and electronic component supply chains.

The PCB and PCBA manufacturing from PCBONLINE is certified with ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, REACH, RoHS, and UL. You can check PCBONLINE's quality certificates.

PCB fabrication from PCBONLINE follows the IPC-A-600 standards, and PCBA manufacturing follows the IPC-A-610 Class 2/3 standards.

All electronic components that PCBONLINE sources are from original factories and direct first-class suppliers that have been audited and have long-term cooperation with.

Besides, PCB prototype and PCBA sample manufacturing happen on production lines same as bulky PCB/PCBA orders.

How Does the PCBA Supplier PCBONLINE Empower Your Project?

PCBA engineering

When you send your Gerber and BOM to PCBONLINE at info@pcbonline.com, the engineers get involved in your project until the delivery. Professional engineers with 20+ years of experience review your documents, and you have a specialized sales engineer to follow up with.

Unlike most PCBA suppliers who put into production when they confirm the feasibility of PCB fabrication, PCBONLINE furthers analysis of your design to make it optimal before production. Over years, many clients are satisfied with the free PCB improvement assistance from PCBONLINE.

The PCBA engineer from PCBONLINE integrates your BOM and checks which components can be sourced and which cannot. PCBONLINE can source all basic components, but some active components may be hard to find out. For components that can't be sourced, PCBONLINE can use local alternative components to replace them and will ask if you agree.

component sourcing

It takes a short period of time for PCBONLINE to source all the electronic components on your BOM. Keep in mind that component sourcing takes up the most time in a PCBA project fabrication cycle. With a shorter PCBA delivery period, you can realize your design into end products and launch the market sooner.

Besides, PCBONLINE provides free design for manufacturing (DFM).

And in PCB fabrication, PCBONLINE will fabricate the prototype boards for your to confirm. And in PCB assembly, PCBONLINE fabricates 5 pieces of PCBA samples and randomly picks up one piece for the first article inspection (FAI). After the FAI, PCBONLINE will send an FAI report that records all specifications of the PCBA for you to review. Only after your approval, PCBONLINE will start the batch PCBA production.

For bulky PCBA manufacturing, it takes two to three work days for PCBONLINE to complete the assembly. For expedited orders, PCBONLINE can take the two-shift mode to work through the day and overnight to make sure of timely delivery.

What Services Does PCBONLINE Provide?

PCBONLINE provides one-stop PCB assembly services meeting all your demands.

PCB assembly service

PCBONLOIN provides PCB fabrication from prototypes to bulk production. From PCBONLINE, you can custom order FR4 PCBs of any Tg, aluminum PCBs, copper-base PCBs, ceramic PCBs (including AlN PCBs, alumina PCBs, SiC PCBs, and Si₃N₄ PCBs), high-frequency PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, HDI PCBs, and hybrid substrate PCBs. For high-reliability PCBs used for automotive, medical, defense, aerospace, and aviation applications, PCBONLINE conducts four-terminal sensing to ensure minor resistance precision.

In regards to PCB assembly, besides SMT assembly and THT assembly, PCBONLINE also provides wire bonding and flip-chip bonding.

In the post-assembly stage, PCBONLINE provides functional testing, IC programming, conformal coating, thermal aging, and box-build assembly. The box build assembly services include manual design, enclosure design, having the enclosure fabricated, installing the enclosure onto PCBA, labeling, and packaging.

To summarize, PCBONLINE provides EMS manufacturing for automotive, medical, defense, aerospace, aviation, industrial, communications, computer, and consumer electronics. If you are an original electrical product manufacturer, business maker, senior engineer, and research institute, PCBONLINE is appropriate for your PCBA manufacturing.

PCB assembly service

What are the Advantages of Having PCBA Manufactured by PCBONLINE?

As a one-stop advanced PCBA manufacturer, PCBONLINE offers many benefits for its clients in PCBA manufacturing.

  • As a one-stop advanced PCBA manufacturer, PCBONLINE offers many benefits for its clients in PCBA manufacturing.
  • One-on-one engineering support throughout your project since the start of receiving your documents.
  • Quick to source all electronic components at lower prices relying on its EMS production factory.
  • Professional engineering assistance can lower fabrication costs and quickly solve technical issues in your project.
  • High-quality PCB and PCBA manufacturing with a high on-time and low return-to-work rate.

PCBONLINE has rich experience in hardware and software development and can involve in your project in the design stage. If you have a project to work on and will have it manufactured, contact PCBONLINE to help you by sending your inquiry to info@pcbonline.com.

What Applications Can PCBONLINE's PCBA Services Manufacture for?

PCBONLINE has manufacturing experience for applications from all fields. And some of them are below.

Industrial control. PCBONLINE provides one-stop thermal-management solutions for industrial control applications by designing and fabricating the PCB and PCBA. Thermal and electrical networks are often separate in industrial control PCB design.

Applications for electronic vehicles (EV) and hybrid-electronic vehicles (HEV). PCBONLINE has strong manufacturing capabilities and technical experiences in electricity management for EV and HEV applications, for example, the lithium battery module, charging station converter board, etc.

charging station PCB

Applications for classic vehicles. PCBONLINE has strong delivery capabilities for automotive electronics. Up till now, PCBONLINE has manufactured front and side LED lights, sensors, and converter boards for automotive clients.

Defense and military electronics. PCBONLIINE fabricates Rogers PCBs for critical positioning modules for rockets, missiles, and so on. We have some defense project clients who have stable and long-term cooperation with us.

Medical electronics. Medical electronics work in compact spaces and must have high reliability. PCBONLINE has fabricated 1mm wide flexible PCBs with dual component-mounting sides for gastroscopy and flex/FR4 hybrid PCB tray EMS manufacturing for cell growth.

Consumer electronics. PCBONLINE has experience in PCBA manufacturing for all kinds of applications used for consumer electronics, such as false eyelash UV disinfection boxes, ambient lights, air condition central systems, etc.

What project are you working on? Do you need a one-stop EMS manufacturer who can help you from the developing stage? Or do you want a source factory manufacturer for advanced PCBs and PCB fabrication? PCBONLINE offers the most professional engineering support. Feel free to chat with us online or by email.


PCBONLINE is a source PCBA supplier providing turnkey electronics manufacturing. If you are an original equipment manufacturer, business maker, senior engineer, or research institute, you can contact PCBONLINE to provide PCBA and EMS manufacturing for you, which saves your time and costs to the best.

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