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Save Big in Working with A PCB and PCBA Manufacturer

PCB & PCBA manufacturer
PCBONLINE Team Sat, Aug 06, 2022

In the post-pandemic era, saving time and costs in contract electronics manufacturing matters for your project's success. Working with a one-stop PCB & PCBA manufacturer enables you to complete PCB fabrication and assembly, including electronic component sourcing under one roof, and you don't have to struggle with seeking basic electronic components and inspections for PCBAs. A PCB & PCBA manufacturer can provide original electronic manufacturing (OEM).

PCB & PCBA manufacturing

This article provides tips for you to save time and costs in working with a PCB & PCBA manufacturer.

Part 1: What Services Does a PCB & PCBA Manufacturer Provide?

Before learning about how to work with a PCB & PCBA manufacturer saving time and costs, you would need to know what service you can get from a PCB & PCBA manufacturer.

From the one-stop PCB & PCBA manufacturer PCBONLINE, you can get the below OEM services:

  • PCB manufacturing and assembly from prototype to bulk production, including electronic component sourcing
  • PCBA value-added services, including conformal coating, IC programming, mechanical boxes, box-built
  • Complete testing and inspections for PCB and PCBA - AOI, flying probe, functional jig testing, thermal aging, etc.
  • If you don't have a Gerber, you can also get PCB design services from PCBONLINE

What free services or discounts you can take from PCBONLINE?

PCB & PCBA manufacturer PCBONLINE

  • Free one-on-one engineering support and design assistance from CAM engineers with more than 20 years of experience
  • Free IC programming for PCBAs supporting online cloud program transfer without data breach worries
  • A free complete PCBA sample and functional jig testing to bulk PCBA production
  • Discounts for orders of more than 5000 USD dollars

If you need PCB and PCBA fabrication, you can send your inquiry by email at info@pcbonline.com to get a quote. Engineers from PCBONLINE will check your design and reply to you soon.

Part 2: Get Optimum Design from Your PCB & PCBA Manufacturer - It's FREE!

An optimum design is critical to saving electronic manufacturing costs. Reasonable design can save the PCB fabrication and electronic component costs, especially for bulk production. For example, an indoor light doesn't have to be car-grade.

If you are in the developing phase, don't hurry for bulk production until you get the optimum design.

Instead, take advantage of your PCB & PCBA manufacturer to get the optimum design.


The PCB & PCBA manufacturer PCBONLINE can reduce the manufacturing cost of your project with an appropriate PCB design. You can let PCBONLINE take part in the hardware and software design to help you achieve the best product design.

Keep in mind that an optimum design comes from both theories and fabrication. You and your PCB & PCBA manufacturer would not only consider the product functions but also guess all production details and test different designs by prototyping. Your PCB & PCBA manufacturer may fabricate prototypes again and again until the optimum design proves to succeed in fabrication.

So be patient in the prototype phase. You can save big in bulk production with the optimum design.

Part 3. Send Full Documents to Your PCB & PCBA Manufacturer to Reduce Back-and-Forth

When you send an inquiry to a PCB & PCBA manufacturer, you must expect a quick quotation, smooth conversations with the manufacturer, and quick manufacturing and delivery. Your expectation is reasonable. But you need to provide full documents to your PCB & PCBA manufacturer in the beginning.

PCB & PCBA manufacturing documents

To reduce the back-and-forth so that both sides can save time, please provide the below files and information.

For PCB fabrication, you would need to provide a PCB design file (usually Gerber or IPC-2581). If your Gerber doesn't contain the drilling file, you would need to provide it as well. If you have additional fabrication specifications, please contain them in your Gerber or inquiry email, otherwise, we will assume regular specs and confirm with you.

For PCB assembly (no PCB fabrication), you would need to provide the PCB boards, a bill of material (BOM) that contains information on the required electronic components, a pick-and-place file that instructs the electronic component positions and directions, and a 3-D drawing used to compare the PCBA with the desired effect. If you need IC programming after PCB assembly, please provide your program or the cloud interface to transfer the program into the ICs, programmer, and an adaptor line. (we have standard programming jigs.)

If you need PCB fabrication and assembly, please provide the Gerber, BOM, pick-and-place file, and 3D drawing.

Part 4. FAQs about PCB & PCBA Manufacturing

Question 1. Does PCBONLINE have its factories?

Yes, PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases in Jiangsu and Jiangxi and one PCBA factory in Shenzhen. We are a PCB & PCBA manufacturer rather than a third-party trade company.

Question 2. What are the sources of electronic components for PCB assembly?

Usually, a PCB & PCBA manufacturer doesn't manufacture electronic components but sources them. PCBONLINE sources the components from original factories and authoritative suppliers like DigiKey and Mouser. Relying on our EMS factory for production, we have long-term strategic cooperation with them and enjoy discounts. Besides, we can seek alternative components and odd components from local factories in Shenzhen.

Question 3. Is the quality of prototyping the same as bulk production?

Yes. At PCBONLINE, PCB/PCBA manufacturing in any quantity happens on the same lines, and the quality is high and the same no matter what the quantity is. PCB & PCBA manufacturing from PCBONLINE follows ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, RoHS, REACH, IPC, and UL standards.


Quality and costs both matter to electronics manufacturing. To make sure your product quality is high and the manufacturing cost low, work with the PCB & PCBA manufacturer to get the optimum design until bulk production. To save the project time, prepare complete documents to reduce the back-and-forth with your manufacturer. If you want PCB & PCBA manufacturing, work with the one-stop manufacturer PCBONLINE who won't let you down.

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