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One-Stop PCB Assembly for Complex Circuits | Top EMS Solution Provider

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pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Thur, Dec 02, 2021

Are you looking for reliable one-stop PCB assembly services for the electronics hardware building of your company's brands? PCBONLINE, an advanced PCB one-stop-shop solution provider, will illustrate one-stop assembly services in this article.

one-stop PCB assembly for complex circuits

Part 1: What is Going on in One-Stop PCB Assembly?

One-stop PCB assembly belongs to electronics manufacturing services, and it includes PCB design, PCB manufacturing, electronic components sourcing, and PCB assembly.

one-stop PCB assembly services

The collaboration model between electronics solution companies and the one-stop PCB assembly service provider PBONLINE is:

Electronics solution companies work on project designs for product research and development > PCBONLINE reduces the project costs through appropriate PCB design > PCB manufacturing, assembly, test, and other services > shipping.

One-Stop PCB assembly process from PCBONLINE:

Step 1. PCB design (optional)

PCBONLINE can reduce the hardware building project through appropriate PCB design. If you have completed the PCB design, our senior engineers will also check your design to make sure everything is OK.

Step 2. PCB manufacturing

Before bulky PCB manufacturing, PCBONLINE manufactures samples for free and does the PCB DFM, DFT, and DFX (design for manufacturing, testing, and excellence).

The PCB manufacturing process is:

PCB material preparation and processing > laminate PCB layers on the core > generate circuits on PCB layers > AOI (automatic optical inspection) > mechanical and laser drill on PCB layers > electroplate PCB holes by VCP (vertical continuous plating) > print solder mask and surface finishes > process the PCB edges > four-terminal sensing test (for boards of defense, aerospace, medical, automotive uses)

Meanwhile, we manufacture the SMT stencils for PCB assembly.

Step 3. Component sourcing

PCBONLINE has its electronic component warehouse, with commonly used components and some discontinued ST/TI components in stock. According to your BOM, we provide all the components you want.

We source the components from local electronic components factories and direct suppliers from around the globe. Through regional price differences, we pick up the best prices for you. All the components are traceable.

Step 4. PCB assembly

Before bulky PCBA manufacturing, we assemble 5 PCB boards and randomly choose one for the first article inspection (FAI). We generate an FAI report and send it to our client. We will start bulky PCB assembly when the client reviews and approves it.

The PCB assembly process is: solder paste printing > solder paste inspection > SMT assembly (high-speed assembly and function assembly) > X-ray inspection if there is BGA > reflow soldering > AOI > THT assembly > wave soldering > functional test (optional) > IC programming (optional) > thermal aging (optional) > conformal coating (optional) > box-built assembly (optional)

Step 5. Shipping

We have our warehouse for printed circuit boards and PCBA. We will let FedEx, DHL, or UPS deliver the boards to you as soon as possible. (usually, we recommend FedEx. You can choose the delivery company in PCBONLINE's online purchase system).

Part 2: One-Stop PCB Assembly Example 1 - CCD Camera PCB Assembly

camera module one-stop PCB assembly

The above image shows the one-stop PCB camera assembly of CCD (charge-coupled device) camera mainboards. PCBONLINE does the electronics hardware building for a client, and the display is approved.

These camera modules will be integrated with AIoT face recognition PCBA mainboards for smart traffic monitoring. (the AIoT PCBA is the other one-stop PCB assembly example below)

In the one-stop CCD camera PCBA project, PCBONLINE plays the role of more than electronics manufacturing, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, thermal aging test, product box-built assembly, and components sourcing, but also takes part in project development from the perspective of appropriate PCB design, reduces customer's costs, solves technical issues.

Part 3: One-Stop PCB Assembly Example 2 - AIoT Face Recognition Mainboard PCBA

AIoT one-stop PCB assembly

The above image is an AIoT face recognition mainboard manufactured by PCBONLINE. These image process module boards are developed based on Rockchip.

In this AIoT one-stop PCB assembly project, the minimum SMD package size is 01005 (0.4 mm × 0.2 mm). The client ordered 1000 pieces of boards, and PCBONLINE brought out excellent results, with return-work rate.

During the one-stop AIoT PCB assembly project, PCBONLINE is responsible for the whole electronics hardware building, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, electronic components sourcing, and product box-built assembly.

Part 4: One-Stop PCB Assembly Services Provider - PCBONLINE

PCBONLINE is a leading one-stop-shop solution provider for electronics hardware building with customers around the world. PCBONLINE, founded in 1999, has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases and one complex PCB assembly factory in China.

Our one-stop PCB assembly services target clients from automotive, industrial, medical, defense, aerospace, communications, and consumer electronics.

Here are the reasons to work with PCBONLINE for one-stop PCB assembly:

  • One-stop PCB assembly certified with ISO, IATF, REACH, UL, RoHS, and IPC standards
  • Complex PCB manufacturing and assembly from design and prototypes to bulky production
  • One-on-one engineering support with free DFM, DFT, and DFX for one-stop PCB assembly projects
  • Electronic components sourcing for one-stop PCB assembly without profit from
  • Complete PCB/PCBA tests and services available, such as four-terminal sensing, IC programming, conformal coating

Please have a look at the one-stop PCB assembly capabilities from PCBONLINE:

PCB assembly features
One-stop PCB assembly capabilities
One-stop PCB assembly standards
IPC-A-610 Class 2/3
Lead time
1 day to 4 weeks
Minimum SMD package
01005 (0.4mm by 0.2mm)
Finest pitch
Min board size
50mm × 50mm
Max board size
1,200mm × 370mm
PCBA tests
SPI, X-ray, AOI, thermal aging, functional test
Other PCBA services
component sourcing, IC programming, conformal coating, box-built assembly
PCB parts tests and processing
IC-counterfeit detection, component baking, dehumidification
Order quantity
No quantity limit

Please have a look at the advanced PCB manufacturing capabilities from PCBONLINE:

PCB fabrication features
Complex PCB manufacturing capabilities
PCB layers
1 to 64
PCB manufacturing standards
Depending on product requirements
PCB core materials
FR4, PTFE, polyimide, aluminum, ceramics, carbon nanotube
PCB types
Rigid-flex, flexible, HDI, high-frequency, ceramic-substrate, high Tg, aluminum-substrate, heavy-copper, halogen-free, lead-free
HDI capabilities
1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3, 4+N+4
Finest pitch
Min trace space/width
PCB tests
AOI, four-terminal sensing, flying probe, bed-of-nail test, in-circuit test
Order quantity
No quantity limit

If you need one-stop PCB assembly needs, please feel free to send your Gerber and BOM to PCBONLINE by email at info@pcbonline.com.


This article demonstrates the one-stop PCB assembly process and introduces a reliable one-stop PCB assembly source factory PCBONLINE. If you are looking for one-stop PCB assembly or electronics manufacturing for middle and high-end products, do not miss the advanced one-stop PCBA manufacturer PCBONLINE.


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