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Top FPC Manufacturer Capabilities in 2024

PCBONLINE Team Sat, Jun 22, 2024
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What are the top FPC manufacturers in the world in 2024? What are the FPC manufacturer's capabilities? You can find answers quickly from this blog.

Top FPC Manufacturers in the World

FPC is a flexible printed circuit. Its other name is flexible PCB. The top 3 FPC manufacturers on the largest scale in the world are:

Avary Holding

Avary Holding Co., Limited - Founded in 1999, it's a listed company in Shenzhen, China. It deals with FPC design, R&D, and manufacturing. Its FPC minimum hole aperture/trace width can be 0.025mm/0.025mm. However, it works only on FPC bulky production for giant OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

Mektec Corporation

Mektec Corporation - Founded in 1986, it's a Taiwan-Japan joint venture as a subsidiary of Japan's NOK Group. It provides FPC manufacturing, including the FCCL (flexible copper-clad laminate). However, it also only works for long-term and bulky production for giant OEMs.

Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. - It's a listed company in Japan. It provides bulky FPC manufacturing for smartphones. Like the top FPC manufacturers mentioned above, it only works for giant OEMs.

If you are one of the small & medium-sized OEMs, startups, business makers, and research institutes, it's unlikely for you to meet the requirements of the above top 3 FPC manufacturers.


However, you can work with a one-stop FPC manufacturer, PCBONLINE, that has R&D capabilities and produces FPC without a quantity limit. Founded in 1999, PCBONLINE has one FCCL factory, two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases, one PCB assembly factory, and an R&D team to provide DFM (design for manufacturing) to ensure the success of your FPC project.

For an FPC project, you must want to modify design defects and eliminate potential risks before putting your design into production. By working with PCBONLINE, you can make it.

FPC manufacturer PCBONLINE
Advantages of the FPC manufacturer PCBONLINE

PCBONLINE provides free DFM, including BOM (bill of material) check, PCB design, solving potential issues, reducing component procurement costs, etc.

PCBONLINE can do the R&D and take part in your project's early design stage, improving your design, reducing production costs, and preventing possible technical issues in the FAE (Field Application Engineer) stage.

From FPC prototypes to final product box build assembly, PCBONLINE provides one-stop R&D and manufacturing without a quantity limit.

For FPC projects that come to the bulky production stage, PCBONLINE refunds the fees of R&D, final product samples, and FPC assembly functional testing (which means they are free).

Affordable FPC manufacturing and assembly as PCBONLINE produces the FCCL, FPC, and assemblies as a source factory manufacturer.

High-quality FPC manufacturing and assembly certified with ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949: 2016, RoHS, REACH, UL, and IPC-A-610 Class 2/3.

PCBONLINE offers one-on-one engineering support throughout your FPC project and ensures the design and manufacturing success before FPC production. You can rest assured by working with PCBONLINE for FPC manufacturing and assembly under one roof. To get a quote for your FPC project, please email info@pcbonline.com.

Capabilities of the Top FPC Manufacturer PCBONLINE

An FPC project aims to be used in IoT systems, wearable devices, automotive modules, battery cell packs, smartphones, cameras, computers, industrial controls, medical equipment, aerospace electronics, biological equipment, and military electronics.

FPC projects used for middle and high-end applications require the FPC manufacturer to have powerful capabilities to meet the manufacturing demands. How do you know if an FPC manufacturer can meet your FPC project requirements?

Well, you can view the FPC manufacturers' capabilities in FPC.

The FPC manufacturer PCBONLINE focuses on electronics manufacturing for middle and high-end applications. Please feel free to see its FPC capabilities below and contact PCBONLINE to start cooperation on your FPC project now.

FPC Specs
PCBONLINE Capabilities
Circuit layer
1 to 8 for PI FPC, 1 to 6 for PET FPC
FPC thickness
Limit: 0.05mm
0.1-0.5mm (1-4L)
0.6-0.8mm (5-8L)
Tolerance of 1L FPC thickness (exclude stiffener)
Tolerance of 2L FPC ≤0.3mm thickness (exclude stiffener)
(Normal ±0.05mm)
Tolerance of multilayer FPC <0.3mm thickness (exclude stiffener)
(Normal ±0.05mm)
Tolerance of multilayer FPC 0.3mm-0.8mm thickness (exclude stiffener)
(Normal ±0.1mm)
Tolerance of FPC thickness (including PI stiffener)
(Normal ±0.05mm)
Tolerance of FPC thickness (including FR4 stiffener)
(Normal ±0.1mm)
Maximum finished FPC size
7.8inch * 21.8inch (PI≥1mil)
7.8inch * 14inch (normal)
Minimum finished FPC size
2mm * 4mm (no connection tab)
8mm*8mm (with connection tab)
FPC Material
Adhesive flex core
SF305: PI=0.5mil, 1mil, 2mil; Cu=0.33OZ, 0.5OZ, 1OZ
Adhesiveness core
Panasonic RF-775(Electrode Posited Copper):PI=1mil,2mil; Cu=0.33, oz0.5, 1oz, 2oz
DuPont AP:PI=1mil, 2mil, 3mil, 4mil; Cu=0.5oz, 1oz, 2oz
SF305C series: 0515, 0525, 1025, 1035, 2030
TaiFlex FHK series: 0515, 0525, 1025, 1035, 2025
Thermosetting adhesive
TaiFlex series:AD=10um, 25um, 40um
ShengyiSF302B:AD=25um, 40um
PI stiffener
TaiFlex MHK series: PI=3mil, 5mil, 7mil, 9mil
3M tape
9077, 9460
Min. inner layer line width/space (before compensation)
Finished copper thickness 12um/18um: 3/3mil
Finished copper thickness 35um: 4/3.5mil
Finished copper thickness 70um: 6/5mil
Inner layer grid (after compensation)
Finished copper thickness 12um/18um: 5/5mil
Finished copper thickness 35um: 6.5/5mil
Finished copper thickness 70um: 10/8mil
Min. inner layer annual ring width (IPC Ⅲ, before compensation)
4mil (<4L), 7mil (4-6L), 9mil (7-8L)
Min. distance between inner layer isolated pad and copper area (before compensation)
4mil normal
Min. distance between inner layer conductor and outline
10mil normal
Min. external layer line width/space before compensation
18 finished copper thickness: 3/3mil
35 finished copper thickness: 3.5/3.5mil
70 finished copper thickness: 5.5/5mil
Min. annual ring for PTH in the external layer
<35um finished copper thickness: 3mil (<2mm); 4mil (2-4.5mm)
35-70um finished copper thickness: 5mil (<2mm); 6mil (2-4.5mm)
>70um finished copper thickness: 7mil (<2mm); 10mil (2-4.5mm)
Max. tenting via diameter (for the tenting process)
Min. distance between NPTH edge to the external conductor before compensation
6mil normal
Max. finished external copper thickness
3 oz normal
Min. distance between the external conductor and outline
5mil (Gold finger area)
Max. board thickness for 0.15mm drill bit
Min. laser hole diameter
Min. finished half PTH via diameter
Min. gap between hole wall and inner layer conductor, before compensation
5mil (<4L), 7mil (4~6L), 10mil (7-8L),(after compensation)
6mil (<4L), 8mil (4~6L), 12mil (7-8L) normal, (after compensation)
Min. NPTH tolerance
±2mil (limit+0, -2mil or +2mil, -0)
Min. space between via hole walls in different net, before compensation
12mil (normal)
Solder mask
Min. solder mask bridge (copper thickness ≤ 1oz)
4mil (green), 5mil (white), 8.0mil (big copper area)
Min. solder mask bridge (copper thickness 2-4oz)
6mil, 8mil (big copper area)
Min. solder mask opening (single side)
3mil (partial 2.5mil)
Solder mask opening of NPTH (single side)
Min. width of soldermask cover line (single side)
Min. solder mask legend width
Solder mask color
Silkscreen color
Sliver paste
Plugging hole size
≤0.5mm (thickness≥0.3mm)
Min. gap between silver paste and conducts
Tolerance of Laser cutting
Impedance tolerance
Single-Ended: ±3Ω (≤50Ω), ±5% (>50Ω)
Difference: ±3Ω (≤50Ω), ±5% (>50Ω)
Tolerance of stiffener tape
±0.1mm (Normal ±0.2mm)
Tolerance of Coverlay
±2mil (Normal ±3mil)
Min. distance between coverlay opening and conduct
3mil (Normal 4mil)
Min. coverlay bridge
Hollowing board
Finger length≤5mm; line width≥10mil; copper thickness≥1oz
Min. E-test pad
3mil (Normal 4mil)
IPC Class 3
Min. distance between E-test pads
2mil (Normal 4mil)
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
On planning
On planning
UL number
UL number (Canada)
Other Certificates


The top 3 FPC manufacturers don't work for small to medium-scale companies, business makers, and research institutes and only work on long-term and bulky production orders. However, you can work with another top FPC manufacturer, PCBONLINE, which has R&D strength and powerful FPC capabilities, and you can ensure the success of your FPC project through PCBONLINE's DFM and one-on-one engineering support.

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