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What is the flexible PCB

Why choose PCBONLINE Flexible PCB

PCBONLINE is a flexible PCB inc in China, whose service range is very different from other flex circuit manufacturers.

1. High quality imported flexible PCB raw materials, ensuring the quality from the source.

  • Material: TaiFlex, Dupont
  • Cover film: TaiFlex, APLUS,RCCT
  • PI reinforce: UBE, TaiFlex, SKC
  • Electromagnetic membrane: Sankei, Fang Bang, Toyo

2. As the professional flexible PCB supplier, we have many production types: flexible PCB led strip, CTP, LCM, MOBILE&TABLET, CCM, BIOLOGICAL RECOGNITION, AUTOMOTIVE, OPTICAL PICKUP UNIT, MEDICA
3. Professional R&D, production and quality management team with rich experience in flexible PCB fabrication.
4. From conceptual flexible PCB design to mass production, we provide you with 24-hour technical support.
5. Provide you with the best flexible PCB cost solution from the selection of design materials, the evaluation of manufacturability and the product design principles.
6. Full set of imported automatic production lines: Mitsubishi laser drilling machine, screen AOI, automatic exposure machine, automatic FPC black hole line
7. Strong technological capability.

Material Polyimide: Taiflex
Layer count 1-10
Final board thickness 0.05-0.6mm
Aspect Ratio 3:1
Copper thickness 1/3~3oz
Impedance Control Single Ended
+/- 10%
+/- 10%
Line/Space Inner Layer
External Layer
Min Drill Bit size 6mil
Hole size tolerance PTH
Hole Position Tolerance +/-2mil
Coverlayer Line to PAD
Profile Tolerance Puching
Laser Cutting
Surface Finish ENIG
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Hard Gold Plating
Au 1-5u", Ni 80-200u"
Au 1-50u", Ni 80-200u"
8. Strictly follow IPC standards to ensure the quality of shipments, and implement quality PDCA cycle process to continuously improve product performance.
9. Fast delivery time wins you the market advantage: samples can be delivered within 3 days, and the first batch of mass production can be delivered within 5 days.
10. PCBONLINE has its own SMT factory, you can also do the flex circuit assembly here after you finish the flexible pcb. To experience the best one-stop flexible PCB service here.

How to order flexible pcb

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