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PCBONLINE Manufactures and Assembles PCBs for Bitcoin Miners

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pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Fri, May 14, 2021
The topic this week: PCBs for Bitcoin miners.
Have you ever thought of DIY a Bitcoin mining machine? Or is your solution company planning to develop Bitcoin miners for your brand?

solid-state drive storge card

The image shows the solid-state drives (SSDs) PCBONLINE manufactured for their clients. An SSD is a part of a Bitcoin miner. As you can see, the PCBAs were beautifully built.

Reliable PCBs are indispensable for Bitcoin miners that generate a continuous and stable computing power output.

What's Special with a Bitcoin Miner's PCB?

Here are the features of PCBs for Bitcoin miners:

    Due to the high heat and uninterrupted work of the mining machine, the stability of the sheet has to be extremely high. So the FR-4 material of TG180 is usually used, and the thickness of copper is usually 3oz. There are also many skills in circuit design.

PCBONLINE Manufactures High-Quality Bitcoin Miner PCBs

PCBONLINE, a one-stop PCB manufacturer for advanced circuits, is your good Bitcoin miner PCB manufacturer. The below image shows the PCBAs of Bitcoin miners we manufactured and assembled for our client.

What is the quality of PCBONLINE PCBs?

I think comments from our clients speak louder than what we say about our products' quality.

"Even though PCBONLINE's price is not the lowest quoted to me, I do intend to order these boards from them; part of the reason is how well they handle their customers, and this gives me some confidence that their fab will do well with that one," said Jim, a communications scientist who ordered the first time. When he received the Rogers PCBs, he wrote an email to his customer service, "just a quick note to thank you and all your team involved in producing these boards for me. They arrived safely and are of the best quality; testing in our product is yielding excellent results."

Dr. Osroosh, an engineer who ordered from us, said, "Today I received the carbon ink PCBs. I have to say I'm quite impressed by the quality of work you guys have carried out! The panelizing also came as a surprise to me and was beautifully done. So I wanted to take my time and thank you for a great job."

I mostly want to hear comments from the solution company who ordered SSDs for Bitcoin mining shown above but can't bother them to send comments. But from the aging test of the PCBAs of the SSDs shown in the below image, you can see that all our PCBAs are of good electrical capability as all the lights are on. 

aging test to SSDs

What are Bitcoin Miners?

Bitcoin miners are any machines that can mine cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Stellar, Dogecoin, etc. A PC or even a notebook can mine Bitcoins, but the success chances are extremely low. Bitcoin miners using specialized circuit boards have an efficiency that is hundreds of times higher than normal computers.

Here are four types of miners:

  • 1. ASIC miners: only one computing method, such as SHA256 for mining Bitcoins. The SSDs we manufactured for our client are exactly used for ASIC miners.
  • 2. GPU miners: used to mine cryptocurrency using the Scrypt computing method, such as Litecoin and Dogecoin.
  • 3. IPFS miners: specially used to mine Filecoin.
  • 4. FPGA miners: miners used in early periods, replaced by ASIC and GPU miners now.

    Bitcoin miners

Miners can be used to mine cryptocurrency and in other fields such as the semiconductor industry chain.


Up till now, the structure of miners is no more a secret. For example, the AntMiner S9 consists of a control board, a computing board, and a power supply. Online resources also reveal the PCB layout and the BOMs of its control board, computing board, and power supply. If you want to DIY a Bitcoin miner or develop miners of your brand, welcome to contact us online or by email at info@pcbonline.com. PCBONLINE, an experienced Bitcoin miner PCB and PCBA manufacturer, will provide our one-stop solution and design for excellence to help you fabricate your end product.


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