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PCBONLINE Company Introduction in 2024

pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Fri, Feb 23, 2024

At PCBONLINE, we are providing electronic manufacturing services (EMS) for middle and high-end applications for all sectors. Whether you need printed circuit boards (PCBs), components, PCB assembly, product R&D, or box-build assembly, you can solve electronic manufacturing demands at PCBONLINE!

Introduction of PCBONLINE

PCBONLINE is the brand and registered trademark of PCB ONLINE LIMITED. PCBONLINE was founded in 1999 by its two founders Ho Huang and Winson Zhang.

The founders of PCBONLINE are senior electronic engineers with more than 30 years of experience in PCB design, PCB fabrication, and PCB assembly.

PCBONLINE has two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases, one PCB assembly factory, and an R&D team.

PCBONLINE factories

The headquarters and PCB assembly factory of PCBONLINE is in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province.

The two PCB manufacturing bases are located in Jiangxi and Jiangsu Province separately.

Here's a brief history of PCBONLINE, including introductions to its PCB/PCBA factories and manufacturing bases:

In 1999, the 2 founders founded PCBONLINE. Together with 16 employees, the startup team engaged in PCB and electronic component trades.

In 2000, PCBONLINE had its first PCB factory in Shajing District of Shenzhen. The PCB factory had a monthly capacity of 20,000 square meters of simple PCBs for consumer electronics and basic industrial applications.

In 2005, PCBONLINE had its metal core PCB factory in Shajing. The factory produced aluminum PCBs with a monthly output of 100,000 sheets. Back then, PCBONLINE started serving high-end LED terminal customers such as Samsung Electronics, Harvard Elec, Drees Gmbh, etc.

PCB manufacturing

In 2010, PCBONLINE invested 60 million RMB to build a modern PCB manufacturing base in Jiangxi Province. The above two PCB factories moved from Shenzhen and integrated into the PCB manufacturing base. The manufacturing base in Jiangxi covers an area of 15,000 square meters and mainly produces 1 and 2-layer PCBs at mass production.

In 2011, PCBONLINE invested 30 million RMB to build a 100,000-grade (ISO 8) PCB assembly factory in Shenzhen. The PCB assembly factory is dust-free and anti-static and covers an area of 5,000 square meters. It provides SMT and PTH assembly and one-stop electronic assembly services to middle and high-end applications. Besides, the PCB assembly factory has two independent production lines for high-end sample production.

PCBONLINE factory equipment

In 2014, PCBONLINE invested 120 million RMB to build an advanced PCB manufacturing base in Jiangsu. It covers an area of 25,000 square meters and 90% of the equipment is automated. The advanced PCB manufacturing base produces FR4 PCBs up to 64 layers, HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, copper-core PCBs, ceramic PCBs, and high-frequency PCBs. The PCBs are used in middle and high-end applications in sectors of automotive, computer, aerospace, defense, consumer, communication, and industrial electronics.

In 2017, PCBONLINE started its website www.pcbonline.com, and online customer management systems. Since then, PCBONLINE started directly contacting clients around the globe.

In 2021, PCBONLIE started its R&D team to provide product R&D for terminal clients and also self-develop active components and modules for ODM solutions.

cell contact system production line

In 2022, PCBONLINE added a complete production line for one-stop cell contact system R&D and assembly for lithium-ion battery packs.

What are the possibilities in 2024 and next? We are looking forward to your cooperation and bringing more exciting products to the technology world!

Service Range of PCBONLINE

PCBONLINE service range

PCBONLINE provides one-stop electronic manufacturing services to clients around the world for all sectors. The service range of PCBONLINE includes:

Prototype and small-batch production

PCBONLINE has strong strength in quick-turn PCB/PCBA and sample delivery, especially for automotive electronics. PCBONLINE can integrate the BOMs (bill of materials) to purchase the components in a larger quantity so that the unit price is lower. The prototype and sample quality is as high as massive production.

small batch PCBA production

The fastest lead time for PCB prototype and small-batch PCBA is 8 hours, plus the 3-day shipping time, so you can receive the samples within 4 days once you place expedited orders from PCBONLINE. The usual lead time for prototypes and samples is 3 to 5 days.

Massive PCB fabrication

Massive PCB fabrication at PCBONLINE offers the best cost-effectiveness. Once your PCB quantity reaches 5,000pcs, we refund the PCB prototype fee to you. Besides, the unit price of the PCBs is much lower.

PCBONLINE independently finishes all processes of PCB fabrication without sourcing any from other manufacturers. It should be mentioned that, regarding gold surface finishes, we have the qualifications to purchase/use/save gold salt and specialized equipment to treat the wastewater.

Component sourcing

PCBONLINE has a component supply network composed of hundreds of supply chains around the globe. We can purchase the cheapest components with regional price differences. All our component suppliers are qualified through our review and are first-class suppliers.

Besides, relying on the EMS PCB assembly factory running for more than a decade, we can take part in co-procurement with other large EMS from original component factories.

PCB assembly

PCB assembly

PCBONLINE provides surface-mount and through-hole assembly to mount electronic parts to create the PCBAs. All the SMT equipment is automated and the most advanced, including 3D SPI, 3D AOI, X-ray, nitrogen reflow, and vacuum reflow. 85% of the PTH equipment is automated, and there are wave soldering and selective soldering for the through-hole component soldering.

PCBA samples and massive PCBA are manufactured in the same lines and maintain the same quality. So you don't need to worry about the quality difference between samples and massive orders.

For massive PCBA production, if your order reaches 5,000pcs, we refund the PCBA sample fee back to you. That means the PCBA samples are free.

PCBA value-added

In the post-assembly stage, we can have PCBA value added with:

IC programming - We can transfer the software or program into the IC, and this process is called IC programming. IC programming that lasts within 15 seconds per piece is free of charge from PCBONLINE.

You can send your program to us so that we can transfer it from our computer to the IC.

Also, we understand your concern about intellectual property. So the cloud transfer option is available - we apply a temporary Cloud account for you, and you upload the program on it. When we do IC programming, the software is directly downloaded to the IC without storing it in our computer. Only you have access control of the account and allow permission to IC programming.

PCBA conformal coating

Conformal coating - We can spray urethane/polyurethane on the PCBA and bake to form the conformal coating. It protects the PCBA from dust, moisture, vibrations, and chemicals so that the PCBA service life is extended.

PCBA testing - Depending on the application requirements, PCBONLINE can have various PCBA testing. The PCBA tests and inspections include the functional test, thermal aging, salt spray test, button strike life test, etc.

Module and box-build assembly

box build assembly

PCBONLINE not only provides PCB fabrication and assembly but also further assembles or laminates the PCBA into a module or system.

Besides, PCBONLINE can provide the enclosures and box-build assembly to make the PCBA a final product. Then PCBONLINE labels have the application simulation test, package the box builds, and ship them to you.

R&D (software and hardware)

product R&D

Besides electronic manufacturing, PCBONLINE provides product R&D, including software and hardware.

We can do operating system development, microcontroller development, logic microcontroller development (handshake protocol), commercial software development, etc.

What's more, we can also design and provide the product enclosure and manual for the box builds.

Target Clients of PCBONLINE

PCBONLINE's target clients are OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) of any scale, research institutes, and business makers.

OEM PCB assembly

As PCBONLINE mainly produces and assembles advanced PCBs for middle and high-end applications, these target clients would find PCBONLINE match their demands.

Here are some clients of PCBONLINE you may have heard about.

  • Automotive: MELLR, KOSTAL, Valeo, TM4, GENTEX, DESEY SV, Delphi Technologies, BOSCH, MAGNA, Faurecia, KoiTo, UAES, Aisin Group, APTIV
  • Consumer: logitech, Midea, TPV, Panasonic, OSRAM, SONY
  • Telecom: Huawei, ZTE, FiberHome, DENGYO, Comba
  • IC & MT: Honeywell, SIEMENS, HIK VISION, Schneider Electric, YASKAWA
  • ...

We also love and cooperate with many startup OEMs and take part in their product design stage. When working with research institutes such as universities and labs, we are impressed by their professionalism and academic rigor and try our best to manufacture products that meet their demands.

What Makes PCBONLINE Your PCBA and Box-Build Supplier

Up till now, PCBONLINE has served many influential companies around the world from all sectors. We have maintained cooperation with clients for years due to our high-quality electronic manufacturing, one-on-one engineering support, strong R&D and manufacturing strength, considerate customer services, and affordable prices.

Reasons for PCBONLINE to be a reliable EMS provider for you:

High-quality - Manufacturing for all PCBs, PCBAs, modules, and box-builds are certified with ISO 9001: 2015, IATF 16949, RoHS, REACH, UL, and IPC-A-600/610 Class 2/3.

Traceable manufacturing - All components, PCB sheets, soldering materials, operation processes, and fabrication specifications are traceable.

Wide range of PCB manufacturing options: FR4 PCB of any Tg of layers 1 to 64, HDI PCB with a maximum HDI stack up 4+N+4, flexible PCB up to 10 layers, rigid-flex PCB up to 24 layers, ceramic PCBs of ALN and Al2O3 substrates, high-frequency PCBs, copper-core PCBs, aluminum PCBs, and thick-copper PCBs with copper thickness up to 14oz.

Precise PCB assembly capability: Can assemble the minimum component of footprint 01005. Has nitrogen reflow, vacuum reflow, and selective soldering options to provide precise soldering.

R&D and engineering support: We can provide product R&D and also take part in your project development to solve technical issues. The one-on-one engineering support by PCBONLINE goes through the entire project.

Affordable electronic manufacturing: As a source factory manufacturer, we provide PCBA and electronic manufacturing to you at affordable prices. As components' price takes up the most in a PCBA project cost, we can reduce the fabrication cost by PCB optimization and alternative components.

Now you have a full understanding of PCBONLINE. We are an electronics manufacturing service provider ready to work for you. No matter what your demand is, such as PCB fabrication, component sourcing, PCB assembly, PCBA value-added services, R&D, and box-build assembly, we can meet your project requirements. Don't hesitate, please send your inquiry or questions to info@pcbonline.com or chat with us from the online chat window!

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