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You Don't Want to Miss. Earn PCB Sponsorship from PCBONLINE!

PCB sponsorship
PCBONLINE Team Thur, Mar 18, 2021

PCB sponsorship

PCBONLINE is passionate about helping future engineers develop by supporting school projects. We also help electronics hobbyists and makers develop their projects by providing sponsorship.

If you register from PCBONLINE, you get $100 coupons. And if you get coupons in any of the below ways, they can be used with the registration-rewarded coupons simultaneously.

Currently, we provide the below five types of PCB sponsorship.

  • Education Sponsorship -
  • We are glad to support education projects to help electronics learning. If you are a student or a teacher, you can use your school email to contact info@pcbonline.com. Kindly let us know your request, and we provide a $20 PCBONLINE coupon to you.

  • Competition Sponsorship -
  • If your school or community is going to hold an engineering project competition, offline or online, you are welcome to earn PCBONLINE's sponsorship. Please contact info@pcbonline.com and let us know the details of your competition, and we will provide you with the prototypes or fund sponsorship.

  • Project Sponsorship -
  • For engineers and makers whose project is published on electronic platforms using the PCBONLINE service, please contact us via email at info@pcbonline.com. Tell us your order number and send your project page link. We will check the details and provide you with a $100-$500 PCBONLINE coupon.

  • Content Reward -
  • We highly appreciate the kind content mentioning our products and services. If you recommend PCBONLINE service on your Youtube channel or any electronics platform, please send an email to info@pcbonline.com and send your page link, depending on the details, we will provide you a free PCB board for your project using single/double-sided PCB, or we will reward you with a $100-$500 PCBONLINE coupon if your project uses multilayer PCB.

  • Social Media Recommendation Gift-
  • We are grateful for your sharing about PCBONLINE on any social media platform. If you share our web page or blogs on Reddit, Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, or share our product images on Pinterest, please contact info@pcbonline.com. Please send your post link to us, and we will reward you with a $10 PCBONLINE coupon.
  • Free PCB ruler-
  • PCBONLINE provides free 12-inch PCB rulers. All you need is to input "I want a free PCB ruler" in your online order description box and submit it to us. We will place a handy ruler in your product box and deliver it to you.

PCBONLIEN is a start-up company specializing in advanced circuit board fabrication and assembly. Though we are a start-up, we want to help you and develop with all of you. When we get rich, you can expect more support and sponsorship from your guys. If you have any ideas to enrich our sponsorship plans, welcome to contact us.


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