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What Gerber Files are Supported by PCBONLINE?

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Wed, Mar 10, 2021

To online order PCB, PCBA, or SMT stencils on PCBONLINE, you should provide us the Gerber files in the RS-274x format.

If you have Drill files coming with Gerber files, please restore them in the same folder.

Currently, our online quotation system can analyze Gerber files generated by those PCB layout programs:

  • Altium Designer,
  • Altium CircuitMaker,
  • Eagle,
  • KiCAD,
  • Diptrace,
  • Sprint Layout.

Below is the Gerber files that can be analyzed by PCBONLINE’s online quotation system:

Gerber file extension
PCB layer
.TXT, .DRL, .dri, .drd
Drill holes
.GML, .GKO, .outline EDGE_CUTS.GBR
Solder Paste Top
Solder Paste Bottom
.GTS .stc, .smt, F.MASK.GBR
Solder Mask Top
.GBS .sts, .smb B.MASK. GBR
Solder Mask Bottom
Silkscreen Top
Silkscreen Bottom
.GTL .cmp, .top F.CU.GBR
Top Layer
.GBS .sts, .smb B.MASK. GBR
Bottom Layer
Layer 2
If your Gerber files cannot be read by PCBONLINE’s online quotation system, contact us online on the right of the page, or send an email to us by email at info@pcbonline.com. [Average response time: half an hour.]