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Industrial Control PCB Assembly Applications and Examples

industrial control
PCBONLINE Team Wed, Jul 10, 2024
industrial control PCB assembly

Industrial control includes a wide range of applications for all aspects of modern life. As long as your project is developed based on MCUs (microcontroller units) and for business, public, and industrial-grade uses, you will need industrial control PCB assembly to turn your idea into real products.

In this blog, you can see the applications of industrial control PCB assembly and project examples.

What is Industrial Control PCB Assembly?

industrial control PCB assenmbly

Industrial control has two aspects - industrial-grade and MCU-controlled.

What does an industrial grade mean? It means the device serves business uses for many people, its reliability, performance, and safety are important. By contrast, a commercial-grade device, such as a home appliance, is for home use for one or a few users.

MCU-controlled is straightforward to understand. The device is developed based on and controlled by Microcontrollers. These MCUs can be ESP32, ESP8266, Neoway wireless modules, Quectel WiF and Bluetooth modules, Fibocom IoT wireless communication modules, and Simcom automotive-grade wireless communication modules.

So we can define industrial control now -- it is an industrial-grade device developed based on and controlled by MCUs for public and business uses.

PCB assembly for industrial control requires precision and high reliability. It includes PCB fabrication, component sourcing, PCB assembly, and value-added services such as IC burn-in programming and box-build assembly. As industrial control PCB assembly will finally go to mass production, it is necessary to have PCBA prototyping and sampling before mass production.

PCBONLINE is an industrial control PCB assembly manufacturer providing free DFM (design for manufacturing) and one-stop PCBA manufacturing. You can work with PCBONLINE to turn your industrial control project into successful real products.

industrial PCB assembly manufacturer

Advantages of PCBONLINE in industrial control PCB assembly

PCBONLINE offers free DFM before and during PCBA prototyping to debug design defects and solve unexpected issues to ensure the success of your industrial control project, including Gerber, BOM (bill of material), manufacturing process design, testing, IC burn-in programming, and enclosure.

PCBONLINE has dominant advantages in industrial control and IoT PCB assembly. Both require experienced manufacturers like us to provide engineering support in hardware building and even our development according to your initial idea.

Has one-stop industrial control PCB assembly capabilities, two large advanced PCB manufacturing bases, one PCB assembly factory, stable supply chains, and an R&D team.

Industrial control projects usually will finally go to the mass production stage. When your industrial control PCB assembly project goes to mass production, PCBONLINE will refund you the fees of R&D, prototyping/sampling, and offer free PCBA functional testing.

High-quality industrial control PCB assembly and final product assembly certified with IPC-A-610 Class 3, ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, RoHS, REACH, and UL.

PCBONLINE has manufactured many successful industrial control PCB assembly projects. To get a quote for your industrial control, please email info@pcbonline.com. Once you contact us, we will provide you with one-on-one engineering support.

Applications of Industrial Control PCB Assembly

Industrial controls PCB assembly finds applications for a wide range of industrial-grade devices. The four main categories of industrial control system applications are:

  • Business-used integration
  • Signals and communications
  • Large industrial equipment
  • Control boards

Below are detailed industrial control PCB assembly applications under the four categories.

Business-used integration

  • Lighting controller used in public scenarios like parks, stages, office buildings, hotels, etc.
  • Temperature/humidity controller
  • Elevator controller
  • Solar energy storage controller
  • Smart meters (electricity, water, gas, etc.)
  • Brushless motor controller module
  • Automated guided vehicle (AGV)
  • Industrial-grade refrigeration control panel

Signals and communications

  • Signal controller
  • Rail traffic signal controller module
  • Industrial signal timer
  • Industrial Ethernet bridge
  • Industrial control IoT (Internet of Things)
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things)

Large industrial equipment

  • Oil and gas control system
  • Railway traffic electric control
  • ATM Banking kiosk
  • Industrial camera/video acquisition
  • Smart production and automation
  • Industrial power supply and inverter
  • Laser cutting machine controller
  • Face recognition automatic payment, automatic customs clearance equipment
  • PLC (programmable logic controller) programming, solution design, MCU (microcontroller) development

Control boards in devices

  • Lawn mower control panel
  • Power tool control panel
  • Servo motor control board
  • Instrument control panel
  • Industrial camera, 3D scanner
  • Laser emitter, laser welding equipment
  • Floor cleaning vehicle, autonomous driving

Now, you know the applications of industrial control PCB assembly. However, the above applications are just the projects we have manufactured for our clients. The applications are way more. As long as your project is developed based on an MCU or MCUs, and it is used for public, government, production, and industrial-grade uses, you will need industrial control PCB assembly from PCBONLINE to bring your design or idea into reality.

Project Examples of Industrial Control PCB Assembly

Industrial control PCB assembly requires high reliability, and any issues may happen during the PCBA process. How do you ensure your industrial control project can lead to success? You will need a professional PCBA manufacturer like PCBONLINE to offer DFM and solve technical and unexpected issues throughout the process.

Below, you can see industrial control PCB assembly projects and how we solve the issues for our clients during the electronic manufacturing process.

Industrial inverter PCB assembly

industrial inverter PCB assembly

This high-power industrial inverter board requires a large area of PTH (through-hole) assembly. It requires high soldering fullness, solder-intake amount, and overall thermal dissipation, demanding much experience and technical capabilities to complete the industrial inverter PCB assembly process. PCBONLINE has rich experience in industrial inverters and electric vehicle charging pile PCBAs. We specifically pay attention to jig/fixture design, soldering oven temperature control, and manufacturing process design.

During PTH assembly, the through-hole components may float, as shown in the figure below, leading to gaps and uneven surfaces between components and the PCB. This common issue arises from improper manual component placement and the thermal expansion of solder paste during wave soldering. How does PCBONLINE solve it?

PTH assembly floatation issue

Well, our solution is straightforward:

First, when designing the fixture for wave soldering, we ensure it not only protects components from high temperatures but also presses down on components prone to movement to prevent displacement during reflow.

Secondly, for components requiring high positional accuracy (such as buttons and sockets that must align precisely with the enclosure), we apply a layer of adhesive to the component's bottom before wave soldering, which can effectively mitigate deformation.

Besides, selective soldering is good for preventing PTH soldering defects and component displacement, albeit with lower production efficiency and higher costs.

Industrial camera PCB assembly

industrial camera PCB assembly

This is an industrial camera PCB assembly project for road detection. PCBONLINE provides turnkey ODM PCB assembly for our client, including software and hardware development and one-sop manufacturing. The industrial camera PCBA is used for road traffic detection and municipal monitoring features:

  • 4K High-definition cameras,
  • Face recognition function,
  • Autofocus

PCBONLINE not only develops and manufactures the PCBAs but also designs the enclosure and assembles them to be the final products. Besides, we conducted an application simulation test by putting the industrial camera beside the road for two weeks and recording the data.

camera assembly application simulation test

The minimum SMD footprint is 01005. Our client ordered 1,000 pieces of industrial cameras, and we delivered all the boards with excellent results with 0 return work rate.

In this blog, we show you only two project examples. To get more industrial control PCB assembly examples, you can chat with PCBONLINE from the online chat window.


Industrial control is a wide range of industrial-grade devices developed on and controlled by an MCU or MCUs. Industrial-grade devices in modern life, public scenarios, and factory production require industrial control PCB assembly, which features precision and high reliability. DFM and engineering support, and even software and hardware R&D, are needed for an industrial control PCB assembly project. To ensure the success of your industrial control project, get DFM and one-stop PCBA manufacturing services from the industrial control PCB assembly manufacturer PCBONLINE.

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