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High Power LED Lights with 100W, 200W, and Higher Power

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pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Thur, Oct 27, 2022

For applications such as underwater lights, flood lights, grow lights, and automotive lights, high-power LED lights with power of 100W, 200W, 300W, and higher are necessary. How to make high-power LED lights in your own brand?

The vital parts of a high-power LED light are the high-power SMD LEDs and the LED printed circuit board (PCB).

high-power LED lights

To make high-power LED lights, you will need the design and fabrication of high-power SMD LEDs and LED PCBs, and then you have them assembled to be a high-power LED PCBA and have the PCBA assembled with an enclosure to be the high-power LED light.

By working with an ISO-certified LED light EMS manufacturer PCBONLINE, you can have high-power LED lights designed and fabricated at one stop. Below is how to make high-power LED lights with 100W, 200W, 300W, and higher power in your name from PCBONLINE.

Step 1. Design and Fabrication of High-Power SMD LED

What is a high-power SMD LED? A high-power SMD LED is an LED module composed of one or more LED chips bonding on an AlN or alumina LED plate. An AlN or alumina LED plate is also known as a ceramic PCB.

If the LED chips are bonded on the LED plate by gold wires connecting the chip and the board, it's called wire bonding; if the LED chips are bonded by solder balls connecting the chip and the board, it's called flip-chip bonding.

The power of SMD LED is the sum of LED chips' power. And the LED light power is the sum of SMD LEDs' power.

Knowing this, you can start the design of custom LED SMDs.

high-power LED design

The image shows the SMD LEDs for 100W LED lights designed by PCBONLINE. The 100W LED light has 12 SMD LEDs, and each SMD LED has 8W power.

Each SMD LED has 4 LED chips. And there are two SMD LED modules. One SMD LED is 8W 6V 1.4mA with two paralleled LED groups and each group has two series LED chips. The other SMD LED is 8W 12V 0.7mA with four series LED chips.

In regards to the LED plate, because high-power SMD LEDs generate a great amount of heat and LED chips are sensitive to thermal, the plate must have excellent thermal dissipation. For this purpose, we chose the AlN PCB as the LED plate. Keep in mind that AlN has a thermal conductivity of 180W/mK, which is enough for a high-power SMD LED to dissipate heat.

LED PCB assembly manufacturer

When it comes to high-power SMD LED fabrication, PCBONLINE completes it independently. At PCBONLINE's ceramic PCB factory, we manufacture the AlN PCBs we design for your high-power LED lights. We source the LED chips from the original factories we have a long-term collaboration. Later, at PCBONLINE's PCB assembly factory, we flip-chip bond the LED chips on the AlN PCBs on our specialized LED line. After the bonding, we seal the LED chips on the AlN PCB with resin. Now, you get custom-made high-power SMD LEDs.

Step 2. Design, Fabrication, and Assembly of High-Power LED PCB

To make a high-power LED light, the SMD LEDs have to be mounted on a printed circuit board. For thermal dissipation purposes, common LED PCBs are aluminum PCBs, copper base PCBs, and ceramic PCBs. Sometimes, FR4 PCBs with thermoelectric separation and hybrid-substrate PCBs also serve as LED PCBs.

aluminum LED PCB

As an LED light EMS manufacturer, PCBONLINE provides LED PCB design, fabrication, and assembly at one stop. By working with PCBONLINE for LED PCB and PCBA, you can enjoy these benefits:

    • PCBONLINE can design the LED PCB, SMD LED, and LED light enclosure for free for batch LED light orders.
    • From PCBONLINE, you have various PCB options for high-power LED lights, such as aluminum PCBs, copper-base PCBs, AlN PCBs, alumina PCBs, FR4 PCBs, and hybrid-substrate PCBs.
    • One-sop EMS manufacturing, including LED plate fabrication, SMD LED bonding, LED PCB production, LED PCB assembly, and LED light box build assembly.
    • We can customize LED light power, lumen, color, and color temperature to meet your application requirements.
    • High-power LED PCB fabrication and assembly certified with ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949, IPC, REACH, RoHS, and UL.
    • We will provide you with a Spectro photocolorimeter test report for your LED lights, covering the light power, lumen, wavelength, and color temperature.

LED light test report

If your LED lights need waterproof treatment, we can also do that. Throughout the whole project, PCBONLINE will provide you with one-on-one engineering support. If you are planning to have high-power LED lights manufactured in your brand, whether you have a design or not, you can contact PCBONLINE to fabricate them with high quality. Please feel free to send your inquiry by email at info@pcbonline.com.

Step 3. Design and Fabrication of Enclosure and LED Light Box Build Assembly

When SMD LEDs, other electronic components, and wires are assembled on LED PCBs to become the PCBAs, you get the high-power LED light semi-products. To make them ready-to-use high-power LED lights, you need to have them assembled with a mechanical enclosure, and this process is the box build assembly.

If you are ordering LED light EMS manufacturing from PCBONLINE, at the beginning of our cooperation, we will ask whether you have an enclosure design or sample or not. If you don't have an enclosure design, we can design it for you, including the manual.

During the LED PCB/PCBA manufacturing period, we have the mechanical enclosures manufactured. When we complete PCBA manufacturing and testing, we assemble the enclosures and the PCBAs to make the high-power LED lights. Then we label and package them according to your requirements and ship them to you.

Extended Reading: Advantages and Applications of High-Power LED Lights

High-power LED lights are the trend of high-power lighting and will completely replace high-power sodium (HPS) lamps and halogen lamps soon or later for its many advantages, such as:

Long shelf life - high-power LED lights have a service life that can reach 50,000 hours and above.

Energy-saving - high-power LED lights consume electricity 80% less than HPS lamps. No glares and flickers - high-power LED lights have no glares and flickers and can increase driving safety as automotive lights.

Custom light colors - high-power LED lights provide you with RGB (red, green, and blue) and RGBW (red, green, blue, and white) custom light color options.

Friendly to human health and environment - high-power LED lights don't contain lead, mercury, and halogens, and they have no UV or infrared radiation.

With these advantages, high-power LED lights are widely used for these applications:

  • Floodlights - high-power LED lights can be used as floodlights in airports, construction sites, seaports, parks, and mining.
  • Grow lights - high-power LED lights that provide red and blue lights boost the growth of indoor plants. Depending on which wavelengths your plant needs, we can adjust the light wavelength.
  • Underwater lights - water scatters and reflects light, so underwater lights are usually high-power LED lights. Underwater lights include swimming pool lights, fountain lights, underwater photography, and underwater work lighting.
  • Automotive lights - high-power LED lights can serve as vehicle headlights and motorcycle front lights because they provide sufficient illumination without flicker and glare.
  • Ship lights - high-power LED lights with waterproof treatment can be used as lights for ships, boats, yachts, and so on.
  • Photography lights and stage lights - high-power LEDs can also be used for indoor power lights such as photography lights and stage lights.

If you aim to make high-power LED lights for the above and other applications in your brand, don't hesitate to work with the LED light EMS manufacturer PCBONLINE. We have no minimum order quantity limit and we can fabricate LED lights for you from prototypes to bulk production.


This article reveals how to make high-power LED lights from an EMS manufacturer from SMD design to LED light box-build assembly. Working with a source factory is the most affordable and straightforward way to have high-power LED lights manufactured in your brand. If you want high-power LED light fabrication without a minimum quantity limit, choose to work with the source factory PCBONLINE.


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