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How to Customize LED Lights with One-Stop Solution

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PCBONLINE Team Tues, Oct 25, 2022

Surface-mount device (SMD) LEDs and printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the most critical for the design and fabrication of custom LED lights. If you seek custom-made LED lights with tailored power and colors, a one-stop shop providing you with custom-designed LEDs, LED PCBs, PCB assembly, and box build assembly would be the best custom LED light solution.

Custom LED lights can be used for underwater lights, maritime lighting, automotive lights, etc. The content below reveals how to customize LED lights to meet your application requirements.

Part 1: Customize LED Lights with Custom SMD LEDs

custom SMD LED

How to customize the power of LED lights? The key is the design and fabrication of custom SMD LEDs.

A custom SMD LED is an LED module consisting of one or more LED beads and an LED plate. An LED bead is also called an LED chip or LED die. An LED plate is a ceramic PCB, including aluminum nitride (AlN) PCB or aluminum oxide (alumina) PCB.

The power of an SMD LED or an LED module is the sum of the power of the LED chip. The power sum of the LED modules is the power of the LED light.

The LED chips are bonded on the LED plate by wire bonding or flip-chip bonding. Then resin seals the LED chips on the LED plate. And now, there is an SMD LED with custom power for customized LED lights.

When these custom-made SMD LEDs are assembled on an LED PCB, there is a custom LED light PCB assembly. And when this PCB assembly is assembled with an enclosure, there's your custom LED light.

Part 2. Design and Fabrication of SMD LEDs and Custom LED Lights

How to customize SMD LEDs and LED lights with custom power? No worries, you can work with the one-stop electronics manufacturer PCBONLINE. Just tell them how much power and what color(s) of the LED lights you want and what the application is, and PCBONLINE can design the LED SMD and LED light PCB and fabricate a sample for you for FREE. And when you check the sample and approve it, we can start bulk production of custom LED lights.

LED PCB assembly manufacturer

If you want to send PCBONLINE the LED light box build enclosures or the enclosure design, we can assemble the LED light PCB assembly to box builds. We can also design the box build enclosure as well as the manual.

PCBONLINE is an ISO, IATF, IPC, REACH, RoHS, and UL-certified LED light EMS manufacturer founded in 1999. By working with PCBONLINE for custom LED lights, you can enjoy these benefits:

    • PCBONLINE provides one-stop custom SMD LED design and fabrication, LED PCB fabrication and assembly, and LED light box build assembly.
    • PCBONLINE can design the SMD LED, LED PCB, and LED light box-build for free using open-source solutions.
    • PCBONLINE grasps mature wire bonding and flip-chip bonding technologies for SMD LED manufacturing.
    • We fabricate AlN PCBs, alumina PCBs, and silicon nitride PCBs for LED plates and metal core PCBs for LED light PCBs.
    • We can customize LED lighting parameters, such as power, RGB/RGBW colors, and lumen.

Besides the design and fabrication of custom LED lights, PCBONLINE can also help you pass the qualification certifications. For LED PCB/PCBA and custom LED light one-stop fabrication, please contact PCBONLINE by email at info@pcbonline.com.

Part 3. Custom LED PCB Fabrication and Assembly

aluminum LED PCB

For LED lights, thermal dissipation is the most important factor to consider for their PCBs. Aluminum PCBs are the most popular and cost-effective printed circuit boards for LED lights.

Aluminum PCBs are usually single-mounting-sided one or two-layer aluminum-based PCBs. The fabrication and assembly of aluminum PCBs from PCBONLINE are fully automatic. Plus, PCBONLINE has its own aluminum PCB laminate factory Yugu, and with strategic cooperation with Ventec, the aluminum PCB costs are reduced. From PCBONLINE, you can have aluminum PCBs for custom LED lights manufactured at only $39/m².

For LED light PCB assembly, PCBONLINE's PCB assembly factory provides SMT assembly and PTH assembly, including reflow soldering, nitrogen reflow soldering, wave soldering, and selective soldering. The aluminum PCB assembly process includes solder paste printing, solder paste inspection, surface-mounting SMDs, x-ray inspection for BGA, reflow soldering/nitrogen reflow, automatic optical inspection, PTH component mounting, and wave soldering/selective soldering.

custom LED light PCBA

Besides, there are other services in the post-assembly stage, such as functional testing, thermal aging testing, conformal coating, and IC programming.

Apart from aluminum PCBs, there are other PCB options for your custom LED lights/strips, such as flexible PCBs, copper-base PCBs, AlN PCBs, alumina PCBs, and hybrid-substrate PCBs.

Part 4. Custom LED Light Box-Build Assembly

LED light box-build assembly means installing the plastic/metal enclosure on the LED PCB assembly to make the ready-to-use LED lights or strips.

As the Part 2 content mentioned, you can ship the mechanical enclosures to the one-stop LED light manufacturer, or you can send the enclosure sample and/or design to us and we have the enclosures manufactured, or we design and manufacture the enclosures.

With the LED light PCBAs and enclosures, we assemble them to be LED light/strip box-builds and test them to make sure of their quality. We label and package the customized LED lights and then ship them to you.


Customized LED lights have tailored power, lumen, RGB colors, size, and shape meeting your expected application requirements. For custom LED light fabrication, a one-stop solution covering custom SMD LED design and fabrication, LED PCB fabrication and assembly and LED light box build assembly is the best. You can save enormous energy and time and receive custom LED lights yielding excellent results. Working with an LED PCB/PCBA source factory is the most affordable way to customize LED light fabrication. For custom LED light one-stop fabrication from design to box-build assembly, work with the LED EMS manufacturer PCBONLINE.

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