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What is the Rigid-Flex PCB

The Rigid-Flex PCB is a flexible printed circuit board and a rigid printed circuit board, which are combined by pressing processes and the like according to the relevant process requirements to form a printed circuit board having FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics.

Why choose PCBONLINE Rigid-Flex PCB

1. As a Rigid-Flex PCB supplier , PCBONLINE strict control rigid flex PCB board material. For the PCB material of rigid flex PCB manufacturers, many requirements need to be considered,The PCB material selected by PCBONLINE is suitable for sticking and good heat resistance to ensure that the rigid joint of the rigid-flexed joint is consistent and not deformed after being heated. For flex material, PCBONLINE chooses base material of smaller size and film, and PCBONLINE chooses Kapton, which is good flexibility, High-temperature resistance, High hygroscopicity, Good electrical and mechanical properties, Good tear resistance. Good weather resistance and chemical properties, Good flame retardancy. About the Polyester Imide (PI), PCBONLINE chooses DuPont, which is made in America.

2. The Rigid-Flex PCB is a combination of FPC and PCB, the production of Rigid-Flex PCB should have both FPC production equipment and PCB production equipment, so the requirements for equipment are higher. PCBONLINE's current equipment is at an advanced level.

A. About Drilling equipment, PCBONLINE chooses ESI UV Laser drilling machine and Hitachi CO2 Laser drilling machine.

B. About printing equipment, PCBONLINE chooses laser imaging machine and automatic exposure machine.

C. About automation equipment, PCBONLINE chooses VCP Plating line, Automatic reinforcing laminating machine and Automatic laminating machine.

2. Good equipment has achieved a strong production capacity, PCBONLINE in the rigid flex PCB design rigid flex PCB assembly and rigid-flex PCB fabrication production is a leading level, you can refer to the following capabilities:

Layer count 1-10
Final board thickness 0.05-0.6mm
Aspect Ratio 3:1
Copper thickness 1/3~3oz
Impedance Control Single Ended
+/- 10%
+/- 10%
Line/Space Inner Layer
External Layer
Min Drill Bit size 6mil
Hole size tolerance PTH
Hole Position Tolerance +/-2mil
Cover layer Line to PAD
Profile Tolerance Punching
Laser Cutting
Surface Finish ENIG
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Hard Gold Plating
Au 1-5u", Ni 80-200u"
Au 1-50u", Ni 80-200u"

3. In terms of quality, PCBONLINE uses high-end equipment to produce, thereby reducing human intervention and further providing quality. Perfect quality system, good quality

4. In terms of delivery time, due to the complicated process of Rigid-Flex PCB combination, there are many processes. If there is any problem in one process, the delivery period is a big problem. PCBONLINE implements a special project follow-up in this aspect to ensure that the PCB is delivered in the shortest time.

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