Importance of SMT Stencil

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Process of SMT Stencil

How to Use Solder Paste?

Before going into the production of the PCBs, the boards go through the process of printing solder paste onto their component pads. The SMT stencil printing is the process that helps to achieve the exact precision of printing the solder paste onto the PCB. Earlier, more complex and smaller components used to be soldered and place on the circuit board by hand.

The suspension of smooth solid particles in a flux vehicle makes a solder paste. In the electronic industry, it is commonly used in SMT stencil to SMD onto the printed circuits boards. The particle composition can be customized to produce a stainless steel paste of desirable melting consistency.

Adding other metals changes the composition of paste depending upon application requirements. Shape, size, flux type, and metal content of particles vary to produce varying viscous paste. There are three types of solder paste stencil applications:

  • 1.Chemical etching
  • 2.Laser cutting
  • 3.Electroformed

The oldest, less expensive, and most widely practiced solder paste stencil method is chemical etching. Laser cutting and especially electroformed are used when precision is crucial. In addition to the stencil type, it is essential to decide which kind of squeegee blade to choose? Stainless steel squeegee blades are used extensively because of fewer maintenance requirements. Achieving good results in printing requires right soldering material, tools, and process

The printed boards go through the infrared ovens to melt the solder paste and form joints. This highly precise process takes place with the Automatic Optic Inspection Machine to check quality and alignment. Errors may appear at any of these steps. The valid area and sizes of printed circuit boards may differ. Some standard SMT stencils are explained below:

1.Framed SMT Stencils

2.Frameless SMT Stencils

3.Prototype SMT Stencil

4.Electroformed SMT Stencils

Benefits of SMT

Applications Of SMT

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