Low volume PCB assembly and costs: An overview

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Another salient feature of PCB Online is the low volume pcb assembly, design and production. As this type of pcbs is getting an impetus, we manufacture low volume pcbs with advanced technology. Printed circuit boards often termed as pcb are the system of interconnected electronic components, you may find in different electronic devices such as beepers, pagers, and radios. A pcb manufacturer has a unique process in which he prints a thin layer of conducting material on through the surface of a specific board called the substrate. 

Printed circuit board assembly has three major types known as single-sided pcb design, double-sided pcb design, and multilayered pcb assembly. There is a different and unique process for pcb manufacture of each category. If a single-sided pcb board goes beyond the precise amount of components in single-sided pcb, then the double-sided assembly is used. In pcb manufacturing, you need to drill a hole through the substrate and then place the conducting material. In multilayered pcb, there are layers of circuits, and insulation separates these layers. This is a clear pattern of pcb. A pcb manufacturer has expertise in all these types.

What is the pcb assembly process

Low volume pcb assembly is a related pcb assembly process in small quantities. Usually, it is between 20 to 3000 pcb boards. It includes design for manufacturing and insights. Different pcb manufacturers offer pcb assembly service in low volumes such as pcb fabrication, parts purchase, and final touches. In the pcb assembly process, you need to carefully design for manufacturing, assembly drawing, and circuit diagrams. Proper solder opening is necessary for a high yield rate. Adequate checking for parts lists and addressing component issues helps in avoiding delayed delivery and high costs. These are some essential things you need to consider.

Benefits of low volume assembly

Several OEMs are opting for low volume pcb assembly. This pcb surely offers some advantages over other pcb designs and prototypes. Are you aware of the reasons for this overwhelming popularity? Here are some. Pcb manufacturers have some logical points in favor of low volume pcb assembly.

Ideal for building new products

A small quantity circuit board assembly is a low volume printed board. There are different variations from 20 to 5000. These types are ideal for OEMs and services which offer new and innovative products. They may have a complete understanding of problems that may have an impact on their products. They may first introduce small volume PCBs and test the functionality.

Better decisions for final assembly

If you manufacture prototype PCBs, it surely has some advantages. The users may have a beforehand knowledge of the final pcb design. The builders may come to the best decisions whether to carry on the process of a specific pcb design or not. If there are functionality issues in PCBs, you may address them without costs. You may go for design changes otherwise.

Easy repair and replacement

There are the same methods for testing and evaluation, whether you are manufacturing small volume or a big production. You can make repairs or replacements in the final product if needed so. Even now, some pcb manufacturers provide a new sketch of designs or other prototypes.


Lower and cost-effectiveness is another feature of low volume PCBs. Low volume assembly providers offer prototypes and stencils to avoid extra prices on repeat orders. They offer different plans such as part numbers o major distributors and different quantities at affordable prices. In this way, production costs are reduced. All prices include in the final quote. 


There are different requirements for the pcb assembly process. You need to convey your gerber files and bills of materials to some pcb assembly services, who design your PCBs and perform proper testing and check. Different companies offer pcb manufacturing services to different areas. It is upon user which service provider he selects. You surely have certain features of your ideal pcb service provider or manufacturer. You have costs and functionality to consider while choosing a pcb manufacturer. You also go for services that process your product quickly to its clients. A pcb manufacturing company should meet all the requirements of its clients and customers. Different things are considered to make pcb.

How much does pcb cost?

When you go for buying a pcb and request a quote, you will come across different pcb costs. Various factors determine this price and value. These factors include area, size, and the number of holes, testing, layers, and final price. When pcb assembly services offer you a final product, they include all this. If you are buying an average pcb, it will cost you almost $8 after testing. The prices differ from $3 to 3000 per pcb. The types of PCBs are also a price-determining factor. Commercial grade PCBs are lower than military-grade PCBs. Similarly, double-sided pcb have different price from that of multilayer PCBs. Layers, complexity and mounting material are also factors for PCB pricing and costs. It is a fact that a printed circuit board manufacturer spends at least a million dollars on building a pcb plant. The manufacturer pays on profits. It is a business, and there is a competition.

Pcb online: a reliable pcb assembly services provider

PCB online is a company you need to contact that meets your requirements for the printed circuit board. They offer high quality printed circuit board manufacturing services for their clients. They offer all that a customer needs. They also provide additional services to their long terms users.  Here is a glimpse of pcb online services.

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