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"Thick-copper PCBs, or heavy copper PCBs, have a >2oz copper thickness. PCBONLINE can manufacture PCB copper thickness up to 14oz."
heavy copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

4oz copper PCB

Applications of Thick-Copper PCBs

  • ● Power supplies, such as planar transformers
  • ● High-current and high-power devices
  • ● Automotive electronics such as rail traction
  • ● New energy electronics such as solar power converters
  • ● Electrical power systems such as overhead relays
  • ● Pulse converters, torque controls, welding equipment, etc
PCBONLINE's Heavy Copper PCB Capabilities


1 to 10 layers

PCB copper thickness

3oz to 14oz

Trace width/space

3oz - 6.5mil/6.5mil
4oz - 8mil/8mil
5oz - 9.5mil/9.5mil
6oz - 11mil/11mil
7oz - 12.5mil/12.5mil
8oz - 14mil/14mil
9oz - 15.5mil/15.5mil
10oz - 17mil/17mil
11oz - 18.5mil/18.5mil
12oz - 21mil/21mil
13oz - 22.5mil/22.5mil
14oz - 24mil/24mil

Build time

1 day to 4 weeks

Final board thickness

0.5mm to 8mm

Solder mask

Electrostatic spray solder mask

Circuit etching tolerance


Solder mask color

Green, black, blue, white, red, mink, yellow

Advantages of the One-Stop Heavy-Copper PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

Electrostatic spray solder mask to heavy-copper PCB manufacturing
Uniform ink thickness, best protection effect, and bright appearance
We use quality sheet materials Shengyi for heavy copper PCB production
High-precision circuit etching, small tolerances in heavy-copper PCB manufacturing
One-stop PCB/PCBA manufacturing from prototyping to bulky production
Free one-on-one engineering support and free DFM, DFT, DFX

Heavy Copper PCB Certifications

Heavy Copper PCB Certifications

What is Heavy Copper PCB

  • A heavy-copper PCB, or thick-copper PCB, is a circuit board with a copper thickness of more than 2oz used to pass high currents. But aluminum PCBs and OSP PCBs do not belong to thick-copper PCBs.
  • Usually, heavy copper PCBs have at most 8 PCB layers, and the circuit is relatively simple. The PCB copper thickness is higher, the current that the PCB board can bear is higher, and the PCB trace space is larger.
  • The copper thickness range of heavy-copper PCBs falls within 3oz to 14oz.

Why Use Heavy Copper PCB Electrostatic Spray Solder Mask

PCB copper thickness
In heavy copper PCB manufacturing, we use the electrostatic spray solder mask process to replace the traditional solder mask printing.
The reason why PCBONLINE does not use traditional solder mask printing on thick copper PCBs is that it causes oil to accumulate in the corners of the circuit traces and holes. Meanwhile, the ink will be very thin in the non-copper areas, and the overall surface of the board is uneven. When high-current passes the board, electric breakdown may happen at the thinner solder mask areas.
We use the electrostatic spray solder mask because it directly and evenly sprays on the surface of the board, and the uniform ink thickness on the entire board achieves the best protection and appearance.

Benefits of Heavy Copper PCBs

  • Heavy copper PCBs are the first option for large-current systems/devices. Engineers choose heavy copper PCBs for these reasons:
  • ● Thicker copper means a bigger circuit cross-sectional area, so heavy-copper PCBs can bear large currents.
  • ● Thicker copper means smaller resistance, so thick copper PCBs generate less heat and have smaller thermal stress.
  • ● Heavy copper PCBs provide great less heat and have thermal dissipation for devices (thermal conductivity of 401W/mK).
  • ● Heavy copper PCBs provide robust mechanical strength and support to the system/device.

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8oz copper PCB

Heavy-Copper PCB Examples

"We've been cooperating with PCBONLINE for more than 8 years and have witnessed their development; we are developing a thick copper multilayer HDI PCB to replace the traditional electric machinery. As expected, PCBONLINE completed the sample perfectly and 2 days ahead of scheduled delivery! We need 8oz copper thickness of inner and outer layers, and the PCB of 10 layers with an HDI structure. I spent a lot of time looking for thick copper PCB suppliers until I found PCBONLINE. PCBONLINE's technical strength and service support impressed me, making them my preferred supplier."

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