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Vertical Conveyor Plating - China PCB Prototype

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pcbonline PCBONLINE Team Sat, Mar 23, 2019

About VCP in PCB Manufacturing

VCP is used in the copper plating process of  PCB manufacturing. It is applied in the copper-plating process of PCB production, which adopts the spray copper-plating process and the vertical continuous conveyor device in the whole plate (one-time) copper-plating production line.

Advantages of Vertical Conveyor Plating: Stable plating effect. All work-pieces are linked from one electroplated side to the other, and the production conditions for each piece are identical.

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Compare with hoist type plating

1, Homogeneous

The traditional hoist type electroplating method cannot avoid the point effect, which would thicken the plating thickness, burr, and scorch at the edge and tip of the board. The thickness of copper in the center of the board is thinner than the edge of the board, which would cause serious unevenness and even the absence of copper in the hole. VCP perfectly solves this problem and improves product quality.


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2, Intelligent, Efficient, and Safe

The traditional hoist type is manually operated whereas the VCP adopts a robotic hand that operates fully automatically.


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