Flexible PCB Manufacturing and Assembly from 1 to 10 Layers

"Flexible PCBs are based on and covered by polyimide. Transparent FPC, 1 to 10 layer flex PCBs, flexible PCB assembly are available from PCBONLINE ."
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Flexible PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

flexible PCB structure

Applications of Flexible PCBs

  • ● Single-sided flexible PCBs are used in telecommunications, hard disk drives, digital products, LED strips
  • ● Double-sided flexible PCBs are used in communications, digital products, medical devices such as gastroscopy
  • ● Multilayer flexible PCBs are used in communications, mobile phones, tablets, computers, wearable devices, etc
  • ● HDI flexible PCBs are mainly used in high-precision devices in automotive, aerospace, defense industries
  • ● Semi-flexible PCBs are used in computer peripherals and digital products such as digital cameras
  • ● Transparent flexible PCBs are used in photoelectric integration devices such as transparent displays and electronic skins
PCBONLINE's Flexible PCB Capabilities


1 to 10

Build time

1 day to 4 weeks

Types of FPC boards

Clear flexible PCBs, single/doudle-sided FPC, multilayer FPC, semi-flex PCBs, HDI FPC, heavy-copper flex PCBs, carbon-ink FPC

Flexible PCB materials

Polyimide, rolled copper or electrolytic copper, adhesive

Final board thickness

0.05mm to 1mm

Trace width/space

(inner layer) 1.6mil/1.6mil
(external layer) 1.6mil/1.6mil

Copper thickness

1/3oz to 6oz

Min. drill bit size



Line to PAD registration, 6mil ±2mil

Profile tolerance

(punching) ±3mil
(laser cutting) ±2mil

Hole size tolerance

(PTH) ±3mil
(NPTH) ±2mil

Hole position tolerance


Impedance control

50Ω ±5Ω, 90Ω ±9Ω, 100Ω ±10Ω

Microvia aspect ratio


PCB stiffeners

PI, FR4, stainless steel

Advantages of the One-Stop Flexible PCB Manufacturer PCBONLINE

Clear FPC, single/double-sided, multilayer flex PCBs are available
Use quality materials Dupont, TaiFlex, Kapton for flexible PCB manufacturing
Have Dupont laminates stocks such as high-temperature materials
PCB stiffeners PI, FR4, stainless steel are available to add to FPC
Free one-on-one engineering support and DFM, DFT, DFX
Engineers of PCBONLINE make sure signal integrity of the flexible PCBs

Flexible PCB Certifications

Flexible PCB Certifications

What are Flexible PCBs and FPC Structure

  • A flexible PCB, or FPC, is a thin and bendable circuit board that uses polyimide (PI) or polyester (PET) material as the substrate. It can be single-sided, double-sided, yellow, black, white, and transparent. A flexible PCB consists of a PI or PET substrate, copper circuit layers, adhesive, and the PI or PET coverlay. For flexible PCBs, the coverlay equals to solder mask. Flexible PCBs without adhesive are a little bit more expensive than those having adhesive.
  • The flexible circuit boards having adhesive between the PI substrate/layers and copper foils look darker, and those without adhesive between PI and copper look more close the PI color (usually yellow).
  • From PCBONLINE, you can order flexible PCB fabrication and assembly of 1 to 10 circuit layers without a quantity limit. From PCBONLINE, you can order flexible PCB fabrication and assembly of 1 to 10 circuit layers without a quantity limit. Flexible PCB fabrication from PCBONLINE includes FPC laminate fabrication and finished FPC manufacturing. It reduces the manufacturing cost.

Flexible Printed Circut Board Assembly

flexible PCB assembly
Besides flexible PCB manufacturing, PCBONLINE also provides single-layer, dual-layer, and multilayer FPC assembly, including electronic components sourcing.
The assembly technique of flexible PCBs is also surface-mount technology (SMT) as rigid PCBs do. But flexible PCB assembly has these differences:
● Before the SMT assembly, flexible PCBs need baking for one hour to remove the moisture that the FPC materials absorb.
● During the assembly process, flexible circuit boards need to be fixed on a rigid surface for dimensional stability.
At PCBONLINE, fine-pitch FPC assembly is available, and the minimum SMD package size is 01005. COB LEDs, IC chips, and other components are available to mount on flexible PCBs from PCBONLNINE.

Benefits of Flexible PCBs

  • Flexible printed circuit boards are widely used in PC and peripheral products, automotive electronics, medical equipment, communication products, consumer electronics because of these benefits:
  • ● Flexible PCBs are thin and light and reduce the electronic products 40% to 60% of space and 60% to 80% of the weight.
  • ● Flexible PCBs are bendable, foldable, twistable, and can move and stretch in 3D space to achieve integration of assembly and connection.
  • ● FPCs have high reliability, good signal communication character, good solderability, and a low soldering defect rate.

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Flexible PCB Examples

"This is a flexible PCB observed from the microscope. PCBONLINE manufactured these multilayer flexible PCBs for nucleic acid test kits. Our German customer required the DuPont high-temperature polyimide, and we had the material stock and manufacturing capabilities. The flexible PCB quality is excellent and the products have a high test sensitivity."

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