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What is the LED PCB

PCBONLINE is a PCB prototype manufacturer

PCBONLINE is a professional PCB prototype manufacturer with 15 years of experience in China, the business scope includes PCB layout, PCB manufacture, PCB assembly. But PCB prototype is our mainly products, over the past ten years, we have spent a lot of time and energy to update our production process and technology, striving for providing the best quality of PCB prototype service. We mainly produce single and double PCB rapid prototype, multilayer board, Aluminum, metal board, HDI board and high-frequency PCB for the prototype. We also support PCB prototype design, you only need to provide your own schematic, or you can provide us your solution for getting the final design. The most important thing is that we provide PCB assembly and Components Sourcing. For ant demands, feel free to contact us by email: info@pcbonline.com. Meanwhile, we have developed an online quotation and order system, which allow you quote PCB prototype online, SMT stencil, and PCB prototype assembly, we provide the one to one best PCB prototype service to customers, and we also provide PCB prototype free shipping for VIP customers. By the way, you can also enjoy online payment. All in all, PCBONLINE is a convenient and fast PCB prototype kit.

1. LED lamp PCB(single lamp) : generally composed of a single LED chip, reflective cup, metal anode, metal cathode, outside the epoxy resin shell with the ability of light transmission and concentration.One or more single lights (of different colors) can be used to form a basic pixel, which is often used for outdoor displays due to its high brightness.

2. LED dot matrix module: a luminous matrix composed of several wafers, encapsulated in a plastic shell with epoxy resin.Suitable for row and column scanning drive, easy to form a high density display, mostly used for indoor display, led display PCB board.

3. SMD-type LED light (or SMD LED) : it is a package in the form of sticking welding of LED light, which can be used for indoor full-color display screen and can realize single point maintenance, effectively overcoming the problem of Mosaic.

Why choose PCBONLINE LED PCB (LED printed circuit board)

PCBONLINE is a led PCB manufacturer with 15 years of manufacturing experience in China.The scope involved includes led PCB design, led light PCB design、led PCB layout and led PCB assembly. Meanwhile, the following led PCB fabrication are provided for you.

1. LED aluminum PCB
LED aluminum PCB has good conductivity, so it is widely used in the LED PCB industry. Led aluminum PCB also is known as LED PCB aluminum, it in the LED PCB circuit design or in the thermal conductivity and reflective performance of the test has a very good performance. Led aluminum-based circuit board also has good cooling and heat dissipation performance, which can also be very good to extend the service life of Led products.

2. LED Strip
LED lamp strips are generally divided into two types: LED flex lamp strips(LED flexible PCB or LED flex PCB) and LED rigid lamp strips (Rigid PCB
A、The flexible LED light strip adopts FPC as the printed circuit board assembly, and USES the patch LED to assemble, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of a coin and saving space; The general specifications are 30cm long (18 LED, 24 LED) and 50cm long (15 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED). There are also 60cm, 80cm, etc. Different users have different specifications. And it can be cut at will or extended at will without being affected. The FPC material is soft and can bend, fold and wind at will. It can move and stretch freely in 3d space without breaking. Suitable for the use of irregular places and narrow space, because it can be arbitrary bending and winding, suitable for advertising decoration in any combination of all kinds of patterns.
B、LED rigid light strip is made of rigid PCB board to assemble the circuit board, LED can be assembled by patch LED, or directly inserted LED, depending on the needs of different components. The advantage of a rigid light strip is that it is easy to fix, convenient to process and install. The disadvantage is not free bending, not suitable for irregular places. There are 18 LED, 24 LED, 30 LED, 36 LED, 40 LED and other many specifications assembled with the patch. There are 18, 24, 36, 48 and other different specifications assembled with directly inserted led. In addition, in addition to the front of the installation of LED is also installed in the side, side light also known as the Great Wall light strips.

3. led display PCB board
LED display is a flat panel display, composed of many small LED module panels, used to display text, images, video, video signal, and other information devices. From the earliest P31.25 outdoor screen to the current P1.58 indoor screen, the led display PCB board used in it is more and more sophisticated, and the led PCB board design and production level are more and more excellent. For example, P1.58 led display PCB board, the designed pad size is the only 0.15mm, and this board is a second-order HDI board. The following figure is P1.58 board produced by PCBONLINE.

In addition, we are still constantly studying the modified display screen, such as the latest glass display screen, which can be transparent when viewed from the inside and the display screen when viewed from the outside.

The following is the glass display screen developed and put into production by Yugu company.

If you have any questions about led driver PCB board, led cube PCB,UV led for PCB,led PCB kit,led flasher PCB layout,led driver PCB design,led chaser PCB layout,and so on,please feel free to contact us.(info@pcbonline.com)

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