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What is the High TG PCB material


1. In terms of sheet material control, high TG is always used for the high precision product with higher quality requirements. PCBONLINE only use the material from internationally renowned brands, so it can make your product more stable.

The following table is a list of high TG PCB material commonly used by PCBONLINE. You can download the relevant information.

Name Type TG(℃) Data sheet
Nelco N4000-6 175 download
Isola 370HR 180 download
IS410 180 download
ITEQ IT180I 180 download
ShengYi S1000-2 180 download
Nanya NP-180 180 download
TUC TU768 170 download
VENTEC VT-47 170 download
2. Production experience: high TG always is a thick copper printed circuit board. The products are widely used in communication, medical treatment, aerospace, military industry, automobile,and computer peripheral products. Therefore, it is difficult to control in the production process, but PCBONLINE has rich experience in this field.

A. Inner layer technology: high TG, high speed, high frequency, thick copper, the thin dielectric layer and other special materials are used for the high-layer board, which puts forward high requirements for inner line production and graphic size control. For example, the integrity of impedance signal transmission increases the difficulty of inner line production. The smaller the line distance is, the more situations of the open and short circuit will be, slightly short circuit increases, the qualified rate becomes low; There are many signal layers in fine lines and the probability of missing AOI detection in inner layer increases. The thickness of inner core board is relatively thin, easy to fold and cause poor exposure, easy to roll when etched through the machine; Most of the high-layer board is system board, unit size is large, the cost of scrapping in the finished product is relatively high. PCBONLINE has carried out the technical transformation of the equipment and imported high-precision etching line equipment to improve the uniformity of etching, reduce the problems such as rough edges and unclean etching, so as to improve the quality.
B. Laminating technology: multiple inner core board and semi-solidified sheets are superimposed. Defects such as slide plate, lamination, resin cavity, and bubble residue are easy to be generated during the laminating process. In the design of the laminated structure, the heat resistance, voltage resistance, amount of glue and thickness of the medium should be fully considered, and a reasonable program of high layer board pressing should be set. Too many layers, expansion and shrinkage control and size coefficient compensation cannot maintain consistency; The thin insulation layer easily leads to the failure of reliability test between layers. PCBONLINE adopts material with different TG values in pressing, which cannot be set at the same stove. Common parameters board can not be laminated with special parameters board; To ensure the rationality of the given expansion and contraction coefficient, the performance of different board and semi-curing tablets is different, the corresponding board semi-curing tablet parameters shall be used for laminating, and the process parameters shall be verified for the special materials that have never been used.
C. Drilling technology: special board of high TG, high speed, high frequency, and thick copper are adopted, which increases the difficulty of drilling roughness and burr and defouling. Multiple layers accumulated the total copper thickness and board thickness, It is easy to break a knife when drilling a hole; In this regard, PCBONLINE has adopted the appropriate reduction of falling speed and rotation speed. Accurately measure the expansion and contraction of the board to provide accurate coefficients.

1. No matter how complex your PCB is, we can customize for you. Please check our production capability.

Item Value
Layer count 1~24
Material High TG
Final board thickness 0.4-3.2mm
Aspect Ratio Laser via
Copper thickness 0.5~3oz
Impedance Control Single Ended
+/- 10%
+/- 10%
Line/Space Inner Layer
External Layer
Min Drill Bit size 8mil
Hole size tolerance PTH
Hole Position Tolerance +/-2mil
Profile Tolerance Punching
Solder mask Line to PAD
Warpage 0.5%
Surface Finish HASL(LF HASL)
Immersion Tin
Immersion Silver
Hard Gold Plating
Carbon ink
SMD 40-2000u", GND 30-800u"
Au 1-5u", Ni 80-200u"
Au 1-50u", Ni 80-200u"

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