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What is the halogen free PCB Laminate

Halogen is the ⅦA family of nonmetal elements, including fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine five elements called the Halogen. Due to Astatine is a radioactive element, the halogens commonly referred to are fluorine, chlorine, bromine and iodine. And what we use on PCB, chlorine, and bromine are in the majority.

Halogen compounds are often used as flame retardants because of their high ignition points. It can prevent fire better. The addition of halogen in polymer products such as plastics can improve their ignition point, which is higher than that of ordinary polymer materials, and the ignition point can reach 300℃. Once burned, it emits halide gases that quickly absorb oxygen and extinguish the fire.The earliest printed circuit board materials used for this purpose added halogens to the PCB material.but halogen flame retardants added to the polymers cannot be recycled and will release harmful substances during combustion and heating. What's more, this toxic substance can persist in the environment for years, or even a lifetime, accumulating in organisms that cannot be expelled. It threatens human health, the environment and future generations. Between 1999 and 2000, Sweden and the Netherlands proposed to detect bromine in human blood. In 2000, a Japanese study found that brominated flame retardants can accumulate in high concentrations in human blood. These findings and accidents are a warning against the use of halogen flame retardants.

In the European Union, the United States, Japan, and other countries, they have enacted various laws or directives restricting or banning the use of halogen flame retardants. Material manufacturers are also investing in manpower and technology to develop alternatives to halogen flame retardants. Flame retardants commonly used today include phosphorus, nitrogen and some inorganic compounds. And then what is halogen free PCB that we hear so much about now. Here are some of our common halogen free PCB material:

Brand Type
ShengYi S1165/S1165M、S0165
Isola DE156,GreenSpeed®
Ventec VT-447

Why choose PCBONLINE halogen free PCB

Halogen free involves a wide range of aspects, not only materials but also the production process, that’s why halogen free PCB need to be strictly controlled. PCBONLINE controls halogen-free production in the following aspects:

1. When receiving an inquiry about halogen free requirements from the customer, the relevant department shall be notified to conduct a prenatal evaluation to confirm whether the customer's requirements can be met

2. After receiving the halogen free requirements, the engineering department shall change the related BOM and process sheets

3. Supplier control: only by meeting PCBONLINE's strategy and product service requirements can we become qualified suppliers

4. Procurement control: the purchasing department is required to note all halogen-free materials when placing orders, and the products must meet the halogen free PCB legislation. Meanwhile, the supplier is required to provide RoHS and halogen-free SGS test report and MSDS composition list

5. Material input control: all halogen free PCB material sent by suppliers must be labeled with halogen-free label, confirming supplier's COC, and every batch of raw materials must be tested for halogen-free environmental protection

6. Warehouse control: divide the storage area of halogen free PCB laminate and halogen free materials to prevent mixing

7. Production process: order must be conducted separately and regional production. Materials in production areas must be separated to prevent mixing

8. Packaging: Label according to the customer's requirements if the customer has requirements. If not, label "HF" in the outer box

High-quality products come from strict control, PCBONLINE has always been in strict control of quality. If you have any questions about halogen free products, please timely communication with me. We can help you evaluate whether halogen free products are in line with your project. We will try our best to save your halogen free PCB cost. If your halogen free product has been completed, you can directly quote and place an order on our web-page.

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