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What is the Carbon PCB

Carbon ink PCB mainly refers to use of silkscreen technology, carbon ink is printed in the designated location, after the oven curing test to form qualified carbon film with a certain resistance value to replace the original resistive element.

Carbon coated board (Carbon PCB) is mainly used in TV remote control circuit board, telephone circuit board, children's toy circuit board, computer carbon ink board. Carbon ink printing process is an environmental protection process, which will not pollute the air, water, and soil.

Why choose PCBONLINE Carbon PCB

1.PCBONLINE have two automatic single panel production lines, which are all completed by the machine from the beginning of material opening to the completion of silkscreen printing, without personnel intervention.

2.PCBONLINE has a rich experience in carbon ink, and the specific capability is as follows:

3.f it is the high resistance carbon ink board, PCBONLINE will use the carbon ink resistance calculation formula: R=ρL/WT X 1.2 (ρ: carbon ink square resistance, L: carbon ink length, W: carbon ink width T: carbon ink thickness) to calculate the corresponding resistance value, then choose the relative carbon ink material when we printed carbon PCB, for example:

A.All the board with single side carbon ink, resistance≥250Ω,PCBONLINE will use CCI-301D
B.All the board with double side carbon ink, resistance≥250Ω,PCBONLINE will use T-30PL-30
C.All the boards with carbon ink, resistance<250Ω, PCBONLINE will use CCI-301F

4.PCBONLINE has very strict control in carbon ink process, such as immersion silver or immersion boards can not be produced with carbon ink, because if you print carbon ink after immersion silver or immersion tin, it will contaminate the surface of PADs. if you print the carbon ink first and then immersion silver or immersion tin, the silver and tin will adhere to the surface of the carbon ink. So engineers in PCBONLINE will review the Gerber after receiving the order from customers, if there is a carbon ink + immersion silver or tin, we will suggest the customer change to carbon ink+ immersion gold.

If you have any questions about carbon ink,carbon fiber PCB or calculation formula of carbon ink in the design process, please feel free to contact us.

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