PCB online
PCB online

CAD/CAM software

1、 Ucam Gerber Online View
2、 Cam350 -- Engineering and manufacturing teams to work together to transition Printed Circuit Boards
3、 Genesis -- The largest PCB CAM software company in the world
4、 Polar -- PCB stackup, signal integrity and controlled impedance
5、 Autodesk CAD -- The largest CAD software company in the world

PCB layout software

1、 Mentor Graphics -- The largest PCB software company in the world
2、 Eagle -- Free Lightversion available.
3、 Altium Designer -- 30 day trial version available. Free, old DOS Version EasyTrax available for download.
4、 OrCad -- CAD/CAM software for PCB schematic and layout.
5、 DesignSpark PCB -- CAD/CAM software for PCB circuit diagram and layout. Full version available for free.
6、 FRITZING -- An open source initiative that supports users in their creative work with interactive electronics.
7、 Upverter -- Simplifying IoT Product Design