PCB Assembly Later Stage: PCBA Testing and Shell Assembly

PCBA test

Overview of PCBA Testing and Shell Assembly

  • Unlike some PCB assemblers, PCBONLINE tests the functionality before delivering the PCBA to clients and can assemble the shell of products.
  • During the complicated PCBA process, various problems may occur due to improper equipment or operation, and without testing, there is no guarantee that the products are qualified. Therefore, PCB testing is required to ensure that each product does not have quality problems.

Why Buy PCB Assembly from PCBONLINE

  • • We test functionality (FCT) of PCBA to ensure product quality.
  • • Our assembly quality is also ensured by first article inspection and 3D-scanning AOI.
  • • Our reflow soldering ovens can process both lead-free and lead-containing soldering.
  • • We can mount electronic components on a single side and double sides of advanced circuit boards.
  • • We check your BOM carefully before assembly and offer free DFM/DFX.
  • • We manufacture and assemble PCBs from prototypes to mass production.

PCBA Testings: What Testing Methods Are There


What PCBA Testings Are There at PCBONLINE

  • PCBONLINE carries on 3D-scanning automatic optical inspection (AOI), functional test (FCT), and aging test to the PCBA.
  • Our 3D AOI is set up after the reflow soldering of the SMT. Unlike the 2D AOI that inspects almost only the upper surface, the 3D AOI inspects all surfaces. AOI has a good effect in checking the polarity of components.
  • AOI test

  • Although most PCB assemblers do not have functional tests to the assembly, PCBONLINE does. The FCT detects circuit boards quickly and accurately, which is practical for large-scale inspection. We use LabVIEW to write the test program, connect the PCBA tester to the computer, open the test program, put the PCB on the tester, and press to use the probe to touch the PCB test point. In this way, the voltage value and other values are loaded into the computer. If the PCBA is good, the computer screen will display OK. Otherwise, it will display NG, and all test process data can be recorded.
  • functional test

  • Aging test means simulating the actual use of the product to carry out the strengthening experiment on the product aging. We conduct power-on and input/output tests on electronic products or PCBA boards to ensure that their performance meets market needs.
  • aging test

  • The free first article inspection (FAI) is conducted after the SMT assembly of the prototype board. A technician uses the bridge fixture to measure the PCB parts, and the FAI system compares the returned data with the BOM data and displays the result through graphics and voice. After the FAI, we generate an FAI report for you to review and confirm mass PCBA production.
  • first article inspection


What PCBA Testings You Can Also Require

The PCBA testings above are enough to ensure product quality. Here are other PCBA testings that you can also require.

  • 1. In-circuit test (ICT)

    ICT checks the electrical performance and electrical connection of in-circuit components. It can detect component defectiveness and the open and short-circuits. ICT is simple and fast and locates fault accurately.

  • 2. Quiescent current test

    This testing is suitable for small and simple boards with small batches. You can power on the PCBA, use a multimeter to detect the output voltage and current, and record the voltage and current values. By analyzing the fluctuation range and frequency of the values, you can judge the boards' performance stability.

    After the PCBA testings, PCBONLINE packages the products, inspects the package, and delivers them to our clients ASAP.

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