PCB Fabrication, Assembly, Components, Design, and Box Builds under One Roof

PCB Fabrication

PCB Fabrication

We manufacture printed circuit boards with the highest reliability across almost all industries. Aerospace, defense, automotive, medical, and many more.

PCB Fabrication

PCB Assembly

SMT and THT assembly are available. Highly precise placement and soldering all follow the IPC-A-610 standard. We also source all components for assembly.

PCB Fabrication

EMS Solutions

For over 21 years, we have been an EMS provider for PCB assemblies and completely assembled electronics products including many box builds.

Who We Are

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    Member of the Global Success Electronics Group
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    Focus on the most advanced PCB manufacturing and assembly
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    20+ years of experience in valued-added manufacturing
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    World-leading quality management system
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    Providing the best physical and online retailing service at the lowest price
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Technological Strengths


Technology-oriented teams

60+ software engineers

45+ hardware engineers

560+ senior technicians

Manufacturing Strengths


Two large, batch production factories

One sample production factory

One advanced PCBA factory

Fully automatic and intelligent equipment

Innovation Strengths


Constant investments in R&D and technician training

Independent developing teams in software and hardware

SIAT technical cooperatives.



IMS intelligent manufacturing system

SCM in time delivery

Traceability to ensure product quality and lean manufacturing

Hear from Our Users

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I am a new to PCB design and spent quite a few months to familiarizing myself with the EasyCAD and OrCAD software. But these software are too difficult! I asked PCBONLINE to help me out and learned quite a lot from their engineers. They are much more professional and their suggestions are way better than those articles and books.
Kristen Hoffmann
I am an engineer working in a laser pointer pen manufacturer. We were troubled with relaible china printed circuit boards for our manufactoring. I found PCBONLINE accidently and tried with them. These guys are very professional and they made excellent PCBs to us very quickly. We decide to work with them for a long term now.
David, J. Wilson
I was in need of the advanced Rogers PCBs in a small batch and one of my colleagues recommended PCBONLINE to me. I contacted them and they replied quickly, and in very short time they produced and delivered the custom PCBs to me for my testing. They did a good job.
Rahul Gupta

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