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Overview of Component Sourcing

  • Circuit board component souring is one of PCBONLINE's EMS services. It means that we evaluate the component suppliers, negotiate with them to get the most cost-effective good quality parts, and manage the performance of suppliers for you.
  • Does finding tons of different electronic parts daunt you? Are you sure about the quality of the parts from an unfamiliar electronic component suppliers? No worries, component sourcing by PCBONLINE will help you find the best electronic parts as you wish.

Advantages of Component Sourcing

Why Choose Circuit Board Components from PCBONLINE

  • • PCBONLINE provides only brand new original parts (OEM parts), and never gives customers aftermarket parts.
  • • We source parts from component factories or their direct agents, and the component we offer is much cheaper than most companies.
  • • Without any spare parts or inventory parts, our components are of top quality, brand-new, safe, and durable to use.
  • • All components, PCBA, PCB, and any other products you receive from us are traceble, and we are responsible for them.
  • • PCBONLINE has strict requirements for the suppliers and we make sure the components are of good quality by a series of tests.
  • • The turnaround is super rapid and the sourcing cycle length can be only three to five days.
  • • All kinds of components can be provided as long as you request, such as wires, capacitors, diodes, crystals, controllers, filters, ICs, sensors, etc..
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Component Sourcing Channels, Suppliers, and Turnaround


Component Sourcing Channels

PCBONLINE provides you with the cheapest brand-new original electronics parts of top quality. We are able to do this because we have the most ideal sourcing channels. The four types sourcing channels are as below and the first three channels are of our priorities.

  • 1. Direct sourcing from component factories

    We directly find the component factories that are trustworthy and have strong production capacity. Usually these factories specializes in one type of components and produces in a very huge volume, so the price of per component is the lowest the world while being of superium quality. We find different component factories for different components and negotiate with them. Over the past 15 years, we have known and cooperated with many factories, and up till now, all components can be sourced by PCBONLINE, and we can meet the needs of customers for millions of components.

  • 2. Cooperate with component factories and get authorization

    Since we have had a long term cooperation with those reliable component factories, we get authorization from them and get the parts at the original cost in the factory. All the components you order from us are newly made in those factories that we have evaluated considerately, and you an get these top-class parts at the unbelievable lowest price.

  • 3. Sourcing from direct factory agents

    PCBONLINE also sources parts from picked-out direct factory agents at the price of the original cost in the factory. This is similar to getting authorization from factories and cooperating with them.

  • 4. Buy from normal channels

    If components that you order from us can't be found from the above three channels, to make sure the quality and meet your needs, PCBONLINE will buy from normal channels for you. The normal channels include the Digi-Key and Mouser, which are the two largest components platforms in the world. This rarely happens over the 15 years as almost all components can be found through the first three channels.

  • No matter through what channels, PCBONLINE always sources the best components for you at the lowest price in the world. The prices will be reported to you when you click "get a quote" in this page or contact us through email at

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