How to Source the Best Electronic Components

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Mon, Dec 07, 2020

How to source cheap electronic components with top quality? I'm designing a new PCB project, and I need many types of components, but the quantity is small. Please help, where to find a supplier without minimum quantity requirements?

Sourcing good components is important. This post will tell you how to source the best electronic components for PCB assembly.

Firstly, you need to know that components are classified into two main types - the passive and the active.

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The following paragraph is mainly talking about passive components.

Passive Components: Resistors, Capacitors, Inductance

Electronic components are classified as active or passive up to the functions.

In short, active components can inject power into the circuit and electrically control and amplify current, while passive components cannot.

The number of components that make up the complex, multifunctional devices is constantly increasing, and most of the components are passive.

For example, the ratio of the number of passive components to the number active on the mobile phone card exceeds 20: 1.

Passive components are mainly resistors, capacitors, and inductance.

Their common features are that they can work when there is a signal without adding power to the circuit.



The resistor is a current-limiting component, which is the most fundamental electron.

It is a common part of an electronic circuit, and it can be made of lots of different materials, including thin film, cement, or nickel-chromium alloy(resistance wire) with a high resistance coefficient.

Resistors can also be integrated into printed circuits.

The characteristic of a resistor is that any current passing through the resistor is subject to certain obstacles and restrictions.

Carbon film resistors or metal film resistors are commonly used in electronic manufacturing. Carbon film resistance is widely used because of its high stability, good high-frequency characteristics, stable pulse load, and low cost.



A capacitor (also known as a condenser) is a container for charging electricity.

The capacitor is one of the electronic components widely used in electronic equipment, which is widely used in isolation, communication, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control, and so on.

It can charge and discharge, prevent DC current from passing, and allow AC current to pass. What’s more, in the process of charging and discharging, the voltage on the capacitor cannot change suddenly.



Inductance can mainly screen signals, filter noise, stabilize electric current, and suppress electromagnetic interference in circuits.

The characteristic of inductance is that it can prevent alternating current from passing through smoothly.

Its main function is to isolate and filter alternating current signals.

Active Components: Voltage Sources, Current Sources, Transistors

An active component is an electronic component that supplies energy to a circuit.

Common examples of active components include:

Voltage Sources

A voltage source is an example of an active component in a circuit.

When current leaves from the positive terminal of the voltage source, energy are being supplied to the circuit.

When current leaves from the positive terminal of the voltage source, energy are being supplied to the circuit.

Current Sources

A current source is also considered an active component.

The current supplied to the circuit by an ideal current source is independent of circuit voltage.

As a current source is controlling the flow of charge in a circuit, it is classified as an active element.


Although not as obvious as a current or voltage source – transistors are also an active circuit component.

This is because transistors are able to amplify the power of a signal.

Problems of Buying Components on Your Own

Problem 1:Spending lots of Time to Purchase Components

Problem 2:Spending lots of Money Purchasing Components

Problem 3:Cost a lot but still get bad quality

A PCBA project usually involves more than 100 kinds of components.

It will take a lot of time to screen suppliers on the Internet alone.

Among them, some suppliers will raise the price because you buy too little, and even not sell it to you.

Secondly, if you choose different suppliers, there will be a large amount of freight due to different regions.

This will not only greatly increase unnecessary costs, but also delay the running speed of the whole project.

On the basis of these problems, PCBONLINE, a hybrid component distributor is your best choice.

PCBONLINE has no minimum order requirement for quantity, and you can buy various components at one-stop.

And you can buy components at much lower prices than buying on your own.

The components are of fabulous quality.

And the components you receive are after functional tests!

Why Choose PCBONLINE to Help You Sourcing Components?

PCBONLINE’s components mainly come from self-built warehouses inventory, local and overseas original factory authorized dealers.

  • Self-built local intelligent components warehousing center, rapid delivery capacity
  • An authorized agent of the original factory, direct supply source of the terminal factory can be traced
  • Professional technical support, experienced FAE team enjoy KA services
  • Small batch BOM distribution, meet your sample complex selection requirements

PCBONLINE - A Hybrid Component Distributor

PCBONLINE is a hybrid component distributor.

You can custom buy components from this EMS service provider.

Our passive component warehouse is separated from the PCB assembly workshop to maximize the production turnover rate.

More importantly, we adopt intelligent electronic shelf data management and do not use components whose production date exceeds 1 year.

Our warehouse is a 100,000-level dust-free space with constant temperature and humidity, this can make sure the best production environment.

Over the past ten years, we have maintained relations with Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, and other well-known component suppliers.

Owning a strong strategic partnership is why we can buy cheaper directly with them and enjoy a more valued service.

In order to ensure the overall performance, quality, and long-term stability of your products, firstly, we suggest that you choose the purchasing mode of our partner.

Secondly, we suggest that you directly provide components for us. (we cannot guarantee their quality).

We also can buy components from the channel you recommend (we cannot guarantee the quality).

How to Source Components and Get PCBA from PCBONLINE

  • 1.To source components, send the BOM file to us, and we will quote according to your bill of materials. In view of our professional sales team, you will usually get feedback within 30 minutes.
  • 2.You send us samples, and we will copy them according to your samples. After the samples are tested successfully, we will carry out mass production.
  • 3.When there is no sample or BOM, you can even provide an idea, and we can design it.

The One-Stop Model Provides Components Procurement and Assembly

component assembly.jpg

When you have all these components, how do you assemble your PCB?

There are two assembly methods, one is manual assembly, and the other is automatic equipment assembly.

At present, PCBONLINE basically employed excellent employees with 3 years of assembly experience, so there is no need to worry about the quality of small-batch samples.

On the other hand, for a large number of PCB, we will use automatic equipment to ensure the accuracy and stability of PCBA.

The main method of connecting components to a board is Soldering, the essence of which is gluing parts together with solder.

Soldering creates a permanent connection between the board conductors and the components. 

Solder paste is an important part of surface mount technology, and good control will affect the whole assembly efficiency.

PCBONLINE always chooses the best quality solder paste, and the control of the production process is stricter than other companies.

In addition to providing assembly services, we also provide testing services.

Our company's experts will completely control the quality according to all standards and all indicators.


To sum up, PCBONLINE is a one-stop solution company. We can not only buy the best quality parts for you within your acceptable price range but also let our senior engineers flexibly provide you with satisfactory assembly solutions according to your specific requirements. At the same time, our factory has realized 4.0 automation, so you are welcome to come at any time.