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PCB Coating Thickness Measurement Gauge- PCB samples required

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Tues, Jan 08, 2019


Testing requirements for samples of various thicknesses and irregular surfaces

A small hole collimator with a diameter of 0.1mm can test the requirements of tiny test points

The high-precision mobile platform can accurately locate the test point, and the repeat positioning accuracy is less than 0.005mm

The height can be automatically measured by a laser positioning

The positioning laser determines the positioning spot and ensures that the test point is aligned with the spot

The mouse can control the mobile platform, and the location of the mouse click is the measured point

The high-resolution probe makes the analysis more accurate

Good ray shielding

The test port is highly sensitive to sensor protection


Model: Thick 800A

Elemental analysis ranges from sulfur (S) to uranium (U).

At the same time can analyze more than 30 elements, five coatings.

The analytical content is generally PPM to 99.9%.

Coating thickness generally within 50 m (each material is different)

Any number of optional analysis and identification models.Independent matrix effect correction model.

The multivariable nonlinear recovery program

To adapt to the range of 15 ℃ to 30 ℃.

Power supply: ac 220V 5V, ac purifying, and the voltage stabilizing power supply is recommended.

External dimensions: 576(W) 495(D) 545(H) mm

Sample room size: 500(W) 350(D) 140(H) mm

Weight: 90 kg


PCB prototype,Immersion Gold,