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Latest News on PCB

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Mon, Nov 25, 2019

Technology is today developing, evolving and affecting the world around us at a rate never seen before.

With research and development, as well as consumption underway all across the world, it is very likely that these trends are here to stay.


Today, there is a lot going on in the world of electronics, regarding their improvements.

One could say that it is but a continuous process, which has been taking place since the first rudimentary circuits were created, several decades ago.  

And if one were to look at the news, they can notice that there are many interesting developments happening, which will determine the future of the electronic industry.


Also to add here is that the developments need not always be that of technological advancements.

It could be something entirely different and yet related, such as growth trends, market demands, sales forecasts, and more.

Given the potential for growth in the electronics industry around the world, one could say that there are a lot of sales coming up in the near future, especially in developing countries across Asia, Africa and South America.


There are many such developments happening around the world.

Given in the points below are some interesting news reports about such events, from around the world.



1.) The Rise of Flexible Circuits

For a very long time, circuits have been a fixed thing rather than a flexible one.

With the exception of wires, the world of PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards have always been sturdy structures, with a hard substrate on which were printed the metal paths that conducted electricity and transferred information.

One of the interesting developments that have taken place is in the field of flexible printed circuits. While the technology is still in its infancy, it does hold potential and is very likely to hit the markets with sufficient research.

 The concept is exactly what it sounds like; they are circuits which are ‘flexible’ in nature, rather than firm. The potential for such circuits is huge, given that they can be implemented in a wide range of electronics, especially ones where the circuitry is expected to bypass moving parts. The applications of this technology have enormous potential, from automobiles to robotics, and more.  

Link: https://semiengineering.com/test-in-new-frontiers-flexible-circuits/


2.) Creative Ways of Using & Disposing of Used PCBs

As much as the world of electronics has been progressing, there has been a growth of concern in another aspect of the economy; electronic waste.

 Technology after use has increasingly become problematic for recycling and disposal, for a variety of reasons. From the lack of infrastructure to policy issues, electronic waste often called ‘E-Waste’ has become a major environmental challenge of the present age.

While there are many ways in which the same can be addressed, one group has started using old PCBs for manufacturing innovative products, such as models of cities and more.

It can be thought of as an idea of how innovative solutions can be crafted from something as random as PCBs. There are indeed multitudes of ways in which the problem of E-Waste can be resolved, and this is something that holds true for PCBs, as well as every other gadget that will eventually be thrown away.

Link: https://www.indiatimes.com/trending/environment/how-to-reduce-electronic-waste-378793.html


3.)  2024 Will the Year for Automotive PCB Industry

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs are used in a variety of applications.

 These range from simple toys to high-tech applications, one of which is that of cars and other vehicles.

It is estimated that, given the growth of the ‘smart’ car industry, there will soon be a great deal of growth in demand for PCBs in this industry.

While the exact peak of the demand varies, it is very likely that the demand will be at its highest sometime around the year 2024.

Link: http://honestnewsly.com/2019/10/30/global-automotive-printed-circuit-boardpcb-market-2019-competitive-analysis-amitron-corp-chin-poon-industrial-cmk/


4.) PCB E-Waste Will Soon Exceed 3 Million Tons

The problem of E-Waste is a major issue in society and is something that needs to be immediately addressed.

While there are many components to this industry, one of the contributors happens to be that of PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards.

 It is estimated that, at the current rate of consumption of PCBs around the world, it is very likely that the total amount of waste generated from scrapped PCBs will reach and exceed 3 million tons by the year 2026.  

Of course, it should be added that these are just estimates. It is entirely possible that the exact figures may vary, in terms of both an increase as well as decrease. The exact reason for this is many, ranging from the growth of the E-waste recycling industry to consumption patterns and everything else in between.

Link: https://thefinancetime.com/e-scrap-and-printed-circuit-board-pcb-e-scrap-market-is-expected-to-reach-3-14-million-tons-by-2026/85499/


5.) The Printed Circuit Board May Become Obsolete

As much as this is not something that will happen in the near future, the fact is that the potential certainly exists.

It is very likely that with the improvements in technology, something called ‘silicon-interconnect fabric’ could end up taking place of printed circuit boards across the industry. Believed to be energy efficient, effective and high-performance, they will very likely be the next step in the quest for the perfect circuitry.

This however, need not worry anyone who is in the PCB industry, given that the technology is in its infancy. It may take several years or even decades before it hits the market. For now, we will be sticking with printed circuit boards, well into the foreseeable future.

Then again, there is always the potential that something new will hit the mainstream before we expect it, as it was the case with say the internet, which became widely popular within a very short time during the 1990s.

Link: https://www.hpcwire.com/2019/09/25/are-printed-circuit-boards-on-their-way-out/



In all, the developments mentioned above, as well as others like it, are but a small sample of the many transformations being experienced across the world.

And given that the process is still underway, there is a lot more that can be expected from all of this, with the passage of time. With the potential for improvement always present, it should keep tech enthusiasts and industry professionals ticking for a long time to come.