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What is the consignment PCB assembly

Why Choose Consignment PCB assembly Services from PCBONLINE?

1、When all components and PCB are inspected, we will re-examine them according to the test parameters of different components. If there is any abnormality in the inspection process, we will communicate with you in time.

2、PCBONLINE accept SMT parts for partial consigned PCBA in the following formats are reels, tubes, trays, partial reel, cut tape, and bulk.

3、Strictly follow the iso9001-2008 quality standard to ensure quality stability and environmental protection requirements. All SMT and THT production lines are in line with RoHS, including materials purchased, such as solder paste and flux, which are in line with RoHS requirements.

4、The biggest advantage of PCBONLINE is the short delivery time and the fastest delivery time for incoming SMT processing is 8 hours.The fastest delivery time for PCBA standard parts is 24 hours.PCBONLINE is committed to becoming the best PCBA express manufacturer in the world.

A、SMT processing of incoming samples in the research and development stage, with A quantity of 1-100 pieces, generally delivered in one day (the delivery time depends on the complexity of specific circuit boards). B、Product research and development is completed, preparing for the mass production of products;Conduct trial production for the first time, with a quantity of 101-1000 pieces, general delivery within 3-5 working days (delivery time depends on the complexity of the circuit board) C、SMT processing for those products with small production volume and need to complete the production quickly, the quantity is 1001-5000 pieces, we provide a rapid production, generally 5-7 working days delivery (delivery time depends on the complexity of the circuit board).

5、As long as the customer provides specific test conditions, PCBONLINE will conduct 100% functional tests on the PCBA board to ensure that 100% of the PCBA products delivered to the customer are free of problems.

6、PCBONLINE not only provides PCBA proofing, testing, debugging and assembly services but also provides fault troubleshooting, product maintenance, and other services in the later stage. Provide your product with one-stop comprehensive service.

In order to achieve rapid PCB assembly instant quote, You send the PCB BOM or the PCB assembly cost breakdown to us online, and We'll give you a quote of the PCB assembly cost within two hours.

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