PCB Materials-The basic components of the PCB

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Overview of PCB Materials

  • A printed circuit board is a conductive pattern of interlayer interconnection made of copper foil and PP (pre-preg) by selective hole processing, electroplating, and etching the PCB materials. It is PCB materials that make PCBs electrically connect and support circuits and insulate. PCBONLINE provides custom PCBs made of materials best meeting your requirements, and we write this page to make you clear about the PCB materials.

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About PCB Materials


About the copper clad laminates

  • PCBs’ performance, quality, manufacturing cost, and manufacturing level all depend on CCL (copper clad laminates). CCL can be divided into a rigid type and flexible type according to the used PCB materials. Rigid CCL is made of reinforced material, impregnated with resin adhesive, dried, cut, and laminated, then covered with copper foil and steel plate, and formed in a hot pressing machine at high temperature and high pressure. While flexible CCL is composed of copper foil, an insulating film, and an interlayer adhesive, which are compounded and processed by hot pressing. Below we use CCL to let you understand PCB materials clearly.

PCB Materials for Rigid CCL:


PCB Materials for Rigid CCL


PCB Materials for Flexible CCL

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